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Blair Cadell Solicitors We're Edinburgh-based solicitors and estate agents who offer big-firm services for small-firm cost. We're professional, friendly and dedicated, of course - but more than that, we care. Whilst purchasing a property can sometimes feel like a daunting experience, there should be nothing to fear, with a thorough approach. In fact, moving is generally an exciting new opportunity in your life that brings you optimism and new horizons.

Declutter Ever noticed how all the best looking home photoshoots have very little in them? There's a reason for this minimalistic approach: it lessens distraction. Keeping rooms clear of clutter will allow your viewers to concentrate on the space rather than its. In these times of hype and uncertainty, it goes a long way to have a company that is consistent and meticulous when dealing with important matters.

The service we received from Blair Cadell was first class. The staff were very approachable and professional at all times. I felt that I obtained a quality service that was clearly explained in advance.

read more › Blair Cadell is a leading firm of Edinburgh solicitors and estate agents. We offer a wide range of property, business, tax and personal legal services, so whether you want help selling your home, making a will, or anything in between, we can help. Our clients return to us 'for advice and assistance they can rely on at an affordable price', and that's always been our ethos. The company originated over 100 years ago and has been operating as Blair Cadell since the 1980s. We have two offices, both in Edinburgh, and a team of nearly 20 legal experts.

read more › Our knowledge - we know the local and national markets inside out which will help you get the right property at the best price. Fixed costs - we will take care of the whole home buying process for you from start to finish at a pre-agreed cost. Being small enough to care - our personal service is always on hand to answer your questions.

read more › We offer an understanding ear and expert legal advice you can trust- to help you take care of your family, protect your assets, keep your taxes up to date and plan for the future. And it probably won't cost as much as you think- you can often save money by doing things in advance. If you're unfamiliar with any of the terms we use, you may find our legal glossary helpful.

read more › Wills are the only way of ensuring your assets ultimately go where you want them to go when you die. They can also be used for funeral instructions and to appoint a guardian (for example, someone to look after young children). People who aren't relatives have no right to inherit (though a cohabitant might if they raise court proceedings and meet certain criteria). The courts will decide who to appoint as executor and require an insurance policy to be put in place to guard against wrongful actions by them.

read more › A Power of Attorney is a formal document appointing a trusted person(s) (called an 'attorney') to manage your affairs in the event of your absence, illness or incapacity. It's the only way of ensuring your affairs are dealt with by someone you trust if-for whatever reason- you're unable to look after them yourself. Without a Power of Attorney, no one will have that authority unless they're given it by a court. This means your spouse, civil partner or cohabiter may have no legal authority to help you when you most need it.

read more › Do you have assets (money, investments, land or buildings) or trusts that you want to ensure are appropriately managed and protected? Asset protection can be intimidating and confusing to navigate- not to mention a legal minefield. Asset protection can help protect your home from tax liabilities and any future claims on it. It's important to have a good understanding of how asset protection and trusts work, and to seek professional legal advice specific to your situation, before you make any decisions.

read more › Having an elderly parent or loved one whose circumstances now require more advanced care can be daunting. This is something we have a lot of experience in, and many of our clients and their families come to us for guidance in planning for, arranging and managing care in old age. Our personal-legal team have a wealth of knowledge of the care and nursing facilities in and around Edinburgh, and plenty of experience assessing options and helping with decisions. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your elderly loved ones get the care they need in Edinburgh.

read more › Ordinarily, an adult can grant power of attorney to allow someone they trust to deal with their affairs when they're unable to do so themselves. However, a power of attorney can only be granted by an adult who has the full mental capacity to do so. If someone needs help with their affairs but cannot grant power of attorney, an application can be made to the courts to appoint a guardian. A guardian is someone who can look after the adult's financial, business, personal and medical affairs. Once granted, the application must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, which is part of the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service.

read more › We can walk you through the whole process - from setting up shop to completing your year-end accounts and everything in between - or we can help with that one niggling little task. Whatever you need - all without breaking the bank. Our experienced solicitors have been looking after our clients' diverse business interests for many years. Below are a few of the things we can help you with. Registering your business - which way is right for you?

read more › So you've decided to start a business. Congratulations! One of the first things you'll need to do is decide the legal status of your new enterprise. Making the right choice will mean maximising profitability while balancing the needs of everyone involved- your associates, bank, landlord, HMRC and, of course, your customers. But how do you know which business model is best for you? That's where we come in. We can help you decide which path to take and then walk you through the entire journey- right down to your taxes.

read more › Whether you want to buy, sell or lease a commercial property for your own business, or invest in commercial property as a landlord, we can help. Our commercial property department can take you through all the intricate ins-and-outs of commercial property law and make sure everything's done right. Our aim is to ensure the premises you choose will work best for your business, and that your investment property can yield the returns you're looking for. And, naturally, we aim to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

read more › We can help you with your self-assessment tax return. We'll make sure you stay on the right side of HMRC by submitting everything accurately and on-time. And better yet? We may be able to help you snag some unforeseen tax savings. Get in touch today and our team in Edinburgh can help with your self-assessment tax return. Whether your business is run as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, we can help with your taxes, accounting and all those other niggling money-matters. We'll give you a clear breakdown of costs, and details of flexible payment plans where relevant.

read more › It's a bustling morning in Edinburgh's west end and business is good for Liz and Aleksandra, the owners of Wee Coffee Bar on Morrison St. A man has just placed a large food order - he looks as if he works in one of the financial institutions nearby. The pair opened their shop last year and their venture is proving that entrepreneurship is a challenging but ultimately rewarding choice in an ailing job market. It all started from there.' Four months after their initial talks they were up and running but not without a few challenges along the way.

read more › In these times of hype and uncertainty, it goes a long way to have a company that is consistent and meticulous when dealing with important matters. The service we received from Blair Cadell was first class. The staff were very approachable and professional at all times. I felt that I obtained a quality service that was clearly explained in advance. I would have no hesitation in using Blair Cadell again and in recommending them to others. I was recommended Blair Cadell by a colleague who had recently used them for his property sale and purchase of a new apartment.

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