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Tidman Legal As Intellectual Property Solicitors, Tidman Legal aims to make the process of obtaining intellectual property rights as smooth as possible for your business. Intellectual property is an essential part of all business. If you have ambitions to succeed in business you need to understand what your most important asset is to properly protect and exploit it.

Intellectual Property (IP) is often the single most valuable asset of any business. IP is the collective name for the rights that protect creativity, ideas and innovation. It is very wide. All businesses have IP issues to consider because every business has a name, a logo, a website, a database of contacts and more besides. These are all intangible assets that are important to the success of a business.

Despite this, IP is widely misunderstood and frequently unprotected and under-exploited. Strategic decisions about IP should be made early in the business so as to make good choices of IP and determine how best to protect yourself with your available resources.

read more › Tidman Legal aims to make the process of obtaining intellectual property rights as well as dealing with customers and suppliers as smooth as possible, whilst mitigating the commercial risks for your business. If you have ambitions to succeed in business, you need to understand what is your most important asset so as to properly protect and exploit it. See how we can help with our IP and Business services below. For more information, or for an informal chat about your legal requirements, contact us now for a confidential no obligation discussion.

read more › For more information, or for an informal chat about your legal requirements, contact us now for a confidential no obligation discussion. New Business Legals - How to Accelerate Your Success One of the hardest things about starting a new business is understanding the different structures available as well as overcoming all kinds.

read more › This depends on your overall business plan but we will work with you to come up with the best strategy to monetise your IP. We have outlined some of the more common options below. Your business' IP is an asset, just like your house or your car and therefore can be sold. The price you can secure depends on the value of your IP to the potential buyer. This is up to your business to negotiate. Once a price has been agreed, we can help you with the transfer process. Needless to say, in most cases, once the deal is complete you have no on-going rights in the IP.

read more › Intellectual Property (IP) is the foundation of making a sound investment for your business. It can be used to raise finance and therefore be of strategic value to any business, whatever its size. For instance, IP is often part of the assets used by a lender to secure a loan to a business (collateral). While using IP as collateral for raising finance is comparatively simple in principle, complexities arise when lenders try to capture the value of a package of IP and associated in-licences and out-licences.

read more › We measure our success by what our clients say about the advice and cases we have helped them solve. Below are some reviews from just a few of the many businesses and individuals we have worked with. If you want to know more about what clients have said about our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0131 557 6450. New Business Legals - How to Accelerate Your Success One of the hardest things about starting a new business is understanding the different structures available as well as overcoming all kinds.

read more › Trade marks are a valuable business asset. Your trade marks and brands are what differentiate your business from your competitors. Upon seeing your trade marks, consumers link them to your business. Hence, your trade mark is synonymous with your business' reputation, goodwill and image. If your business has spent a large amount of time and money in advertising and promoting its brand, you should secure a registered trade mark to protect your brand and investment. A registered trade mark provides your business with the exclusive right to use that mark for the goods and services for which it is registered.

read more › If your business has an invention, you need a patent that protects the idea behind the invention rather than the product or process. This is an intellectual property right that protects how an invention works. You can use a patent to stop competitors from making, selling, using or importing something that works in the same way. You can also use a patent to generate income if you are happy to grant licences to allow others to use your idea. A patent can last for up to twenty years from the filing date and can therefore provide your business with a real commercial advantage over competing businesses.

read more › For any business that creates unique and innovative designs, you should formally register designs that are often critical to your commercial success. This is particularly so in the fashion, consumer goods and engineering sectors. Designs are intangible business assets and often beneficial in marketing and obtaining finance as well as protecting your business' key commercial creations. Registered designs can protect a wide variety of products, such as industrial items as well as artistic creations.

read more › Whatever the reason for hiring consultants, contractors or freelancers, it is important to ensure that the terms on which you engage them are appropriate and will be effective. Even if nothing is signed or written down, there will still be a binding agreement, and without documentation it will be difficult for you to establish what has been agreed. If a dispute arises, for instance concerning payment, you will be in a far better position to resolve it if the terms are clear. Certain matters which must be in writing and comply with particular requirements to be effective include provisions which assign or transfer ownership of intellectual property.

read more › As your business grows, you may need to involve others who have greater resources. Having a commercial agent or distributor can take your business to the next level, but it is essential to have written agreements in place to safeguard your interests. A supplier has more control over the activities of a commercial agent than it would of a distributor. Therefore, an agency arrangement is more appropriate in situations where the supplier wishes to maintain tight control over the marketing and pricing of its products.

read more › If you have developed a highly successful business model and recognisable brand it may be appropriate to consider expanding through licensing or franchising. Franchising involves achieving a successful business model that is profitable, so that another business owner, who is granted a licence to use your intellectual property, business format and experience, can follow your success. In return for being permitted to use the IP of the franchisor, the franchisee usually pays an initial fee and royalties based on a percentage of turnover or profit.

read more › A Notary Public can administer oaths and statutory declarations, and witness or authenticate official documents. A Notary holds an office and status which is recognised internationally. Our Edinburgh Notary, Oliver Tidman, is registered with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). He is able to prepare, attest, authenticate and certify (for use anywhere in the world) deeds and other documents under his signature and official seal. Your documents will then be acceptable as proof of the matters attested or confirmed by the Notary, to the public or judicial authorities in the country where they are to be used.

read more › As businesses grow so too do the numbers of customers that they serve. Providing customer service is essential in any sector and, where face-to-face contact is not possible, a telephone-based customer service option is preferable to more anonymous internet-based methods. Many businesses prefer to avoid the high costs and logistical burdens of operating their own call centres and instead choose to outsource such tasks to other businesses specialising in providing call centre services. For example, the design, development and maintenance of websites and IT systems are regularly outsourced.

read more › It's important to have written agreements before starting any joint project, no matter how casual the relationship. A written shareholders' agreement is a way for those who have a stake in a business to agree terms between them to control how a company is to run. A shareholders' agreement is important as it can cover many issues not dealt with by the Memorandum of Incorporation of the company, or company legislation itself. Where there is no agreement in place for your company, shareholders are typically treated equally and share dealings are governed by legal rules that may not necessarily take into account the aims of the founders of the business.

read more › Sponsorship is an increasingly popular form of 'below the line' advertising. It can be an effective promotional tool for the sponsor and provide essential funding for a project, but balancing the interests of both parties gives rise to many legal pitfalls. The main attraction for any sponsor is the opportunity to raise its corporate image or brand profile and enhance its reputation by association with the sponsorship target through a comparatively inexpensive form of media exposure. From the perspective of the brand owner, sponsorship is usually viewed as a means of raising finance to support the sponsorship target and, typically where a representative body or sports authority is concerned, may even present an opportunity for the brand owner to bind its members to present the united front it may not otherwise have had.

read more › You are setting up a business, or have a business start-up or growing new business. You might be setting up a company. You have a strong vision, but a nagging fear that your new business may be at risk of infringing on the rights of others keeps you awake at night. You are keen to understand more about ways to ensure your ideas are protected and commercially exploited to their full potential to make your business successful. Start by picking your startup legal package below, we'll then give you a fixed price based on your particular business requirements.

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