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Makwana Solicitors Experience - We have a wealth of experience and are able to advise on all types of cases no matter how big or small - each case matters to us. Reputation - Our Clients come back to us time and time again, for their families, friends and themselves. Businesses and Individuals - We act for all types of businesses including pharmaceutical wholesalers and all types of individuals.

Act for Clients locally, nationally and internationally- Able to visit clients and communicate via text, email, WhatsApp, facetime/skype, attend meetings in Central London by prior appointment. Multi lingual - We speak Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and can arrange interpreters for all languages. I have been using Makwana's for years and they have defended me.

They give you the old fashioned personal touch that you no longer get from solicitors. I recommend them to all my friends and family who want professional friendly service as you will not and cannot find better. They are very professional and professional and I will always remember and recommend them to people who are in need of legal assistance.

We were founded in 2003 and are consulted by Clients locally and nationally. We have become the law firm of choice for many people including lawyers, doctors and other professionals. We have acted in some of the most publicised cases and have been able to deal with cases sensitively and robustly. We are a specialist accredited Criminal Law Firm and

We have successfully defended clients involved in a number of high profile cases by working tirelessly to ensure that the cases are fully and proactively prepared. We use the best barristers who have a proven track record in client care and advocacy. Being investigated or prosecuted for such serious offences is stressful and we take every measure to

We have vast experience in defending those accused of sexual offences and have been involved in some of the leading authority cases relating to sexual offences. We appreciate that this is a sensitive area of law with distinctive features. There is a social stigma and the impact it has on families can be considerable. Often there are different perceptions

Allowing premises to be used for consumption of controlled or supply of a controlled drug. In our experience drugs cases often involves significant forensic mobile phone data including social media, WhatsApp and location evidence. Inadvertent texts and texts using 'drug speak' often become incriminating and can mean that you are considered much more

Fare evasion may seem like a trivial offence involving relatively low amounts of unpaid fares, however in our experience Transport for London and other bodies take this seriously and will actively summons clients to court for fares evasion, often involving just a few pounds. We have years of experience in successfully achieving our client's objectives

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