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Major Family Law Newcastle and the North East's leading divorce solicitors, family lawyers & child law specialists. Welcome to Major Family Law - A nationally acclaimed family law practice with specialist family solicitors and divorce lawyers situated in Newcastle and the north east through to the south east. From as little as 250 (plus VAT and Court fee) we can provide a fixed price divorce service to make budgeting easy.

We are one of the best North East Specialist Divorce and Family law Firms offering low cost Fixed Fees for uncontested divorces issued in England. Our Child Law Experts offer affordable legal advice and court representation to suit your own circumstances. We successfully act for Mums and Dads. If you need a clean break order or someone to arrange spousal maintenance and child support provisions, our team of friendly solicitors can help.

Get in touch today for your FREE consultation and a quote for your own bespoke cohabitation agreement. We are the leading North East Family law firm for British Ex-Pats living and working abroad, and needing divorce and Child Abduction help.

read more › Major Family Law is proud to offer the services of some of the best family lawyers in the UK. Supported by experienced legal assistants and consultants, our team has made Major Family Law one of the top family law firms in the UK. Anna joined Major Family Law at the outset in 2009. Anna is a well-respected and experienced solicitor dealing with all areas of family law including. Lucinda joined Major Family Law in 2013. Her role encompasses all aspects of family law including divorce, separation and preparing pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements.

read more › You can pay online by credit or debit card using your matter reference number found on your invoice or statement. Please ensure that you pay the correct amount. We use the services of Legl to process your payment securely. Payments are processed using the highest security standards to encrypt your details and keep your personal data safe. When you click 'make a payment' you will be redirected to Legl's paments portal where your payment will taken. You will receive an immediate email confirmation following a successful payment.

read more › Major Family Law is a top family law firm specialising in matters of divorce and separation, child and parental disputes, injunctions, financial provisions and more. Our team are some of the best separation and divorce solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East. Whether you are entering into a new relationship or marriage, or you are suffering difficulties in your existing relationships, it is important to know all your options. We offer a free 45-minute consultation either on the phone, over Zoom or in person, to discuss your current situation and talk you through the divorce or separation process.

read more › If your marriage is in difficulty, you are contemplating divorce, or your spouse has asked for a divorce but you're not sure if that's what you want, then speak with one of our friendly divorce solicitors today for advice and support. If you're unsure whether the finality of divorce is really what you want or if you need help to come to terms with your separation and the end of your marriage, we recommend you first speak in confidence with a relationship counsellor who can work with you to help you to deal with what has happened and how to move on.

read more › Many couples, who are facing difficulties in their marriages may wish to have a period of time apart but are not necessarily ready to instigate the finality of divorce proceedings. For those couples, a correctly drafted separation agreement, or separation deed, may be the ideal solution. If you and your partner are splitting up, our leading family law firm based in the north east can help write a bespoke separation agreement for you. Married couples can decide between themselves to separate and are not under any legal obligation to inform any legal professional they are no longer together.

read more › If your relationship is in difficulty, you may be contemplating splitting up, and if you have a formal civil partnership or marriage, divorce. You may have been told that the relationship is 'not working', but you may not be sure that separating is what you want. Our team of divorce lawyers provide expert advice on same sex and gay divorce as well as civil partnership dissolution; please get in touch for advice and support. Even if you just live together (cohabitation), splitting up will have practical or legal arrangements to make.

read more › It is becoming increasingly common upon the breakdown of a relationship or marriage for one parent to want to take their child to live abroad with them. This can be for any number of reasons eg. In order for you to move abroad permanently with your child, you will need the permission of the other parent and all/any other persons with parental responsibility. If the other parent will not provide permission then you will need to obtain permission from the Court, applying for a "relocation application" or "leave to remove".

read more › Sadly it is a well-known fact that the breakdown of marriage or relationship can affect the goodwill that previously existed between spouses and extended family members, particularly grandparents. This can have an impact on your "grandparents rights". Grandparents often play a significant role in the upbringing and care of children in today's society, particularly as more and more parents are having to work on a full-time or part-time basis. Tension following a breakdown of marriage can sometimes impact upon that relationship which can be upsetting for grandparents as well as the grandchildren themselves.

read more › Although it may not feel like there can be a 'clean break' when there is ongoing child support, a 'clean break' only refers to the spousal rights which can be dismissed by agreement. If you have children who have not finished education, there may be an ongoing obligation to provide a level of financial support for that child, but the rights of adults, both present and future can be terminated. That is what a 'clean break' means and after a clean break dismissing all the rights that came from the marriage (and property rights) the couple can go forward without looking over their shoulders to see if their former spouse is looking to make a claim for a share of their capital, income or pension.

read more › Major Family Law is the leading family law firm in the North East, providing expert advice from our best family solicitors. We manage all disputes related to divorce and separation including financial provision and financial orders; our experienced family law solicitors can offer cost-effective professional guidance and specialist legal knowledge, plus full court representation if required. The end of a relationship can have huge financial implications for a family. Whatever your personal circumstances, you need to understand your financial obligations and entitlements.

read more › One of the main concerns for people facing divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership is often how they will cope financially and how the assets and debts of the relationship will be dealt with. Financial Remedies are the procedure to discuss the division of your property when you are undergoing a divorce. It is never too early to seek advice on your position, even if you are not yet sure whether you intend to commence with divorce/dissolution proceedings. We are the leading boutique specialist family law firms in the North East, and we provide a cost-effective service to help you understand your position before you begin divorce proceedings that will not add to any financial worries that you may have.

read more › In the course of dealing with the financial aspects of the end of a marriage or civil partnership, there may be circumstances where early action is required to protect matrimonial assets or to provide temporary financial support whilst the financial matters are dealt with substantively. Emergency Orders are very specific measures that our specialist family solicitors are experienced in. Major Family Law can advise and represent you in the appropriate circumstances. We offer a low cost and expert service in all situations.

read more › Just like your home and other belongings, your pension is an asset that is shared when you get divorced or dissolve your civil partnership. Pensions can often add up to huge sums of money, and ensuring that this is protected is a vitally important part of the divorce process. Pension sharing in divorce is a highly complex area; Major Family Law are the North East's leading boutique family law firm and our specialist solicitors can provide you with low cost expert advice on all things to do with your divorce.

read more › When parties separate, the question of managing your finances on a day-to-day basis can arise, particularly where one of the parties does not work and/or has the main care for the children of the family. While both parties are still alive, a spouse or former spouse has a claim for spousal maintenance (also called periodical payments) until the Court makes an Order dismissing their claim or until they remarry. If the higher-earning party does not make reasonable financial provision for the other in the period immediately after separation, the party in need can apply to the court for an Immediate Interim Spousal Maintenance Order (also called Maintenance Pending Outcome of Proceedings).

read more › Matters of business and divorce can be complicated and life-altering. If either, or both, of you and your spouse are involved in your own business or a family business (whether as a sole trader, partnership, or limited company), that business will form part of the matrimonial assets under consideration in any financial settlement or order. Traditionally, the Court avoided making any Order which would result in the sale of such a business and it would be more likely to be assessed on the basis of being a source of income.

read more › For many years the largest asset that a separating couple held was often ignored: pension rights. Lawyers are not trained actuaries nor pension experts and so they did not know enough to know what would be fair and the law did not allow pensions to be shared so they were always left with each spouse. Astute lawyers would sometimes take into account pensions through 'offsetting' which was often on the basis of rudimentary evidence such as the Cash Equivalent Transfer Value 'CETV' but once it became possible to 'earmark' a share of pension, pension experts started to be routinely consulted to give a view as to what earmarking (deferred sharing) was needed.

read more › Major Family Law is a leading boutique family law firms in the north east specialising in matters of divorce and splitting up, child and parental disputes, cohabitation and more. Our team all specialise exclusively in family law and provide cost-effective professional guidance and specialist legal knowledge, plus full court representation if required. People live together as couples without anything formal in place for various reasons, this is called cohabitation. With nothing legal such as a marriage or civil-partnership in place, both partners are free to stay or go as they wish.

read more › There has been a rising trend in the last decade where more couples are deciding to cohabit rather than marry. There is a common myth about cohabitation and unmarried couples living together, where they are seen as common law 'husband and wife'. This is not the case and is quite a dangerous position to be in. With nothing legal such as a marriage or civil-partnership in place, both people are free to stay or go as they think fit. Should you decide to separate from your partner, your property and positions will be in a tricky situation.

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