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Richard Nelson Specialists in legal advice and representation for businesses, professionals and individuals. We're all experts in our chosen fields, so you know that you're always getting the best possible legal advice. Richard Nelson LLP is a national firm of solicitors providing a range of specialist legal services to professionals, businesses and individuals throughout England and Wales.

We were established by our senior partner Richard Nelson in 2003, himself a leading crime and fraud lawyer, and have grown to count a number of the country's leading lawyers, solicitors and consultants among our team of specialists. We've helped clients with everything from private client matters to defending high value cases in the Crown Court, and as a leading legal advisor in the area of professional discipline we're often the lawyers that other lawyers come to when they need legal representation.

We provide coverage across England and Wales through our seven regional offices and via the latest communication technology, so that you always get a personalised service which is second to none, no matter where you live.

read more › Specialists in legal advice and representation for businesses, professionals and individuals. Richard Nelson LLP is a nationwide solicitors firm specialising in several legal services. We have expertise in assisting businesses, business and professional people as well as private individuals with a variety of legal issues. Our expertise is in professional disciplinary, defending regulatory investigations, specialist criminal defence, defending transport and road traffic offences, litigation and private client work.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP's professional disciplinary solicitors are experienced in representing a wide variety of professionals before their regulatory bodies. We work with clients across the UK and have gained a reputation for representing professionals in fields as diverse as healthcare, law, education and accountancy. Our solicitors are dedicated to each and every individual professional disciplinary case that they work on. We understand the nuances between different regulators and will work hard to provide you with the support you need throughout an investigation.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP's team of experienced solicitors has an excellent nationwide reputation and proven track record in defending regulatory investigations. Businesses can come under scrutiny from a number of different regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority and the Environment Agency. Our solicitors can provide expert assistance in all areas of white collar defence and more. We know that each case is unique. The circumstances of every business and regulatory investigation are different, which means that every case requires the utmost attention to detail in order for the best result to be achieved.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP's tax investigation solicitors boast over 25 years of experience in defending clients who find themselves facing tax investigation cases before the HMRC. Both our industry and our clients recognise the market-leading defence work we do, whether that's focused in tax investigations, tax fraud or allegations in how an individual or business has declared their tax history. We have a proven track record of tackling high profile and highly complex tax cases and we pride ourselves on the excellent client service we deliver while doing so.

read more › The employment solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP are experienced in all aspects of employment law. We advise and represent both employers and employees on a range of cases, including tribunals, workplace grievances and Settlement Agreements. Our lawyers are flexible in providing the service you need, whether that is representation in court or an ongoing advisory service. Whatever your situation, we will listen to you and work with you to achieve the best outcome. Our employment solicitors have a proven track record in working with employees from a wide range of industries.

read more › Our Criminal Defence Solicitors are extremely experienced in defending those who find themselves to be the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution. As Criminal Defence Lawyers, we are ranked amongst the best in the country and have an excellent nationwide reputation and proven track record, with decades of experience in defending complex and high profile criminal cases. These include many serious frauds, conspiracies and serious and historic sexual offences. An experienced Criminal Defence Solicitor will hold discussions with you in complete confidence.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP's personal solicitors encompass a number of different specialisms involving legal advice and representation for individuals. Our personal legal services cater for all individuals in a number of different areas, including family law, inheritance disputes, the protection of vulnerable adults and public inquiries. Each personal client case is unique, which means that we work hard to understand your individual needs and goals. In many of these cases, the outcomes that you're seeking might be completely different from those of someone else in a similar situation, so we believe that it's essential that we take the time to understand exactly what resolution you would like to reach.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP has a team of highly experienced commercial solicitors on hand to help clients with commercial law cases and situations where both businesses and individuals are considering or involved in litigation. Whatever case we're working on, our emphasis is on communicating practical advice to our clients and helping them to achieve the most favourable outcome. Our commercial solicitors have experience helping businesses in a wide variety of cases across a number of distinct industries.

read more › The family solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP are committed to providing a flexible and sympathetic service to suit all needs, while offering practical and professional advice. We provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of relationship and family breakdown, arising in relation to the individual, their property and business interests. Our family solicitors also offer a quality service through which arrangements are agreed between you and your partner, whether married, in a civil partnership or living together.

read more › Making a Will is important to every person as it ensures your wishes will be followed upon your death. Without a Will the rules of intestacy dictate who will inherit upon a person's death and these may not be in accordance with your wishes. It is also important if you already have a Will that it is kept under review as circumstances can change in a person's life, such as getting married, having children or getting divorced. We offer a full range of services including drafting of wills and the administration of estates, as well as working alongside accountants and financial advisers in order to assist with dealing with financial affairs.

read more › The contractor lawyers at Richard Nelson LLP advise and defend contractors in a variety of legal sectors. Our multidisciplinary team of solicitors is experienced in a range of financial and regulatory cases, giving us the expertise needed to provide the best service for you. If you're not sure how we can help, your first phone call is free and has no obligations, so get in touch. One of the main services our contractor lawyers offer is advice regarding tax investigations. HMRC is a powerful investigating body and the nature of contracting means it's relatively easy to find yourself facing an investigation.

read more › The education sector is complex, involving many different people and authorities. Teachers, students and parents will be affected by different issues in various ways and sometimes need specialised legal support. Richard Nelson LLP's education solicitors comprise a team of lawyers that specialise in working with teachers involved in TRA cases amongst other educational matters. If you're a teacher who needs advice or representation in a disciplinary case involving the TRA, Richard Nelson LLP's teacher lawyers will be able to advise you, helping you to arrive at the best possible outcome.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP's financial services solicitors represent and advise financial services professionals in a wide variety of cases. The multidisciplinary make up of our team means that there's always someone on hand to provide expert legal support for your case. Our expertise includes serious fraud defence and representation for a variety of offences covered by FCA investigations. We can advise and represent both individuals and financial services firms that are involved in cases like this. These investigations are nearly always highly sensitive in nature, so you can be assured of our financial services solicitors' discretion and confidence in all circumstances.

read more › Reference to the word Partner on this site or on any written or electronic document produced or sent by us, means a reference to a Member of the Limited Liability Partnership. Our Members are a mixture of individuals and limited companies. Where a Member is a limited company, then reference to Partner should be taken as a reference to the director of the limited company. If you are a client with whom we have made a contract by electronic means, you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any contractual dispute you may have with us.

read more › The small business lawyers at Richard Nelson LLP can defend both directors and small businesses faced with a number of different investigations and prosecutions. Our services cover individual representation in director disqualification and tax investigations as well as company-wide cases such as trading standards investigations. Our small business solicitors also represent directors and business in Companies House prosecutions. These cases can occur for a variety of reasons, mostly involving discrepancies in the documents that Companies House requires directors to file yearly, or in situations where those files haven't been submitted on time.

read more › Our specialist sports lawyers act on a nationwide basis for professional sportsmen and women who are appearing before their regulatory bodies and professional disciplinary tribunals. We also work with the sports governing bodies charged with prosecuting breaches of their rules and regulations. Our sports lawyers have a wealth of experience representing a variety of professional sportspeople across a range of disciplines. We are deeply conscious of the importance of the professional reputation and standing of our clients and of their need for a vigorous and proactive approach to their situation.

read more › Our specialist team of transport solicitors have a wealth of experience of advising operators in both the passenger and goods sectors. As an operator, you will be aware that there is a wide-ranging and complex set of rules governing the running of your business. Our dedicated team of transport solicitors are available to provide advice and assistance to local and national hauliers of all sizes. With offices across the UK, we are able to give legal representation and advice on transport law for businesses, drivers and transport managers across the country.

read more › Richard Nelson LLP is looking to recruit lawyers from a variety of disciplines who would like to work on a fee share consultancy basis. If you're interested in working more on your own terms then Richard Nelson LLP may be the solution for you. Do you want to work for yourself, with flexible working hours that suit you, from a location of your choice, free from a cost target, endless internal meetings, office politics and management burdens? Working with Richard Nelson LLP as a self-employed consultant may be the perfect solution for you.

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