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Whether you are wanting to make a Will to make sure your assets go to whom you wish, set up a Trust to protect your assets for the next generation, or to administer the estate of a loved one and apply for Probate, we can assist you. Making a Will is important. If you die not having made a Will then your assets will pass under what are called the 'intestacy
Probate is the process of resolving a person's affairs after they have died. All assets that they were entitled to need to be listed, scheduled with some of this information sent to HMRC to determine if there is any inheritance tax to pay. The complexity and length of a probate or administration can vary which is why you need a trusted probate solicitor
PHH Solicitors are recognised as the Wills and Probate legal specialists on the Fylde Coast and across Lancashire areas. Whether you are an individual, married couple, cohabitee or in a civil partnership, PHH Solicitors can advise and assist with all aspects of your Will and probate, with tax-efficient estate planning; ensuring your wealth is safeguarded
Everyone knows they should make a will, but it often languishes near the bottom of the to-do pile. Whether you want to write or update a Will, contest a Will or deal with the affairs of a loved one who has passed away, SL & Co can offer all of the legal support that you require. The law around Wills and Probate can seem complicated but we'll make it
Has someone close to you recently passed away? In order to deal with their estate, you will need advice from experienced and professional probate solicitors. Courtyard Solicitors have extensive experience on all aspects of making a will or obtaining a grant of probate. Once the grant has been obtained, we will then deal with the collection of the assets
Whilst it's correct to say that there has been an increase in the number of executors or administrators seeking to deal with estate administration without professional advice, things can change as the formal process begins. Complexities can be uncovered after the executors begin their work and difficult decisions with potentially significant legal implications
When you're involved in sorting out the formalities after someone's death, we make things easier to handle. Our probate solicitors specialise in giving clear advice and support on how probate works and the legal issues that arise on bereavement. It's more than just the effects of a will. It's inheritance tax, estate administration, disputes. There's
When someone dies, the law, naturally steps in to protect that person's property and ensures that it is properly dealt with, this is called their "Estate". In most cases it is necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation from the Court, whether the person who has died left a will or not. The Grant allows the appropriate person to deal with the Estate