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Ibbotson Brady Solicitors If you have suffered a serious, perhaps potentially life changing injury, then it is vital that you speak to a specialist injury claims solicitor. Approaching just any old solicitor simply won't do. If you have suffered any injury, however it was caused, we are happy to have a free chat with you. If it seems possible that you might have a claim, we will meet you for free.

Don't be shy, give us a call. Medical treatment doesn't always go to plan. Often there is no blame to be attached to medical staff or treatment, but if you have any doubts, read on. Solicitors don't always get things 100% right. To succeed in a claim for negligence against a Solicitor, you must show that they breached their professional duty of care and that their conduct fell below the standard of a reasonably competent Solicitor.

Since 2001 our firm Ibbotson Brady has been helping countless people in and around Leeds and beyond to claim compensation for personal injuries they sustained through fault of someone else.

My business, Ibbotson Brady Solicitors Ltd, is a personal injury law partnership serving local customers in Leeds and the surrounding area. I'm motivated by a genuine desire to help people get the compensation they deserve due to accidents and injuries however they have been caused. Accidents and injuries happen all the time in public, on the roads

Injuries can strike unexpectedly and have a number of causes. When they do, even a minor injury, such as a sprain or a fracture, can have a severe impact on your life. It can impact your ability to work, care for your children or fulfil your responsibilities. Injuries can also cost you money in lost earnings, prescriptions and medical costs, not to

It is crucial that you develop a rapport with a solicitor who will listen to you, appreciate your needs and really fight your corner. Many of my clients approach me at a time of huge trauma and stress and it is my job to help shoulder that burden and enable them to see and achieve a way forward. With serious injuries of any kind, it can take a long

We consider your claim with you for free and go through all of the options for funding your claim. If there are no other suitable ways of funding your claim, then we will consider offering you a No Win No Fee arrangement. If we think that you have a good claim then we will always consider agreeing to this arrangement. If we agree to deal with your claim

At the beginning of a claim it is often difficult to know how much compensation you will receive for injuries and losses. This is because in the early stages we do not know how long you are likely to have the symptoms for, how your injuries are going to affect you and what losses you will suffer. Once a medical report has been received and we can see

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