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We practice in complex and large-scale litigation, with a focus on shareholder class actions. The firm's directors have over thirty years of specialist collective actions experience. Phi Finney McDonald's strong social conscience influences every aspect of our practice. This includes the types of claims we take on, how we treat our clients, and how we operate as a business.

We believe in transparent and ethical corporate governance, social justice, and human rights. We act for those harmed by corporate or government misconduct, rather than the wrongdoers. Strong individual claims are often too small to warrant legal costs and litigation risk. Aggregating many small individual claims into a collective action levels the playing field.

It allows us to enlist the best barristers and experts to our clients' cause, and to divide the cost over a larger pool of damages. Our clients benefit from the best representation at a fraction of what it would have cost to litigate individually. It allows our clients to pursue claims they would otherwise have abandoned.

read more › Shareholders deserve honesty, accountability, and transparency from the companies in which they invest. Companies that mislead the market harm their investors and the broader economy. Those who suffer loss or damage from securities fraud and misconduct are entitled to redress. Our clients include some of the largest and most influential pension schemes, private investors, sovereign wealth funds, and investment platforms across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and the Asia Pacific. Investor claims involve complex financial issues and require specialist expertise.

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