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Things have changed but we are determined to ensure that the rights and interests of clients continue to be robustly protected. We have plans in place which mean that we are able to provide an uninterrupted service, but it will be different but no less effective. As your personal lawyers we will be using telephone and where possible video facilities to support you and the work we do on your behalf.

We are following Government guidance and in those circumstances we will ask that face to face contact is kept to a minimum. Bobbetts Mackan are available to help with a wide range of legal advice and representation. We pride ourselves on offering legal services which are professional and supportive. We understand that sometimes the way the law affects people can be difficult to understand and appear complicated.

We aim to keep it simple and we make any process as straightforward as we can. We aim to be your personal lawyers and offer a comprehensive, client friendly service specialising in Property Sale and Purchase, Wills and Probate, Powers of Attorney, Family and relationship issues, including cases involving children, Actions and Complaints against the Police and Criminal Defence from more minor matters (including motoring cases) to the most serious allegations.

The law firm of Bobbetts Mackan has its origins in the 1800's. Its feet are firmly planted in the present and its eyes are focused on the delivery of specialist legal services to the people of Bristol, the South West and beyond. The Bobbetts Brothers established the firm in the mid 1800's. They were lawyers committed to the provision of affordable and

At Bobbetts Mackan, we aim to provide Legal Services that protect your freedoms and rights. We have some of the very best Criminal Defence lawyers in the South West as well as a pre-eminent Family matters team. If you are involved in a family dispute, divorce, separation or legal issue over the care of children, it is very easy to feel as though things

If you believe that the police have behaved incorrectly or unfairly you may be able to take action against them. There are different types of action available and these will depend on the circumstances of your case. If you believe that you have been seriously wronged and that the complaints procedure is insufficient you can bring a claim against the

We recognise that military courts require a style of communication and approach that can differ from the civilian world, and we know how to act decisively in the best interests of our clients. Experienced in all areas of the process; from interview by RAF police, RMP or SIB, to referral up the chain of command and District and General Courts Martial

Experience, excellence and straight-talking are just three of the reasons why Bobbetts Mackan is recognised as a leading law practice for criminal defence and defence of serious fraud. We have extensive expertise in relation to all enquiries undertaken by the police and other investigative and regulatory bodies - including Customs and Excise, the DTI

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