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Lynne Passmore Family Law I am a Brighton and Hove solicitor, accredited family mediator, hybrid mediator, collaborative practitioner and experienced family lawyer, offering advice on divorce and separation, specialising in helping couples to reach agreement at the beginning or end of their relationship.

Having practised exclusively in family law in Brighton for over 23 years and, prior to that, in London, Surrey and Sussex, I am committed to working closely with my clients to offer a flexible, efficient and bespoke quality service for all those wishing to avoid conflict in their negotiations in order to achieve an outcome which works for their entire family.I offer a free initial telephone conversation to discuss the best process option for you and an initial fixed fee meeting at an inclusive cost of 150.

This meeting provides an opportunity to identify the issues, for you to ask questions and for us to review the options both in terms of dealing with the problem and the process best suited to your needs. The 2019 edition of Chambers says 'Lynne Passmore earns acclaim for her work in alternative dispute resolution, particularly with regard to mediation and collaborative law.

read more › My name is Lynne Passmore and I set up my law firm in Brighton, Lynne Passmore Family Law, in order to work differently with my clients when a relationship breaks down. I no longer go to court but will work collaboratively with another lawyer and a couple or alone with a couple as a mediator to find solutions which work for their individual circumstances. Where children are involved this means always putting them first. When parents separate children too will need time to adjust, to grieve and to react.

read more › I am an experienced family law solicitor besed in Brighton dealing with the wide range of legal issues which can affect personal relationships and can help you to make important decisions on matters which may impact on the rest of your life. I personally only deal with family law. However I have close working relationships with solicitors who will be able to help you with legal issues which might arise during the family law process, for example the sale or purchase of property or the making/updating of your will.

read more › How you deal with the choices which inevitably need to be made will have an enormous impact on you and your family. It is possible to have an amicable divorce. Taking time to come to terms with the personal impact and managing the process in the way which best suits you will be of utmost importance. I can provide a safe environment and clear advice on divorce, the dissolution of a civil partnership or a separation. In order to divorce or pursue the dissolution of a civil partnership the court requires evidence that your relationship has broken down irretrievably.

read more › The law governing the arrangements following the breakdown of a relationship of unmarried couples and the rights of cohabitees can be confusing and the options differ from the principles which apply on divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership. I can explain the options in relation to your children and in respect of property rights for unmarried couples and help to negotiate a settlement, taking into account the issues important to you and your family.

read more › It is essential for parents who are separating to work together to minimise the negative impact of their relationship breakdown on their children. During the emotional turmoil of a relationship breakdown it is not always easy to put the needs of your children first. Maintaining open communication with the other parent is essential and avoiding a prolonged court process is a must if you are to avoid negativity. I can help you to put together a parenting agreement for you and your partner to cover the various issues which will arise following your separation.

read more › The financial issues which arise following the breakdown of any relationship are daunting and often overwhelming. I am happy to answer any immediate questions you may have about managing the short term financial arrangements as well as helping you to consider the issues which will impact on long term plans essential to allow you and your family to move forward. You may need expert financial advice and I have strong working relationships with accountants, actuaries and Independent Financial Advisors who will be able to help in providing advice to ensure the best possible support and outcome.

read more › At the outset of your life together it can seam unromantic to consider the financial and practical issues which might govern how your relationship will work and what will happen if it goes wrong. However it is often better to consider the worst case scenario with a clear head and positive attitude at the outset than to try to unravel things later on when emotions are running high and anger may cloud your judgement. Entering into any type of 'relationship contract' can be a positive process with you and your respective lawyers working closely together.

read more › I will help you to achieve the outcome which best suits your individual circumstances and that of your family. I offer a free, no obligation, telephone conversation during which we can consider the process options and identify the process most appropriate to your particular circumstances (for example collaborative process, mediation or constructive negotiation). I also offer an initial fixed fee meeting which will last about 1 hour at a cost of 150 including VAT. Thereafter I charge at an hourly rate.

read more › Collaborative Process provides the opportunity for couples to work together with their collaborative lawyers with the aim of achieving an outcome that works for them and their family. It provides an alternative to the court process and more traditional type of negotiation which is driven by solicitors engaging in corespondence and arms length, partisan negotiation. Discussion takes place around the table in a series of four way meetings involving you, your partner and your respective collaborative lawyers.

read more › Mediation offers couples the opportunity to work together with a trained family mediator who will help them to make the best arrangements for their future. This may include discussion about the future care of their children or about how their finances might be organised. As a Family Mediator I will guide you to ensure that you have the right information in order to develop and work through options in order to find a solution which works for you and your family. The approach adopted will be tailored to your needs which may involve working with me as a sole Mediator, together with another mediator in co-mediation or supported by another professional, for example and parenting expert or financial coach.

read more › I am a Resolution trained Family Mediator and can help you and your partner to reach an agreement taking into consideration what is most important to you and your family. I regularly work alongside other professionals within my mediation practice, including Family Consultants and Financial Advisors.

read more › In some cases it is not possible for couples to reach agreement or to have a collaborative divorce and a Judge will need to determine the outcome. If it transpires that this is the situation in your case then I will help you through the court process to ensure the best possible approach and where necessary enlisting assisstance from other experts such as barristers, financial advisors and actuaries. Family Mediation enables couples to achieve a negotiated outcome with the help of a neutral third party without court intervention.

read more › I offer an initial fixed fee meeting at an inclusive cost of 150. You need to find out your options and to meet me so that we can be sure that I am the right person to help you. In some cases there may be a fixed fee element (for example if you are the party bringing a divorce, the Petitioner, the charge will be 1,270 including third party expenses, plus VAT where appropriate). In other cases there will be a standard hourly rate of 250 plus VAT (300 in total). In all cases we will discuss the likely cost at the outset and I will keep you regularly updated.

read more › I am approachable and friendly and will meet you at a neutral venue if you prefer. I will see you for an initial free consultation to review your options and to give you chance to decide whether I am the right person to help you. I can also help you to find emotional and practical support from a counsellor or coach. We have reached an agreement. Do we still need to see a solicitor? It is always sensible to discuss the agreement you are considering to ensure you have thought about all the issues and if you are divorcing or dissolving a civil partnership it is sensible to present your agreement to the court for their approval to prevent possible problems in the future.

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