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Waldron & Schofield During this difficult time, here at Waldron & Schofield it is Business Unusual is Business as Usual. Legal services provided by Waldron & Schofield Solicitors for the business industry and private clients. We pride ourselves on our 'can do' approach to our clients' needs and our ability to offer support and advice. Based in Heywood and Altrincham, we are easily accessible to all in the Greater Manchester area, and we have excellent access to national transport networks.

Our expert team can therefore provide legal services no matter how near or far. Delivering a personal, high-quality service at competitive prices, we are a diverse firm united by the core values we all follow.

read more › Michaela went out of her way to make time to see me, gave very good advice and answered any questions I had. Always returned my phone calls and emails promptly. Wonderful service provided by Helen Green - very thorough knowledge. I am extremely satisfied as I was helped through a difficult time when I was uncertain how to go forward. Thanks for the work of your staff led by Maria. I would like to highlight the contribution of Nadya & Leona in these transactions. While Maria is often the one in the sunshine so to speak, it is through the background work performed by these two that allows this to happen.

read more › Our Heywood base means we are ideally situated to serve clients both locally and nationally. Thanks to our close proximity to national transport networks and our prime Greater Manchester location, we can provide the approachable and friendly service for which we are known to people across the length of the country. We deliver a wide range of legal services to assist clients with various issues. We do so in a way that always puts our clients first, going the extra mile to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

read more › Thousands of people are treated by doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care workers every week. And whilst the standard of healthcare in this country is usually high sometimes things go wrong. A "medical accident" is when something goes wrong whilst you are receiving medical treatment. It describes situations where a patient has been harmed, not because of a recognised risk or unavoidable complications of their treatment, but because a doctor or healthcare professional has not given the appropriate standard of care.

read more › We understand that moving home can be a stressful experience and we hope to reduce this to a minimum allowing you to concentrate on the move rather than the paperwork. We offer a prompt, friendly and efficient conveyancing service and most of all we pride ourselves on our personal level of service. It's important to have a conveyancer who keeps you updated throughout the process. Here at Waldron & Schofield we provide you with straightforward, jargon-free explanations and advice for a simple fixed fee.

read more › Disputes can arise in a variety of different circumstances. Regardless of your situation, we provide advice at the earliest possible stage, on the potential costs, prospects of success and how a commercial settlement might be swiftly achieved. This allows our client to make informed decisions about their case. Our dedicated Dispute Resolution Team have the legal expertise and commercial common sense to advise and achieve a successful outcome. We proactively promote Alternative Dispute Resolution because this is often a more effective approach, in terms of time and cost.

read more › All family relationships go through difficulties but unfortunately, some do break down as a result. Where there is a family dispute this can affect everybody and therefore it is at this time that you may require professional help. Here at Waldron & Schofield we specialise in providing you with sympathetic advice and assistance to help you through this difficult time whilst ensuring that you are also aware of the options available to you. Our team of family solicitors are members of Resolution which means that they work to a specific code of practice, the basis of this being that your case will be dealt with as amicably and as quickly as possible in order to keep any conflict to a minimum.

read more › Legislation surrounding employment law is constantly changing and it therefore requires a dedicated and professional team to keep up with changes in the law. In a time of increasing employee rights and increasing awareness of these rights, it is critical to have access to correct, proper and up to date advice. The Employment Team at McHale & Co can help you to resolve all employment related issues. In particular we advise employers, senior executives and employees on a wide range of issues including unfair dismissal, harassment and directors' service agreements with expertise in dispute work and employment tribunal litigation.

read more › If you commit a motoring offence, you may run the risk of losing your driving licence. While this would be irritating for all, it can be disastrous for some, especially those who rely on driving as part of their job. Being unable to perform your role might put your position in jeopardy. For a parent who relies on their car for travel, losing their ability to drive would be a huge inconvenience. It is therefore essential those who may be able to retain their licence are able to do so. We have particular expertise in relation to defending prosecutions incurred as a result of both static speed cameras and GATSO cameras.

read more › The team at Waldron & Schofield is highly experienced in personal injury claims, providing the support and guidance people need to ensure they are able to successfully claim the money they are owed. We have a dedicated professional personal injury department that is committed to providing excellent service whilst maximising a client's compensation. If you suffer a serious injury, your life can completely change. You may be unable to work or be left reliant on your family to care for you whilst you recover.

read more › Whether you are an individual who is struggling to meet their debts and are considering petitioning for your own bankruptcy or you wish to pursue an individual for monies owed, we have the expertise and skills to help. Due to the economically trying times we find ourselves in individuals, however commercially aware and diligent they may be, can find themselves unable to meet their creditors demands for repayment. There are various options which creditors can take to recover their debt from you.

read more › At Waldron & Schofield we understand the importance of planning for the future and being prepared for all eventualities. We therefore offer a range of services in Will Writing, Probate and Estate Planning. We have a broad base of offices in North Manchester, South Manchester and Cheshire, and we can also arrange home or hospital visits if required. With more than 30 years' experience in this field, we offer a friendly, personal service that is tailored to your individual needs. We have a sympathetic approach and understand the importance of good service in an area of law that can prove difficult to grasp.

read more › Our experienced team of business solicitors provide[s] reliable advice on a wide range of legal matters for employees, employers and organisations. What separates McHale & Co from other solicitor firms is our unique outlook and approach with all of our clients, as well as the close working relationship we form to provide tailored solutions dependant on your individual needs. Business law is a complicated legal area that is constantly changing. If dealt with in the wrong way, the whole process can be terribly time consuming and expensive.

read more › Our team of commercial lawyers at Waldron & Schofield will go the extra mile to ensure we offer legal advice that is reliable, useful and tailored to each of our clients' needs. We believe the most important matter when dealing with commercial issues is the work we can do to help you achieve the best outcome for your business. All too often we hear about the aftermath of deals gone wrong when other firms have failed to provide the protection of a contract, or the contract in place is not fit for purpose.

read more › Our Dispute Resolution Team has vast amount of experience in a wide range of disputes. We offer accurate and concise legal advice but, more importantly, give you the information you need to make a commercial decision which is right for you. We appreciate the importance of resolving matters quickly, so you can spend your time developing and working in your business. Depending on the type of dispute, we offer fixed fees, so you know the exactly what you are paying for the service you receive. We proactively promote Alternative Dispute Resolution because this is often a more effective approach, in terms of time and cost.

read more › Malcolm Horner a senior solicitor with over 30 years experience recently pursued a case for a client who fell into a hole outside a large public house in. Mr I. worked for a number of industrial companies during his career and developed pulmonary disease in his 60's. We traced the causing factors back to as early. The client suffered soft tissue injuries and the case was settled. Malcolm Horner, Fellow of APIL (there are only around 140 senior solicitors in the country who hold this status) recently pursued a case for a man who had.

read more › We work with our clients to provide the best service for them to suit their individual needs. In some cases we can provide a fixed fee service for the work in particular where we are providing the Grant only service. Establishing the value of and dealing with assets such as building society accounts, bank accounts, investment portfolios and shares. Assisting you with dealing with valuing the property, please note a separate conveyancing fee will be provided for the sale of a property. Managing risk for the Personal Representatives by dealing with Trustee Act Notices and bankruptcy searches.

read more › Our fees cover all of the work required to complete a sale of your home including drafting the contract, dealing with enquiries, redeeming a mortgage, dealing with estate agents. How long it will take from you accepting an offer until the sale completes will depend on a number of factors. The average process takes between 8 - 10 weeks. It can be quicker or slower, depending on the parties in the chain. For example, if you are selling to a first-time buyer with a mortgage in principle then it could take 8 weeks.

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