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JSP Law We are a firm of solicitors with experience in dealing with all types of criminal cases, not just locally but all over England and Wales. We help people who are being investigated and prosecuted for allegedly committing a crime or breaching professional regulations. Being investigated or prosecuted can be a daunting prospect, not least because not everyone who is investigated or prosecuted has committed a crime or done what they are being accused of.

We are experienced and qualified to help and support people through that process but you don't need to take our word for it, the professional directories recognise us at being excellent at what we do. Nobody asks to be investigated or prosecuted. It can happen without warning and it can have a profound effect on you and others around you. Think about people in public life who have been investigated or prosecuted - it can happen to anyone.

If you are in that same position and you need expert advice then you must not hesitate to get in touch - we will not judge you and we can help you.

read more › No one is immune from the possibility of criminal allegations. When this happens, you will feel the entire weight of the criminal justice system pressing down on you. The police; the CPS; the Courts. A solicitor from JSP will be the first person in your corner ensuring that you have an opportunity to be heard and you get a fair trial.

read more › Anyone can find themselves being interviewed by the police. It is a daunting & frightening experience. What happens at the police station can be absolutely critical in deciding whether or not the matter goes any further. Our advice would be never to attend or allow an interview or questioning by the police without legal representation. It is important to know your rights and be clear as to which questions to answer and whether you should exercise your right of silence. It can mean the difference between being charged with an offence or not.

read more › Virtually all criminal cases begin in the Magistrates' Court. About 90% of cases will be finalised there too although some transfer to the Crown Court for trial or sentencing. Expert representation is very important for anyone facing proceedings so that they understand the court process and the strength of the evidence against them and can make the right decision on whether or not to plead guilty. Lack of representation can put you at a serious disadvantage. We have acknowledged expertise of representing clients at Magistrates' Court Cases.

read more › A person as young as 10 can be arrested, held at a police station for questioning and can be charged to attend court. This will be a very stressful and difficult time for the young person and their family. Our aim is to provide the support, legal expertise & practical help to get the best possible result in straightforward language that children and young people can understand. At JSP Law we have solicitors who specialise in advising and representing young people caught up in all stages of the criminal justice system from being interviewed at a police station to appearing in the Magistrates or Crown Court.

read more › Prosecutions for fraud offences have increased since the introduction of the Fraud Act 2006. Fraud covers a wide variety of offences including mortgage fraud, VAT fraud, credit card fraud, share dealing and false accounting. This means that property investors and professionals such as surveyors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountants and solicitors can be targeted in criminal proceedings. Many of these individuals will never have been charged with a criminal offence before and so it is vital to preserve their good name, as well as help them through what can be a highly complicated process, often involving a number of different defendants as well as thousands of documents.

read more › Accidents, or a breach of health and safety, can occur unexpectedly in a workplace, leading to prosecution and serious consequences for a business. It is a very complex topic and affects all businesses from sole traders all the way up to large multi-national companies. All businesses must ensure that they are taking the issue of health and safety within their organisation very seriously. Recently there have been major changes in the way health and safety incidents are investigated, which has seen an increase in the level of fines being imposed.

read more › Rape is a very serious charge and is a matter that is indictable only, which means that it can only be heard in the Crown Court. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Rape charges are very complex and involve a lot of social stigmas and can create heightened emotions for all involved. Recent cases that have been prolifically detailed in the media have meant that police and prosecutors are now taking a more radical approach to investigating rape allegations. Being charged with rape can result in reputational damage whatever the outcome and will be life-changing.

read more › Have you been arrested or charged with offences related to domestic abuse? Our solicitors can help. JSP Law has years of experience in navigating complicated and sensitive domestic abuse cases for our clients. We understand this may be a distressing time for you, which is why we are here to guide you through every step of the process. If domestic abuse allegations have been made against you, our priority is to defend and protect your interests. To discuss your specific case in strictest confidence, contact our defence lawyers today and we will get back to you right away to arrange an appointment.

read more › There is a range of drugs offences that people can be charged with and the severity will depend on the class and quantity of drugs involved, as well as the accused's role in the offence. Drug offences generally fall under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which is a complicated piece of legislation. Offences can range from simple possession of a class C drug to possession with intent to supply a class A drug. However, even a charge of simple possession can have fairly serious consequences. It is therefore vital for someone charged with a drug offence to get expert legal advice as soon as possible.

read more › Murder is the unlawful killing by a person of sound mind with the intention of either killing or causing grievous bodily harm. It is also possible to be accused of murder under the joint enterprise doctrine if the prosecution allege that you were part of a group involved in the murder, even if you did not inflict any injuries yourself on the deceased. Murder is the most serious criminal offence and carries an mandatory life sentence, although the judge will usually set a minimum tariff. In the most exceptional cases, a convicted murderer may be given a whole life tariff, meaning they will never be released from prison.

read more › Manslaughter is a less serious offence than murder, and sentences vary depending on the severity of the case. However, the maximum sentence, although this is not mandatory, is life imprisonment (a mandatory sentence for murder). Often during a murder trial, the judge can give the jury the option of finding the defendant guilty of manslaughter as an alternative to murder. A manslaughter trial is extremely complicated and will require experts in various fields. It is crucial that anyone facing a manslaughter charge gets advice from specialist defence lawyers that will be pro-active with their case.

read more › Assault charges cover a range of situations, with some charges being more serious than others. The level of assault charged usually depends on various factors, such as, the intention of the accused and the level of injuries suffered by the victim. Self-defence can be argued as a defence to a charge of assault if it can be shown that the accused used reasonable force in the circumstances. It is crucial that anyone facing a charge of serious assault gets advice from an experienced solicitor who can advise and support them through this often stressful time.

read more › All three offences concern the taking of someone else's property without their consent, however, they are very different offences with varying degrees of seriousness. Theft involves taking another person's property without their consent with the intention to permanently deprive them of it. Depending on how much has been stolen, theft cases can be heard in either the magistrates' or Crown Court and carry a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment. Robbery occurs when force is used or threatened against a person in order to steal from them.

read more › A large proportion of people that come into contact with the police do so in relation to charges concerning motoring offences. Often those facing these offences will not have dealt with the criminal justice system before and could find the situation very stressful and daunting. The accused may have held a clean driving licence for years before suddenly being charged with a motoring offence. The effect on their lives can be fairly catastrophic and can result in a disqualification, fine and even imprisonment.

read more › In today's society, many people rely on having a driving licence. The impact of losing your licence due to disqualification after a charge, such as drink driving, can have a major impact on your life as well as on your family and your livelihood. Drink driving, (technically known as driving with excess alcohol), carries a maximum sentence of 6 months imprisonment but first time offenders with a moderately low reading will often receive a fine. For many, the focus of a drink driving conviction is not the sentence but the disqualification period that follows a conviction.

read more › Appointments are not always necessary; they can be arranged at short notice and at a time to suit you including evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Our office hours are from 9 to 5.30 (Monday to Friday). We understand that you may need advice and assistance outside our office hours. People inevitably get arrested at all times of the day, we therefore have 2 solicitors on-call during the period when our office is closed. If you are arrested you can ask for any of our solicitors by name or the firm and the police will contact us to represent you.

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