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Milner Elledge Solicitors & Mediation Service Milner Elledge are one of the leading specialist child and family law firms across Essex and London. Our team of solicitors have over 30 years' experience representing clients of all backgrounds in all family and child law matters. Clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our specialist solicitors understand that family and child law matters can be fraught with emotion and tension.

Throughout our time assisting you we offer a safe space to discuss your side of things with the aim of steering your case in the right direction to help you achieve the outcome you want. Our team offer a non-judgemental, understanding, jargon-free approach to every case. In cases where children are present, we put their best interests and welfare as our first priority.

Simon is a Child Law, Divorce and Finance Specialist. He is an advanced member of the Law Society on the Family Law panel. Admitted in 1988, Simon has conducted a number of highly complex public and private cases. He is a member of Havering Domestic Violence Forum and also Barking and Dagenham Domestic Violence Forum.

read more › Milner Elledge has over 30 years of experience representing clients in all child and family law matters. Founded by Simon Milner and Kim Elledge, the firm now has a team of solicitors and two offices from which we advise clients. Despite the growth and the passing of three decades, our child first, non-judgmental, jargon-free approach to all child and family issues lives on. Our two offices, in Romford, Essex and Dagenham, London are situated close to major public transport routes. From these offices, we offer a safe space for clients to discuss their cases.

read more › A great opportunity has arisen for two family solicitors to join a Lexcel accredited high street family law firm with legal aid and private client work. This is a thriving business with outstanding support staff, and an outstanding local reputation. You will be expected to develop an established caseload and to take advantage of a regular new case enquiry opportunities. You will have family law experience to include: divorce & separation, financial agreements, domestic abuse and children matters.

read more › At Milner Elledge, we understand that your children are the most important thing in your life and are dedicated to assisting you in ensuring that they have the stability and security they need to live happy and settled lives. Legal Aid funding remains available for representation in relation to disputes concerning your children and we have a legal aid franchise, meaning that, if you financially qualify and the need for you to receive legal aid can be justified to the Legal Aid Agency, we are able to get to work on your behalf right away and to pursue full legal aid funding to entirely or partly cover the costs of your representation.

read more › Child custody disputes can arise in a number of circumstances. For example, in cases of separation, or in cases of bereavement where another family member feels they are better placed than the surviving parent to care for the children. While the interests and welfare of the child are of paramount concern for the court, unfortunately, the dispute between the parties can often become heated and cause unnecessary stress for the child or children involved. Milner Elledge have years of experience in child custody disputes and aim to guide you through the process, listen to your side of things and work towards achieving the outcome you believe best.

read more › In cases where a parent or grandparent is prevented from seeing a child by another party, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance to get some form of contact re-instated without engaging in a full child custody case. Milner Elledge have over 30 years experience in child and family law and have a strong track record in successfully securing contact with children for parents and grandparents. While any natural instinct may be to seek court action to gain contact, the courts take a different view.

read more › While many child/parent relationships can continue without issue or intervention, there are times when the state will have to intervene. This can be permanent long-term intervention or short term where a family require help due to a parent suffering illness or other problems. For many, interventions can be a difficult thing to face and in some areas a subject of embarrassment. As a result, people may not fully engage with the authorities or not understand their rights in relation to such intervention.

read more › Milner Elledge solicitors have over 30 years' experience in the field of Divorce & Separation. With offices in London and Essex we are well placed to deal with all family law issues in the South East, however we also represent clients further afield in other parts of England. Our specially trained lawyers put clients at the heart of what they do. Divorce & Separation cases are often highly charged, emotionally sensitive matters which cause a great deal of stress. Milner Elledge specially trained lawyers offer a non-judgemental, understanding approach.

read more › A divorce can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences in a person's life. It is a process which at the outset is full of uncertainty. Will my divorce be granted? Will I get the money I am entitled to? Where are my children going to live? These are just three of the many questions that may flash through a person's mind when starting divorce proceedings. Milner Elledge understand these concerns and with over 30 years' experience in child and family law, are the team best placed to guide you through a divorce.

read more › While for some people marriage will last a lifetime, there are many couples that decide a relationship can no longer continue and the parties have to separate. In some cases, this separation can be temporary, in others, it will be permanent. Not everyone will formally separate initially as they are do not want the stress and additional upheaval it may cause. Milner Elledge have practiced in the field of divorce law for many years and have vast experience in relation to dealing with couples looking to separate or divorce.

read more › We are dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse and regularly have a daily presence at East London Family Court and Romford Court as well as other courts throughout Essex. Our clients come to us through Women's Aid, Victim Support, the police and social services. This in part is reflective of our long-standing expertise in this area. We are members of the Domestic Abuse Forums. In addition, we are proud to offer Legal Aid to qualifying clients who would need to be financially eligible and have a "gateway" supporting letter.

read more › At Milner Elledge, we are a specialist family law firm. Our divorce and family finance team will provide you with a professional service at an affordable and competitive rate. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of divorce, separation and family finance. Whilst we most frequently assist our clients once they are considering separation or are served with divorce proceedings, we are also able to provide help with our clients who want to plan their future finances. If you are considering your second marriage, it is important to get advice on a prenuptial agreement to ensure your finances are agreed and secure in case separation was to happen.

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