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Our leading team of lawyers have expert knowledge in a number of practice areas and can advise you with up to date information to suite your needs. Some of our cases are multi-jurisdictional in nature. We are seeking solicitors looking for a better lifestyle balance in all areas of law and all levels of experience. We can provide you with new clients in most of the main areas of law.

This can be regionally or on a national basis where viable. A really decent group of people here. Gave me some very valuable advice which was relevant to my case, not generic, like what other solicitors would do - without asking for a cent. Great people and I will engage their services soon.

read more › We are an established and dynamic law firm located in the vibrant North London. We advise a broad portfolio of UK and international organisations and individuals. Our leading team of lawyers have expert knowledge in a number of practice areas and can advise you with up to date information to suite your needs. Some of our cases are multi-jurisdictional in nature. Many of our clients are returning clients and have been our greatest strength and inspiration. We provide a high quality personalised service which puts the client at the heart of our service.

read more › We at Acculegal Solicitors know that an Immigration Decision can be a life changing event. Hence when we consider our clients issues, we understand that it's not just a file or an application that we are dealing with but an individual/family's future. We at AccuLegal Solicitors specialise in all areas of immigration Law for individuals and for business immigration including refugee law, nationality and human rights. Our immigration team has a combined experience of over 30years. We have a wealth of knowledge & extensive experience in all immigration issues.

read more › Buying property, whether it's a long-awaited new home or larger business premises, is a big investment. It should be an exciting time. Too often we hear of delays and frustrations in the conveyancing process that make the whole process stressful for all those involved. At Acculegal Solicitors, we work hard to avoid this. Our solicitors are specialists. We provide a fast, reliable and affordable service to residential and commercial clients across London. Since 2008, we have acted for a range of small and medium-sized businesses from fast-food franchisees leasing outlets to service companies purchasing freehold office space.

read more › Our family law specialists are able to help you with all aspects of family law and provide sensible and practical legal advice. We will deal with your cases with discretion, sensitivity and a clear understanding of your needs. All the solicitors in our family law department are members of Resolution which is the organisation of family solicitors committed to a constructive approach to the practice of family law. As a result of our commitment to the Resolution Code of Practice, the overwhelming majority of our family and divorce cases achieve a settlement agreed by both parties without the need for an expensive final hearing.

read more › Disagreements that involve lawyers have the potential to spiral out of control. You might be prepared to fight all the way to court on a point of principle, but if your opponent does not have the resources to pay up if you win, you will have exhausted time, energy and money in an essentially fruitless exercise. We have the experience to deal with disputes in different ways: through alternative dispute resolution, mediation or full-scale court proceedings. Above all, your interests come first. The service we provide is greatly strengthened by our close association with a leading set of barristers' chambers in London.

read more › We are an expanding business, so all of us at Acculegal Solicitors know that investment in property is a big step for any commercial enterprise. Whether you are renting office space, buying industrial premises or you are involved in property development, contact us. You will have many questions and concerns. You may simply need preliminary advice on the investigation of land ownership or initial guidance on planning issues: Treat us as your in-house legal team, knowledgeable about commercial law generally and familiar with your business needs in particular.

read more › If you have a problem collecting money owed to you, we have the expertise to help. We will pursue your debts as quickly as possible in a cost-effective way, combining our knowledge and experience with our specialist case management software. If the debtor does not pay the debt quickly, we will consult you on how far to pursue it and whether to litigate. If a court order is obtained and the debtor still fails to pay, we will enforce payment by the most appropriate means. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed.

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