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GL Accident Northampton Whether you are employed in an office, a building site or factory, if you've been injured at work you may be able to claim compensation. If you've suffered life changing injuries or lost a loved one in an accident which was not their fault, our personal injury lawyers will treat your case with sensitivity to get the compensation you are entitled to.

When you put your trust in doctors and dentists and things go wrong, you are entitled to seek help and recompense for the trauma you've suffered. Brain and head injuries can have a devastating impact on an individual and their families. Our personal injury solicitors will take over the reins of your claim, so you can concentrate on rehabilitation.

If you've slipped or tripped in a shop or on the street, through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries. If you've been given negligent advice by a professional, such as an accountant, financial advisor or other solicitor and as a result you have suffered loss, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

read more › Legal advice can be expensive and often people who've been injured in an accident may be put off from making a claim because of the cost. But if you've been hurt in an accident which wasn't your fault, we will get you the justice and compensation you deserve. If you are unsuccessful with your claim, no legal costs will be paid to us. If you win, any of the legal costs not paid by your opponent will be deducted from any compensation paid to you.

read more › Once you've visited GL Accident for a free consultation we will evaluate your claim and send a letter to the other party involved. We will also arrange for an independent doctor to assess your injuries. If the other side admit responsibility and offer you an appropriate level of compensation you will receive a cheque within weeks. If they don't accept liability, or the offer of compensation is too low, our experts will try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. In a fraction of cases, when a settlement cannot be reached, the case could end up in court.

read more › Being involved in an accident can be a life-changing experience and often rehabilitation can take many months or years. We can help you secure the finances you need to pay for equipment, physiotherapy or other physical, cognitive and vocational therapies vital to your recovery and long-term needs. Working with your insurer, our solicitors will contact an expert to carry out an assessment of your situation and agree a cost so that your rehabilitation can get underway as quickly as possible. At GL Accident we have helped hundreds of people get the compensation that they deserve.

read more › While the standard of dentistry in the UK is generally very high, there are occasions when things go wrong. Unfortunately, once teeth are damaged or incorrectly removed they can never be replaced. You should write to the dental practice manager expressing your disappointment with the outcome. They should normally reply within 3 days, however, allow up to 10 days. 2. Try to delay treating the problem until you have received a response in writing addressing your concerns. If you are unhappy with the outcome or remedial action offered within the letter, then feel free to call the GL Accident Team for extra advice.

read more › Our catastrophic injury team headed by Anne Maguire has successfully recovered damages in many high value brain injury cases. Anne recently settled a case, for a head injured young woman who was involved in a road traffic accident, to the sum of 3.4 million. How will we cope with changes in personality, physical injuries and problems with memory?. To meet the legal and support team and allow them to obtain the fullest compensation for you.

read more › Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere, at any time, but if it you've had an accident in a public place which was not your fault and you think someone else might be to blame you could be entitled to compensation. Perhaps you slipped on a wet floor which didn't have adequate warning signs, or tripped and suffered a head or brain injury on an uneven paving slab on the street. Whoever is responsible for the establishment, whether it is a supermarket, shop, pub, leisure centre, restaurant, pavement, or even at work, they have a duty to protect you from injury.

read more › The vast majority of professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, surveyors, financial advisers, architects and other consultants provide honest, expert advice to the public, but occasionally things go wrong. If you feel you've been given negligent advice and suffered financial injury, through no fault of your own, at their hands, then you could be entitled to make a claim. At Geoffrey Leaver we have helped hundreds of people get the compensation that they deserve. Our personal injury solicitors will always treat your case with sensitivity and will spend time carefully examining whether you are eligible to make a claim.

read more › Anyone who has been the victim of a crime, or been abused as a child, is likely to have been through a traumatic experience and suffered long-standing effects. In cases of childhood abuse, youngsters suffer psychological problems, which can affect their whole life, from their work, social skills and relationships. If you've suffered injury as a result of a criminal act, whether it is physical or psychological, our experts are experienced in dealing with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and can guide you through the process of making a claim.

read more › Manufacturers have a duty to protect their customers from harmful or faulty products. Perhaps a design flaw in the product caused it to become dangerous, for example, it had sharp edges or components; or a dangerous object, such as a piece of glass or metal got into food via the packaging process, cutting the hand or causing mouth or dental damage. If you've been hurt by a defective product, then you could be entitled to claim compensation from the manufacturer. If it is your child who has been injured, for example from choking or cutting themselves on a faulty toy, you can also make a claim for up to three years after their 18th birthday.

read more › The owners of animals, including farmers who own livestock, have a legal duty to properly care for their animals and also to protect the public from them too. This includes cases where an animal's aggressiveness, such as a dangerous dog, has caused it to attack or if the animal has strayed onto the road and caused an accident. If an animal has caused you injury, through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to make a claim. At GL Accident we have helped hundreds of people get the compensation that they deserve.

read more › If you've been injured in an accident which wasn't your fault we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We are based in Milton Keynes, but have clients across Britain, so no matter where you are from we will be able to help. Nine out of ten of our clients say we offer a good or excellent service and are committed to understanding their business.

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