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Claim Injury Lawyers If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and require assistance in making a personal injury claim ClaimInjuryLawyers are here to help. Where the standard of care has fallen below that which is expected and you have suffered loss as result you may be entitled to claim. Housing Disrepair claim - Have you suffered from housing disrepair issues and your landlord not doing anything about them?

Personal Injury lawyers, Claim Injury Lawyers can provide you with the support you need to obtain the compensation you deserve on a no win no fee basis. We are the UK's leading personal injury law firm helping you to recover compensation for personal injury, serious injury, CRPS, medical negligence, holiday claims, road traffic accidents, housing disrepair claims and many more.

Our services are available to all personal injury or serious injury clients, medical or clinical negligence, private motorists, commercial vehicle users, fleet operators and private hire and taxi drivers/public carriage operators, general public and our approach is to always provide a high level, pro active, customer-focused service.

read more › Unfortunately accidents or injuries do happen - dealing with the claims process immediately after an accident or injury can be very stressful, complicated and overall quite a daunting process. We, at Claim Injury Lawyers can provide professional advice, guidance and service to the management of your compensation claim. All the other accident / claims management companies out there seemingly want to provide you with a good customer service to your compensation claim. We are different from the rest; we genuinely care about our clients.

read more › Medical Negligence - As patients we put our utmost trust in medical professionals to treat us and make us better again whether it be advice or treatment. Sometimes mistakes do happen which can cause a great amount of pain and suffering due to these mistakes. If you think you have been mistreated by a medical professional either by giving incorrect advise or where a medical procedure has gone wrong then we can help. As a leading medical negligence claim management company we have experienced medical negligence solicitors who can manage your claim from start to finish helping you get the compensation you deserve to make your life liveable again.

read more › Road traffic accidents can be a daunting experience. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and require assistance in making a claim Claim Injury Lawyers are here to help. Our expert team provide claims support giving you a single point of contact and a cost free direct route to claim. We deal with all aspects of road traffic accident claims. From an immediate like for like replace vehicle, to road side assistance and recovery. Further to this Claim Injury Lawyers can claim back any losses you may have incurred due to the road traffic accident.

read more › Serious injury on the injured and their family can be very catastrophic. They can be life changing to the injured and there family in terms of their life and there quality of life. It can be very distressing and can place a tremendous burden on the injured and their family. If you have sustained a serious injury and your life will change dramatically as a consequence and would require you to have specialist care then don't hesitate to contact ClaimInjuryLawyers. We are specialist in serious injury and we will claim for you all the compensation you deserve to make your life as comfortable as possible.

read more › Slips trips falls can happen both at work or in public places. Injuries sustained from slip trips falls can vary from twisted ankles to head injuries or back injuries. In some severe cases they can also cause paralysis. Slip trip and falls claims can be hard to make. Depending on where the accident occurred it could be hard to determined who is liable and who to make the claim against. Collecting the evidence to prove that the injuries you have sustained was caused by the slips trips falls can be very daunting.

read more › Some accidents at work can cause serious injuries. This could be due to several factors but most accident at work occur due to lack of training or where the working environment has not been maintained very well. If you have has an accident at work, but are unsure whether you have a serious injury claim, please Contact us on or use our online claim form for a call back. We will provide you with free advice and also help you start your claim for compensation. Claim Injury Lawyers have an experienced panel of rehabilitation services to help you recover from your injuries.

read more › Asbestos claims specialist Claim Injury Lawyers have a team of specialist dealing with asbestos claim. We can provide you with the legal representation that you require in order to claim compensation for the exposure of asbestos anywhere in the UK. Please remember that you have to bring an Asbestos claim for compensation within three years of first being diagnosed that you have an asbestos related illness. If you have suffered from an asbestos related illness such as Mesothelioma then please call now for more information.

read more › Military Injury Claims - Members of the Armed Forces have been able to claim against the Ministry of Defence for injuries sustained during combat in the UK or overseas which was not there fault since 1987. Claim Injury Lawyers have many years experience in helping members of the Armed Forces to pursue a military injury claim for compensation for personal injury, whose injuries can be life changing and even catastrophic. These military injuries would have required them to change there lifestyles dramatically with long hospital stays and issues related to mobility, care and stress in terms of stability in there financial situation.

read more › Holiday claim - Have you been ill on holiday or suffered an accident on holiday that was not your fault, then Contact us today on to start your compensation claim. Have you suffered food poisoning due to unsatisfactory hygiene? You could have been in an accident which was not your fault and suffered a personal injury? Slipped near a swimming pool? You could have caught a norovirus on a cruise ship. If your dream holiday was ruined due to no fault of your own then you will be able to make a holiday claim.

read more › Here at ClaimInjuryLawyers we are taxi claims specialist when it comes down to claiming compensation for taxi drivers and taxi passengers. We can help you receive the maximum compensation for your taxi claims that you deserve in the shortest time possible! If you are injured following a taxi accident and wish to claim for personal injury, our solicitors can provide you with specialist knowledge and advice on how best to pursue your taxi claims. We can help you claim back loss of earnings, vehicle expenses, costs for damaged electrical equipment and license costs incurred.

read more › Claims Introducers are always welcomed at ClaimInjuryLawyers. A key part of our service is the excellent standard of service we can offer to your customers. We offer your customers a complete start to finish service from the moment the accident or injury has happened. We provide a service to match the exact requirements of your customers, ensuring that the standard of care they receive from us for the duration of their claim matches the standard of service they receive from yourself. The service can include vehicle hire, arrangement and authorisation of repairs, personal injury rehabilitation, instruction of independent approved engineers, and full recovery of the costs for the complete service from the guilty party's insurance company.

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