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Strain Keville Founded in 1982, Strain Keville is a specialist London-based law firm with an expert team offering a combined experience of over 65 years in the legal sector. Our expertise covers Litigation, Commercial, Property, Private Client, Matrimonial and Employment work. We pride ourselves on truly partnering with our clients, providing a personal, straightforward and transparent service to ensure all our clients receive bespoke legal advice and practical solutions.

We believe in honesty and transparency. We create successful relationships to help create successful businesses. Our clients appreciate being told early on if we feel their case, venture or transaction is not a viable one. Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable specialist solicitors offer you practical advice, bespoke to your requirements. We work with you to succeed.

When you do well we feel good. A sensible and pragmatic approach to deliver personally tailored commercial advice. We keep you updated from start to finish. We believe in working honestly so our clients appreciate what we tell them whether we feel their venture is viable or not.

read more › The process for company purchase and/or sale is often not straightforward. It can involve a considerable amount of due diligence, large agreements, company resolutions and negotiations. Our specialist solicitors will guide you through the process from start to finish, no matter what is necessary. With company purchases and particularly sales it is vital all the clauses, meanings of documents, wording of warranties and guarantees etc are properly explained and expertly executed. We work with you side by side ensuring you have the support to move through the process as stress-free as possible.

read more › Matthew is the Senior Partner at Strain Keville Solicitors, with over a decade of expertise advising a diverse and international client base. He prides himself on building working relationships with people, not 'customers' and developing a means to attain the best results. Matthew prides himself on getting to the crux of a case quickly and directly, so his clients can consider the best route either in to or out of a legal situation. Settlement is always high on his priority list, to do the best for his clients both in terms of costs and pragmatism.

read more › Our partners have exceptional experience in all these areas. We assemble teams for commercial transactions and can integrate within existing projects to ensure our clients have the resources available to reach their commercial aims whilst keeping costs down. Strain Keville provides experienced solicitors in the centre of London who can take you through the pros and cons of starting a company, entering into a partnership or utilising an LLP. We advise domestic and international clientele to ensure the best structure for their financial and logistical circumstances.

read more › It is not necessary that they knew it to be true, but that they were reckless as to whether or not it was true. Reliance - If you do not place reliance on the statement, there is nothing to complain about. Each case must be handled carefully. Courts can take a very strict view on claims that someone has been fraudulent and it is a matter for us, professionally, to make sure a claim is as accurate as it can be before starting proceedings at court. The first place to start is your evidence: If you believe you have a claim, we need to make sure it can be proven.

read more › This is a wide area of law with several different elements and solutions. We have a great deal of experience in many areas from lease extensions to the purchase of a freehold. If you know the area you want to discuss, more information can be found in the subpages of this topic. If you need experienced advice on any landlord and tenant matter, please contact us and one of our specialist Property solicitors can advise on the area relevant to you. Our partners have exceptional experience in all these areas.

read more › Discrimination can be a very sensitive and emotive subject. We handle all claims with a high level of empathy that enables you to achieve your aims whilst guiding you through difficult discussions. Whether you are an employer or employee we take your concerns seriously and advise pragmatically as our aim is to reach the best conclusion for you and not to allow a genuine concern to get out of hand. Discrimination is a wide employment topic and can cover many areas. Please contact us and we can arrange for one of our specialist Discrimination solicitors to give you all of the information on your rights to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

read more › Wills are extremely important and necessary documents that are designed to distribute assets after death. It's not a scary thought to know your dependants are being cared for. Preparing a Will with us doesn't need to be time consuming and is not expensive however much we tailor your documents. We do not charge percentages of estate values for any of our work (including probate) and you will receive the work we carry out for the price we quote. We also have solicitors highly experienced in resolving disputes and litigation on probate matters providing practical and helpful advice on what can be a highly emotional matter.

read more › At Strain Keville, we believe international cooperation is vital to support our client's ambitions. Thanks to our extensive network with legal and non-legal firms, we have developed an International Desk covering Spain, Malta and Gibraltar, providing assistance to clients in these jurisdictions. Our International Desk works with local experts who speak the language and understand the cultural and legal issues, ensuring that clients receive support tailored to their needs. Not only does our International Desk cover legal services but we can also assist with other services such as residency, tax planning or starting a business in all of these countries.

read more › We pride ourselves on providing support to all of our clients, no matter what they are having to deal with. When people need support in a foreign country, it is important to have local knowledge and language skills to manage any situation well enough to achieve the best result. Whether we are helping a client with an international litigation issue or guiding their property purchase, we concentrate on providing the best service our clients are used to, with the legal and local knowledge of a Spanish speaker.

read more › From company formation to tax support, our ability to provide guidance in Gibraltar is unmatched in London. Our knowledge of the local area, teams and links with Gibraltar make the support we give to you well rounded and actually useful. Whether we are helping a client with an international litigation issue or guiding them through an ICO, we concentrate on providing the best service our clients are used to. We build our reputation on a foundation of good relationships, backed by good advice. Our Gibraltarian links are very strong and the relationships we have with a variety of teams is better than any we have come to know in London.

read more › Our team tracks and monitors time spent on your work and can update you on progress; just ask us for a breakdown. Litigation and some other areas are more difficult to budget for, but we provide regular costs updates and are always open to discussing budgets. Some of our clients have budgets from the outset and we work with them to manage those and the work as sensibly as possible. Projects that involve a number of clients can be funded as a group, considerably reducing costs. We do not charge X for work, and charge more when we know it should have been included anyway;.

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