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Reynolds Colman Bradley Reynolds Colman Bradley LLP is a specialist law firm with expertise in managing and resolving claims in the Insurance, Commercial and Construction sectors. RCB hope that you and your families are all keeping safe. The Law Society has provided a business continuity toolkit for solicitors. It provides useful guidance and a tool to determine a firm's eligibility for government support measures ensuring that law firms and practitioners maintain business continuity and cashflow.

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read more › Founded in 2003, Reynolds Colman Bradley LLP is a specialist dispute resolution business for insurance, commercial and construction clients. Situated in the heart of the London and Bristol insurance districts, our fee rates are on par with competitive regional law firms. Our Member Partners have, between them, over 100 years' experience in dispute resolution in both City law firms and in-house legal departments. The Firm's philosophy is to apply a commercial understanding to the resolution and adjustment of insurance claims; to assess the impact of business interruption risk to commercial disputes; and to articulate the need for risk assessment and commercial continuity in construction matters.

read more › We have experience claims handling professional indemnity claims for, inter alia, solicitors, accountants, medical practitioners and members of the construction industry. We have acted as TPA for both insurance companies and Lloyd's syndicates. In the unfortunate event that a notification cannot be speedily resolved and a claim develops, we can either ensure continuity of personnel by seeking instruction to be appointed to assist with investigation and resolution of the claim, or, if appropriate, work with a panel of Counsel and professional indemnity defence firms who will also bring their expertise in partnership with RCB.

read more › Our experience as a specialist TPA in solicitors and brokers claims is also available for general TPA claims liability for other specialist accounts. RCB Adjusting Services' skills include access for insured and broker clients, audit, revenue review, Panel management and strategy advice or reserved renewals, run-off and audit accountability within your preferred delegated limits.

read more › With a detailed understanding of the Lloyd's and company markets, our clients include Insurance Companies, Lloyd's syndicates, Coverholders, Brokers, Agencies, Corporate Policyholders and Professional Service Providers. We specialise in Error and Omissions, Coverage, Claims Handling, Construction, Cyber, Directors & Officers and Corporate Covers.

read more › RCB represent all classes of professional advisors. Whether facing allegations of malpractice or regulatory investigations, we supply succinct reporting to Insurers designed to drive claims to closure to the equal satisfaction of the Insured, while providing an intelligent analysis of the reserves recommended. Our success derives from our ability to concentrate on the big picture of coverage, appropriate reserving and strategy to resolution.

read more › We advise on the complex questions of coverage and wording, helping Insurers in deciding whether to decline a claim, avoid a policy or, alternatively, whether the only entitlement may be to damages or to a reduction in indemnity. We also recognise that continuity is important in business relationships. If you have a problem with a particular coverage point but wish to retain a valued relationship, RCB will negotiate the commercial outcome desirable by both parties. Otherwise we employ all dispute resolution techniques and will, as a matter of policy, consider and encourage mediation as the strategy for resolution.

read more › Traditional insurance claims handling can create a two-tier system of claims control, often causing tensions between underwriters, claims managers and their lawyers. We prefer to develop a blended claims solution that works in partnership with underwriters on product development or risk assessment. The difference between profit and loss in a competitive liability market often equates to the legal bills incurred by Claimants, met by Insurers and paid to Insurers' defence teams. The full reality of a liability account can also sometimes take several years to be revealed.

read more › RCB represent Stockbrokers, Fund Trustees and IFA's in formal proceedings, arbitration or through the involvement of regulatory and professional bodies such as the FSO or ICAEW. We have advised Insurers in the exposure of blanket notifications made by IFA's in the pension mis-selling review and more recently in the mass claims of endowment mortgage mis-selling. We also advise Insurers and Insured clients on the implications of the investigatory and sanction process available under Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

read more › RCB have developed both BTE and ATE legal expense policies including those written for some of the highest individual or aggregate indemnity limits. RCB also have worked on claims audit, claims control and insurance regulatory issues since before the introduction of the Legal Expenses Regulations 1990. We have experience of collective fee agreements backed by aggregate legal expenses policies, forensic claims enquiries and bespoke products for particular firms, risks or pieces of litigation. As well as assisting in developing specific products, RCB advise on the legal structures and management of claims including the establishment of panels, claims vetting and assessment, ongoing monitoring and the creation of profitable systems and procedures.

read more › RCB will act alongside Insured clients as members of a team deploying the flexibility required to deal with matters using commercial efficiency whilst having the experience to manage important and complex disputes. RCB personnel have acted for domestic airports, an irradiation processing plant and for transport companies in claims for breach of carriage actions.

read more › We have experience of defending claims on behalf of NHS Trusts from high value birthing injury claims to lower value claims arising from poor nursing care. We recognise the increasing challenges and pressures affecting the healthcare sector without losing sight of the fact that every claim affects the claimants and professionals involved in different ways. While the underlying principles of breach of duty, causation and loss underpin the investigation of any clinical negligence claims, our experience, more so in this sector that in others, is that (in keeping with the duty of candour) an early apology to the patient or recognition of the impact of the effect of poor standards of care can go a long way to minimizing harm and financial loss.

read more › Despite not being identified as a new breed of professional since the mid-1980's, it is only now that we are seeing a significant rise in claims made against IT developers and suppliers and consequently calls upon their professional indemnity suppliers. Notwithstanding the continued absence of any regulatory authority or code of conduct governing the working practises of IT professionals, the roles they play make them no less vulnerable to claims for malpractice than for other professionals with analogous responsibilities e.g., architects are akin to IT designers and programmers, construction project managers to IT managers and engineers to network solutions providers.

read more › While we advise on the rights and liabilities of partners, our strength lies in providing practical, confidential, commercial advice to existing partnerships concerning their intra-partner indemnities and liabilities to third parties. Partnerships change, incorporate or dissolve for a variety of reasons. When relations break down or liabilities are in dispute, partnership deeds all too rarely provide clarity for the new businesses which are to emerge from the old. Our aim is to negotiate, to clarify and to build a fair working solution to protect all concerned.

read more › Led by former QS, John Bradley, RCB's construction team consists of individuals with a working understanding of the industry. John also runs the Contractors Legal Group, the main umbrella association for major contractors. He also sits on the boards of JCT and Construction Industry Publications. Much emphasis is placed in resolving clients' disputes through Mediation, Adjudication or Arbitration. Where proceedings are threatened or necessary, we encourage resolution through the use of the Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes or simply through hard and tactical negotiation with or without expert evaluation.

read more › We represent clients in the Commercial, High, Mercantile and County Courts, from low value claims to claims worth in excess of 50 million, and from single claimant/single defendant matters to multi-party group litigation involving 700 parties. RCB is unusual for a City practice in that its personnel have gained broader experience in this area than comparable firms. We have successfully defended a variety of claims at trial where appropriate. RCB has an enviable trial record over the last 10 years and we have also dealt with a number of unreported county court cases.

read more › At RCB, we have been employing and advising on mediation since its introduction to the UK 20 years ago, working with leading mediation providers such as CEDR and IPOS and single, dedicated mediators. Member Partner Steven Reynolds was one of the first accredited mediators in the UK and all three member partners have conducted many mediations for clients. In addition, we also advise clients on other resolution methods of Expert Determination, Early Neutral Evaluation and the use of Dispute Review Boards.

read more › Arbitration clauses usually provide the mechanism for a final and binding resolution of all disputes arising between the parties to a contract. Managing Member Partner John Bradley has particular experience in representing clients at arbitration. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Advising on the incorporation of arbitration rules and recommending and selecting the nominating body. Preparing best practice protocols and review procedures to avoid, where possible, disputes arising or escalating into arbitration at all.

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