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Greenwoods G R M We have established bases in London, Cambridge and Peterborough together with international specialisms. Our firm's quality is reinforced by strong "best friend" referral relationships with a number of City firms. We offer to the lawyers who work with us high-quality, interesting work, along with a real focus on work-life balance. This means we attract and retain exceptional lawyers - and our clients benefit significantly as a result.

Through the GRM history, Greenwoods GRM dates back to 1784, and can claim four past Law Society Presidents and to have drawn up the laws of Rugby Union. Our firm's ethos is simple. We employ technically astute lawyers to provide focused, pragmatic straightforward advice based on a clear understanding of client objectives. Through putting clients at the heart of what we do, being team players and managing our business well we deliver a seamless, high quality service.

This is what makes us different. We are lawyers you'll enjoy working with. We have an ethos of community involvement and support many members of the Greenwoods GRM team who are involved in a range of community, social and environmental initiatives.

read more › Corporate & Commercial at Greenwoods GRM brings together the collective experience of our corporate, commercial, and restructuring experts. Our clients rely on the depth and breadth of that expertise and appreciate our commitment, technical excellence and constructive approach to finding solutions and completing the transactions we work on. We advise individuals and corporates across a broad spectrum of specialisms. These are listed to the side and provide a summary of our main areas of work. If there is anything not listed here, please get in touch.

read more › In one of the most significant decisions in the UK's history, the vote to leave the European Union produces both opportunities and threats for many businesses, whether trading at home or abroad. There continue to be so many uncertainties around Brexit - how it will be implemented and the effects it will have - but we will do our best to keep you updated with relevant developments in relation to laws that might affect you. Here at Greenwoods GRM, we want to ensure dedicated support to clients during this transition.

read more › A business's ability to use and manipulate the information that it holds is increasingly associated with its profitability and long term success. Personal data is everywhere. It underpins almost everything you are trying to do. A rapidly expanding network of data privacy and e-privacy law (domestic, continental and global) means that the rules governing how you can use personal data are increasingly complex. Whether you want to monetise personal data for commercial objectives or adhere to the highest standards of compliance for the people you interact with, our expert data privacy lawyers are here to help.

read more › Disputes are always disruptive and can sometimes threaten the viability of a business. We advise on dispute avoidance as well as representing a wide range of businesses in the pursuit or defence of claims. We want to help you avoid problems, so it is best to get us involved as early as possible. Our commercially astute dispute resolution lawyers are experienced, exceptionally skilled and focused to achieve the best solution. The size and talent of our team means we can deal with a wide range of national and cross-border disputes cost effectively.

read more › We advise companies and directors on corporate compliance and where litigation is unavoidable we offer rigorous defence strategies tailored to meet business needs. Our Regulatory team lead, Kathryn Gilbertson, has been described as a 'leading light' in the sector. We provide clients with a "route map" through the laws that affect their businesses. This approach allows them to achieve compliance without restricting their corporate goals. We give time critical advice and practical solutions to businesses when the Environment Agency (EA); Food Standards Agency (FSA); Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA); Groceries Code Adjudicator; Health and Safety Executive (HSE); and Local Authority enforcement officers such as the Trading Standards Officer (TSO) attend site.

read more › We understand the need for practical solutions to property issues to be delivered promptly. We are well known for being adept at combining strong technical skills with a commercial approach. We advise clients on a wide range of transactions involving the ownership and development of both freehold and leasehold land and buildings. Matters can involve individual properties, portfolios (residential, commercial and mixed use), chains of stores, premises for larger companies and corporations and major development projects.

read more › Working closely with our property, corporate and regulatory groups, we provide you with a seamless service from project inception to completion (and beyond). Our responsive and commercial construction team is involved in major construction projects in the UK and internationally. We act for all sides of the industry including major contractors and sub-contractors, SME builders, private individuals, developers, educational institutions, professionals, housing associations and trade federations. This helps the team to see a project from all angles and as a result the team has a good perspective for moving projects forward.

read more › We have a strong and long-established reputation for advising individuals on issues such as succession, tax, and buying and selling property. We advise a wide range of clients from individuals, trustees, landowners and business owners who may have assets in the UK or abroad. We offer clear and practical advice for you, your family and your business to help you achieve your aims. A dedicated professional will take the time to get to know you and your concerns and provide personal and bespoke solutions to simple and complex situations.

read more › As solicitors who execute Wills, we are identified by the government as key workers. As a result, our Wealth Preservation team continues to provide advice to individuals on the preparation of their Wills, lasting powers of attorney and the administration of estates. We have adapted our working practices to enable you to continue to access our services whilst protecting everyone's wellbeing. Please contact us initially by telephone to discuss your requirements. We will then determine the best way for you to provide your instructions, reflecting government guidance.

read more › Making a Will is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make, whether that's making one for the first time or reviewing and updating an old one. Dying without a Will, intestacy, means that the state decides who gets what and this is unlikely to be what you would choose to happen. As family arrangements become more diverse this can increase the risk of claims being made against your estate which leads to delay and increased cost. We guide you through the process, advising on each step.

read more › With careful planning and regular reviews during your lifetime, we can help you to minimise the tax payable on your death and maximise the amount you leave to your loved ones. Inheritance tax is usually paid on an estate when someone dies, but it can also be payable on trusts or gifts made during a person's lifetime. There is a range of exemptions and reliefs from inheritance tax and we can assist you in structuring your affairs to make the most of these. Inheritance Tax may not be a concern for you if the value of your estate is below the nil rate band of 325,000 (which is taxed at 0%).

read more › We are specialists in the field of tax planning, supporting clients with issues that arise both during your lifetime and when drafting your will. Our lawyers are highly experienced and provide a professional yet friendly and personal service; our concern is to ensure that each individual has appropriate and ongoing support and advice in respect of the management of their affairs. We also have links with a number of excellent Independent Financial Advisers to whom we can confidently refer clients in need of financial and tax products and/or general financial advice.

read more › Our experienced team advises on all aspects of trusts including creation, use, variation and termination. Our trusts range from small trusts, perhaps to benefit disabled children, to large trusts to protect family wealth. Our clients are UK and non-UK resident and include private individuals, corporates and international families. We ensure the trust is compliant with the ever-increasing amount of regulation, appropriate taxes are paid at the right time and payments to beneficiaries are made subject to the terms of the trust.

read more › Administering the estate of a loved one can be a daunting prospect, at what may already be an emotionally challenging time. With our sympathetic approach and technical expertise, we aim to ease the burden by assisting and guiding you through what can otherwise be a time consuming, stressful and complex process. We ensure the estate is administered sensitively and efficiently. Whilst it is possible to administer an estate without professional advice, people often find it more time consuming and more complicated than they originally anticipated.

read more › Being unable to make financial or health decisions for yourself is not something any of us wants to face. However, accidents, sudden illness or age-related disease can result in a temporary or permanent loss of physical or mental capacity. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney provides you with the reassurance that people you trust to look after or assist you, have the legal authority to do so. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is a proactive step you can take to appoint an individual who can make decisions on your behalf.

read more › Whether you are experienced in buying and selling residential property or are contemplating your first transaction, our team can help you. Conveyancing services selected on price alone may not always provide the thoroughness and attention to detail required when embarking upon what, for most people, is their most significant investment. Our specialist residential conveyancing team can ensure that your property transaction progresses speedily to a satisfactory conclusion, with all the 'loose ends' taken care of along the way.

read more › The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners ('STEP') is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. Most of our senior solicitors are full members of STEP. This means they have undertaken further qualifications in the specialist areas of estate administration, trust administration, taxation of trusts and estates and trust and estate accounting. Full STEP members are known as TEPs (Trust and Estate Practitioners). They are internationally recognised as experts in their field, with specialist, proven qualifications and experience.

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