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At Owens Solicitors, our aim is to support you to achieve your emotional, financial and personal needs, goals and legal requirements in a positive and productive manner. Relationship and family issues can be emotionally and financially draining, that's why it is important to choose an experienced family solicitor who understands your situation, is sensitive to your case and is on-hand when needed.

We understand how stressful the immigration process can be and work hard to make it as simple as possible. With over a decade's experience, we can provide you with the effective legal advice you need to maximise your chance of success. A well-drafted Will gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes will be carried out and your loved ones provided for.

Our team can advise you on Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Administration of Estates. Owens Solicitors can advise you on Family Law, Wills & Probate or Immigration legal matters and are committed to developing long-lasting relationships and providing outstanding client care.

read more › I am a qualified Solicitor and Managing Partner of Owens Solicitors. Yomi has specialised in divorce and family law for over 13 years. Her clients come from a range of backgrounds and she adapts her approach to their particular needs and circumstances, whilst ensuring that common sense is applied alongside the law. Yomi represents clients in complex children cases, including those with an international aspect, or involving social services and is experienced in dealing with emergency matters at short notice.

read more › Our client was estranged from the mother of his children but they had joint parental responsibility. His ex-partner took his two children on a 'holiday' to Europe, but once there, she informed him that she was not going to return and the children were going to stay with her. Technically this amounted to child abduction under the Hague Convention. We made applications to Courts in the foreign jurisdiction and also the High Court to obtain an order to return the children. Once the children were back in the UK, we filed a child arrangements order (formerly a residence order) that reversed the children's residence and put them into the care of their father.

read more › Providing our clients with the highest levels of care and professionalism has always been at the heart of what Owens Solicitors do and accreditations and awards are one example of our commitment to delivering a quality service. Owens Solicitors has been awarded the Lexcel Practice Management accreditation by The Law Society which is only given to solicitors who meet the highest management and client care standards. We are authorised under the Legal Services Act and therefore carry much higher professional indemnity insurance than non-authorised firms for your peace of mind.

read more › Relationship and family issues can be both emotionally and financially draining, that's why it is important to choose an experienced family solicitor who understands your situation, is sensitive to your case and is on-hand when needed. At Owens Solicitors, our aim is to support you to achieve your emotional, financial and personal needs, goals and requirements in a positive and productive way to help you to quickly move on with your life. At an initial meeting, we can discuss and help to assess your individual situation and provide clear and practical advice on a way forward that will achieve the best outcome for you while helping to carefully manage costs.

read more › The breakdown of a relationship, such as divorce and separation, is painful and stressful and the associated financial settlements can be an absolute minefield. We can help you through this difficult time and assist you in achieving the best outcomes for you and your particular circumstances. We pride ourselves on being proactive in terms of progressing your divorce and separation along with being friendly and having a down to earth manner. Our experienced Family Lawyers have assisted many individuals in Luton, Dunstable and throughout Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire with sensible advice in relation to divorce and separation.

read more › Getting divorced can generate high levels of uncertainty and financial stress, as it impacts on all areas of your life, from living arrangements to assets and pensions. Separating your finances and reaching an agreement could take some time, and this is where we can advise and guide you through the process. We have extensive experience in dealing with the financial consequences of relationship breakdowns and as a result, can quickly and impartially ascertain what could be considered fair and reasonable to help you make informed and realistic decisions when negotiating a financial settlement.

read more › The welfare of any children is of paramount importance when a marriage or relationship breaks down. We can advise you on the best course of action to try and maintain vital family relationships. We will work with you to try and reach an agreement with the other parent but if this is not possible then we will apply to the court to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your children. A Testamentary Guardianship refers to the process whereby a guardian is appointed for a child (under the age of 18) by the parent(s) in the event of their death.

read more › The "common law marriage" is a complete myth. When unmarried couples choose to live together, they are often unaware that the law, upon separation, does not provide for them financially in the same way as it does for civil partners and married couples. You are best advised to enter into an agreement when you start cohabitating together or during your engagement to provide you with certainty as to how your assets are likely to be divided in the event of the relationship breaking down. You can then enjoy your new relationship knowing that your position is secure and you have done all you can to protect your position.

read more › For most parents, it is important that they have parental responsibility for their child, meaning they have the right to make legal decisions for that child, including decisions relating to their education, religion, medical treatment and name. For unmarried couples, the birth mother automatically has parental responsibility for a child but it is more complicated for the father. When an unmarried father does not have parental responsibility, the mother does not have to consult with him when making decisions for a child e.g.

read more › If you are concerned that a child has been abducted or maybe about to then you must take urgent steps to protect your child. This is an extremely complicated and specialist area of law and you are best advised to instruct a Solicitor who is an expert in this field. Applying for a Prohibited Steps Order (PSO) to stop your child from being taken abroad Alerting the tip staff office. Referring you to the appropriate services if your child has already been taken abroad without your consent. The managing partner Yomi Oni-Williams is experienced in advising on children's matters with an international element.

read more › If you are the victim of physical or verbal violence it can be a very frightening time and we understand you need assistance quickly to help you get out of the situation. We can advise on all abuse matters, from those involving verbal threats to actual physical violence, to ensure that you get a rapid solution to your domestic abuse situation. We are experienced in making applications to the Family and Civil Courts for a range of matters, including orders to decide where children should live to protect them from domestic abuse and injunctions to prevent harassment.

read more › The law surrounding adoption either from the UK or internationally is very specialised and complex. A child who is adopted becomes a legal member of their new family and stops being a member of their birth family. We can help you ensure that you fully understand all of your rights and obligations from the start of this process. It is a life-changing process for all involved and because of that there are many safeguards built in for the protection of the child(ren) involved and the welfare of the child is paramount.

read more › We understand how stressful the immigration process can be and work hard to make it as simple as possible for you. We have over a decade's experience in this specialist area of law and can provide you with the clear and effective advice you need to maximise your chance of success. Whether you're think of moving to the UK soon or already in the UK, at Owens Solicitors we will get to know you and your plans for the future so we can help you achieve your ambitions in the UK. Choosing the right visa and proving your eligibility can be difficult, particularly if you want to work in the UK and have your family with you.

read more › We specialise in assisting individuals and businesses with immigration advice on matters such as entry visas, work permit applications, sponsors licences, extensions and compliance matters. The law is constantly changing and it is hard to understand the legislation around commercial immigration. Our expertise means we can save you time, effort and money by ensuring you get on the right path from the outset. We understand that you may need to recruit talent by employing foreign nationals from inside and outside of the EU and we can guide you through the process, applications and compliance issues.

read more › If you wish to study in the UK we can assist you in making the relevant application for Entry Clearance from abroad or make an application for leave to remain from within the UK. If you are over 18 and wish to study in the UK and you have secured a place at a Tier 4 sponsored institution you must ensure that you have the correct visas in place. Rules governing students are very complex and strict and you will need specialist immigration advice to ensure that you can carry out your studies in the UK.

read more › Becoming a British citizen means having full rights to live and work in the UK. For many people, it is the result of years of hard work and contribution to British society. To ensure an application is successful, it is important to understand and satisfy all of the application requirements. You have not travelled extensively outside of the UK within the past year, except for holidays. If your spouse or civil partner is a British citizen and you have lived legally in the UK for 5 years, you are entitled to ask for British citizenship, subject to proving your knowledge of English and the UK way of life and showing that you are of good character.

read more › Leave to Remain is the status which is granted to someone who would not otherwise have the right to stay and/or work or study in the UK. It can be limited, discretionary or indefinite. Limited Leave to Remain is granted by application. Once you reach the end of the time permitted by the visa, you must either leave the country or apply for an extension. Renewal is generally required every 30 months. Limited leave usually means that access to benefits such as payments and healthcare is prohibited, referred to as limited leave to remain with no recourse to public funds.

read more › Choosing the right visa and proving your eligibility can be difficult, particularly if you want to work in the UK and have your family with you. If you come to the UK with the wrong visa or stay here once your visa has expired, you risk being deported. There can be devastating long term consequences that can affect you and your family if your application fails. We can support and guide you through the entire process, explaining the possible outcomes and fight on your behalf. If your Spouse, Civil Partner or Partner is a British Citizen or settled in the UK, you can apply to join them by applying for a Spouse/Civil Partner/Unmarried Partner Visa which if granted will allow you initial residence in the UK for 30 months.

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