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Bright Legal Solicitors A brilliant and compassionate service. When we were being messed around by our chosen solicitor elsewhere, Bright Legal was able to step in and ensure we received our desired outcome. Parvien represented me today in a complex family matter regarding a child arrangement order. She was confident and clear about the approach. It was a good outcome today - thank you kindly for a great job.

Parvien at Bright Legal has done so much for me. She has sorted my child's contract court order as well as a financial settlement and divorce. She is an amazingly strong character and gave me the confidence to get all the above done.

read more › Parvien qualified as a solicitor in 1998 after completing her training contract in central London. Parvien is the founding director of Bright Legal and set up her first law firm (Queen Solicitors) in 2002 which merged with a top 100 law firm in 2010. Parvien leads the firm's Dispute Resolution team. She also has a strong client following in family law, commercial property, and conveyancing. Farida Khan graduated from De Montfort University and completed her Legal Practice Course in 2007 and then went on to complete her Masters in Law.

read more › We offer a specialist and expert service to clients who are going through divorce and separation issues. Whether you are facing divorce, separation, or any other family law issues, we can help you through what can often be a distressing and confusing time. We offer a practical and sympathetic service tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements.

read more › Our solicitors are experts in child and family law - we can help with a range of issues relating to child custody following relationship separation and divorce. In case of divorce or separation you and your partner will have to make arrangements for your children. If you are unable to agree on these arrangements then you can either mediate or resort to the courts to decide. Any judgements that the courts make will always be based on the best interests of the children and they will often seek help in coming to a decision from third parties such as CAFCASS, independent guardians and lawyers appointed to represent the children.

read more › We can provide leading advice on cohabitation agreements and assist in avoiding arguments between cohabiting couples when relationships break down. Cohabitation is where two people decide to live together outside of marriage. Whilst there can be advantages to cohabitation it leaves both parties without much legal protection in the case of separation or in the event one partner dies. Cohabitation rights are patchy and complex and the law that applies to disputes can be difficult to apply. That's why it is important for both parties to get expert help in drawing up a prenuptial agreement.

read more › Bright Legal's expert team are here to help you handle a divorce financial settlement and the division of assests as successful and stress-free as possible. Here at Bright Legal Solicitors we specialise in divorce financial settlements to get the best deal for you. Depending on the length of your marriage you may be entitled to your spouse's property and assets. Our partner level solicitors will represent your interests in acquiring the best possible financial deal. If children are involved then the courts will prioritise their welfare as any part of the financial agreement, so it's important to use genuine expertise to present your case.

read more › Our specialist divorce lawyers based in Leicester and Birmingham are highly experienced in solving legal problems caused by a marriage or relationship breaks down, including divorce and civil partnership dissolution. Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. It involves the splitting of assets, finances, pensions, ownership of the family home, custody of children, maintenance payments. These are complicated legal issues that often end up in the courts for judges to decide on. At Bright Legal Solicitors you will be represented by a PARTNER level lawyer with over 20 years of in depth divorce experience to get the best deal for you.

read more › A prenuptial agreement is a document signed by a couple prior to marriage that sets out what will happen to property, assets, liabilities, and income in the case that the marriage ends. It is an important document which our experts will draw up in order to protect your future. If one party is very wealthy and would probably be called upon to support the other, what that support would mean in practice - a lump sum, a trust, provision of property, etc. An agreement not to share out a particular asset, for example, a property or business owned prior to the relationship.

read more › We are leading Immigration Solicitors with a consistently strong success rate in complex immigration applications and appeals. Immigration law is complicated and constantly changing, often at short notice, so it is essential that you seek legal advice from a specialist immigration solicitor as soon as possible. We offer straightforward advice and practical solutions to your individual circumstances. For companies and individuals alike, we help make applications for permission to live and work in the UK clear and manageable.

read more › We understand that suffering personal injury through an accident that was someone else's fault leads to a distressing and difficult time for you and your family. Here at Bright Legal, we advise on all types of Personal Injury nationwide. Our specialist personal injury lawyers are here to help you and your family. Our lead lawyer has recovered tens of millions of pounds in compensation for his clients. Whilst supporting you and your family with recovery, we will also try to help you gain access to the best medical care and rehabilitation to help you recover.

read more › If you have suffered injury as a result of road accident whether it be whilst driving, as a passenger, as a pedestrian, on a motor bike or as a cyclist you maybe entitled to compensation. There are hundreds of thousands of road accidents each year that result in personal injury and you maybe able to claim compensation for :. Our lawyers have decades of experience with road and traffic accidents and getting compensation for our clients. We will give you a fixed fee consultation where you will receive expert independent advice and an expectation of the likelihood of success for your claim.

read more › Work related illness is a serious issue and many people suffer in silence. Your employer, whoever that may be, has a legal obligation to keep you safe at work. If those working condition legal obligations were not met, and your health has subsequently suffered, then under the law you are allowed to claim for compensation. There is an endless list of the types of illnesses caused by sub standard working conditions that do not comply to Health and Safety Regulations. The lists go on. However, whatever illness you suffer from that is due to your working conditions not complying with Health and Safety Laws you will be able to claim compensation from you employer.

read more › Slip, Trip & Fall Compensation Claims for accidents at work, on holiday or in public places. Whether you have suffered from an accident at work, on holiday or in a public place Bright Legal Solicitors have a specialised team of expert Personal Injury lawyers who will represent your best interests, fight your case and get you the compensation that the law provides for. Slips, trips, and accidents in the workplace, public places or even abroad, can cause pain, suffering and even have life changing consequences.

read more › Whilst illness can be a normal part of life, every year millions of people in the UK suffer from illness which is not their fault. These illnesses can be caused by consuming contaminated food and drink or from swimming pools, hotels and spas. Our leading experts have recovered millions of pounds for people who have suffered illness due to negligence. At Bright Legal we have PI lawyers that have unrivalled expertise in recovering damages for people who have suffered illness through the neglect of others.

read more › If a person dies due to an injury or illness caused by the negligence of another person(s) or company a claim can be made within 3 years of the death or from the time you realised that an injury or illness caused by a third party resulted in the death of a loved one. If the deceased had a will then typically the executor of the estate will make the claim. If there is no will then the administrator of the estate can make a claim. If neither the executor or administrator make a claim then the dependents of the deceased may be able to claim.

read more › Quite often people will injure themselves whilst playing sport and it's nobody's fault. However when people sustain an injury playing sport due to the negligence of somebody else then they may be able to claim compensation. People often get injured in the gym and the owners have a responsibility to train gym users on how to use their equipment. In addition gym equipment must be adequately maintained. Horse riding can be a dangerous sport and if a rider has an accident caused by other riders, the horse owners or road users then you may be able to make a claim.

read more › Research has shown that the anxiety of moving houses is one of the most stressful events in life. Buying or selling a property is fraught with complications and potential pitfalls, and if you're buying and selling those complications are doubled. Our conveyancing team have been helping clients buy and sell houses for many years, so they know what it takes to get things right for you. We understand how demanding the process can be and we are there to help you along the way. We are known for our personal and professional approach, and we never lose sight of the critical nature behind the transaction.

read more › Our expert lawyers have over 20 years of experience within the field of wills and probate work. We can prepare your will, advise, guide and manage the whole process through to probate and execution of your will to ensure that your wishes are followed. In spite of our expertise our pricing model is one of the most competitive in the market place, so give us call and find our how we can help you and your family going forwards. Bright Legal provides expert legal advice and assistance on all aspects of private client law, including:.

read more › Such disputes are likely to be a drain on any business resources, especially without the right support and advice. Our team of leading commercial lawyers are able to provide you with commercially viable solutions if you are facing such a dispute. Our commercial litigation team can help you gain the best outcome for you business when issues arise. Our litigators are renowned for our strategic approach and are a dynamic, cutting edge firm providing tailor made offering with a clear budget and strong communication.

read more › We know that every business is unique and we work closely with you to ensure that the deal is structured in a way that best meets your needs. Whether you are a landlord of a million-pound property, or a tenant of a grocery store, we can advise you of your rights and obligations and ensure your interests are protected.

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