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UK Visa Xpats UK Visa Xpats is a global mobility and immigration law firm offering professional advice and support with UK Visas/Immigration applications/International nursing relocation services, Canadian immigration application, Schengen visas and UK educational solutions. We have a proven track record of successful applications.

Our dedicated team of immigration lawyers/relocation specialists have helped thousands of applicants in the UK and abroad to obtain their visas, employment and educational solutions by providing competent and honest advice and immigration services.At UK Visa Xpats, we provide a personal and dedicated professional service. We believe that an honest and accurate advice should set the basis of our relationship.

All our clients are treated as individuals and all cases are handled with strict confidentiality. We are open and honest about our fees and you will always pay a fixed fee for the service provided. You will never be charged more than the fee quoted. Our network of specialist lawyers and relocation specialists will work with you to ensure your case is given the utmost attention it deserves, consequently, resulting in a successful application.

read more › Our aim is to consistently provide our clients with an exceptional level of client care, professionalism and expertise. Our approach is to offer services that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual client at the most cost-effective price. We are leaders in UK Visa & Immigration Law, Canadian Immigration, Schengen Visa and International Nursing Relocation Services. Our specialisation in these areas have enabled us to establish a profound knowledge of the dynamics of the law and its practical application in these practice areas.

read more › Are you a foreign qualified nurse looking to work in the UK? You have just come to the right site. The UK's largest employer of nurses, National Health Service (NHS) is currently experiencing a huge shortage of qualified professionals like you. According to statistics, the National Health Service in England deals with over 1million patients every 36 hours and currently requires competent nurses who can provide health services in an efficient, prompt and professional manner. The urgent need for qualified nurses in the UK cannot be over emphasised, without their presence, doctors or even dentists are unable to provide full services.

read more › Canada grants permanent residence status to foreign nationals emigrating to join a spouse, relative or partner through the Family Class visa. The sponsoring permanent resident must be over 18 years old, must be living in Canada and willing to sponsor the family member applying. If you have a child or grandchild who is a legal resident of Canada, dependant visas may allow you to visit for as much as 24 months at a time. The 'super visa' is valid for up to 10 years and can benefit even those visitors who do not need visas to enter Canada.

read more › Are you thinking of moving to Canada? You 've just arrived at the right site. UK Visa Xpats (UVX) is a leading specialist immigration, visas and global mobility focused law firm. Our team of immigration experts can advise you on any matter relating to travelling or immigrating to Canada, as well as finding educational or employment opportunities in any of the provinces. The decision to immigrate is never a small one. Let us help you make the right choices for the right reasons. Assessment: UK Visa Xpats provides an in-depth assessment of your eligibility, clearly outlining both temporary and permanent options.

read more › The skilled worker visa program allows the immigration of the worker's spouse or unmarried partner as well as any unmarried children under 22 years old. Contact us and we can assess your situation and determine whether you qualify for a skilled worker visa and get your paperwork started. The Federal Skilled Trades program allows individuals with job offers or appropriate certification to work in certain occupations to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency in any Canadian Province or Territory other than Quebec.

read more › Studying in Canada for more than 6 months generally requires a study permit. Once you have one, though, you won't always need a separate work permit to take a job. During your studies you can work part time but the best part is that after your studies you can stay for the length of the course. For example, if you have a one year study visa you can stay for a further year to live and work in Canada after completion of your studies. During this year if your employer decides to sponsor you and why not if you are a hard worker, you can secure a work permit leading to residency.

read more › The Canadian government has a work and travel abroad initiative called International Experience Canada. This visa category allows non-Canadians between the ages of 18 and 30 to travel and work in Canada for a limited period. We have helped many people like you live and work in Canada. Our experience securing International Experience Class visas means your case is in safe hands. We aim to secure your visa in a quick and hassle-free way. Most people who are refused or simply not selected from the pool of applicants, fail due to an error in their online submission, or by failing to apply the relevant Canadian law when tailoring their application.

read more › We understand that applying for an EEA Family Permit is a life changing event. That's why we have specialist Immigration Lawyers waiting to help you with the complex rules and regulations of the application process. An EEA Family Permit enables family members and extended family members of an EEA national to come to the UK with a view to living with the EEA national. At UK Visa Xpats we understand the different complications that often occur whilst an individual is making an EEA Family Permit application which is why we have a specialist EEA Family Permit department consisting of trusted UK Immigration Lawyers all of whom have a wealth of experience in making successful applications through the EEA Family Permit route.

read more › We understand that applying for a UK Student Visa is a life changing event. That's why we have specialist Immigration Lawyers waiting to help you with the complex rules and regulations of the application process. We also operate a No Visa, No Fee Service on some categories, call us now 0203 105 8094 to see if you are eligible. A Student Visit Visa allows foreign born nationals living outside of the UK, the opportunity to undertake a short course of study in the UK (such as a beginner's English Language Course).

read more › Fiance visa allows the fiance of a British citizen or a person with an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), refugee or humanitarian protection to join their fiance in the UK. This type of visa allows a foreign national to join their fiance in the UK for up to 6 months with a view to getting married. An application should be made within the UK after your wedding ceremony for a spouse visa. A successful spouse visa application will enable you to live with your partner in the UK for at least 30 months.

read more › Are you confused by UK Immigration law? Do you need expert help or advice? Our UK immigration specialists can advise you on all UK visa and immigration matters, from UK visa refusals to UK visa applications. At UK Visa Xpats our UK Immigration specialists are experts in finding effective solutions for all UK Immigration issues. In order to get the best advice from one of our immigration experts, you will need to book a consultation. We are confident of giving you the best advice in light of your circumstances.

read more › Whether you are travelling to one country or all of them, your Schengen Visa must be processed at the embassy of the country which is your main or first destination. You do not need this visa if you are a holder of an EU passport (this also applies to Citizens of Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania), or a residence permit holder of a Schengen State (an entitlement of up to three months stay). During the process of your Schengen Visa application, a dedicated visa consultant will be in touch to help and support you and answer any questions you may have.

read more › UK Visa Xpats is a specialist Immigration & Migration Law Firm. We support clients both nationwide and internationally. We will assign to you one of our specialist Lawyers who will support you from start to the end of your immigration/migration journey. If you wish to see a representative, please be advised that you need to book an appointment prior to visiting our office. A Specialist Immigration/Migration Expert will assess your case and contact you to discuss further about your case. Alternatively, you can call us directly on the telephone number provided above.

read more › Our experience with the ukvisaexpats team is one to be greatly commended! The guidance, the service, the packaging of our document and finally, the quick response received which surprised everyone around us. And now, I am happily in the UK with my husband and have received my residence and work permit. After a couple of years of failed Visa applications for my wife I approached Ola at visa XPATS.

read more › We used ukvisaxpats services and was very pleased with the way they dealt with our case, with precision, efficiency and professionalism. I would most certainly recommend ukvisaxpats to anyone who may require such professional help. The staff are really pleasant and makes you feel welcoming. After a couple of years of failed Visa applications for my wife I approached Ola at visa XPATS.

read more › After a couple of years of failed Visa applications for my wife I approached Ola at visa XPATS. From the onset he was extremely clear and thorough as to a way forward. So much so that I knew, immediately, that I had to employ him. Through out the process Ola was diligent and supportive. He was always ready with answers to any and all questions. Due to his thorough efforts my wife and I attained her spousal Visa and she has now joined me in the UK. I could write another paragraph praising Ola's efforts, however, I'll simply say.

read more › I found UK Visa Xpats and Ola to have done a stellar job on my behalf with the complicated process my situation required. He was always pro active making the benchmarks we had. I have referred others to this business and have had all good remarks. After a couple of years of failed Visa applications for my wife I approached Ola at visa XPATS.

read more › UK visaxpats services was excellent and helpful in every way. I will strongly recommend anyone with immigration issue to contact them for solutions, because they give you courage and did an excellent job for me and helped me gain UK status. After a couple of years of failed Visa applications for my wife I approached Ola at visa XPATS.

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