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Thompson Family Law Thompson Family Law Solicitors is a modern solicitors practice based in Glasgow, with an office in Coatbridge, servicing the whole of Scotland from the Highlands and Islands to the Scottish Borders. We pride ourselves on operating a modern way of working, including an entirely paperless office. We offer expert legal advice throughout Scotland with our offices based in Glasgow and Coatbridge.

We specialise in Family Law, Civil Law, Conveyancing, Executry (Probate) and we also offer Legal Aid to our clients if they qualify. You can find out more about our team of solicitors here. Our expertise in what we do means we can quickly and efficiently identify the legal problem in even the most complex of cases. Get in touch with one of our solicitors to find out how we can help you.

read more › We are a family run law firm based in Glasgow, with an office in Coatbridge, servicing the whole of Scotland from the Highlands and Islands to the Scottish Borders. Our vision is simple. We want to offer clients a high quality and affordable legal service. Private Client (Wills, Executry, Power of Attorney, Guardianship) Family Law, Civil Law, Conveyancing Lawyers. Our services include a range of Private Client services including Power of Attorney, Guardianships and a comprehensive Wills and Executry service.

read more › Michael Thompson is the founder of Thompson Family Law. Michael gained his LLB and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Strathclyde. Michael also holds an honours degree in Pharmacology and Immunology and worked in the Semi- Conductor Industry for ten years prior to entering the legal profession. Whilst attaining the LLB and Diploma, Michael was employed as a consultant by an internationally renowned Semi-Conductor Manufacturer reporting directly to the European Director of the company; and spending two days per week in Amsterdam.

read more › Gary Thompson is a consultant with Thompson Family Law. Gary gained his LLB and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Strathclyde. During Gary's time at University, he was involved with the Strathclyde University Law Clinic, which provided free advice to clients who did not qualify for Legal Aid and could not afford a solicitor. Gary also holds a BSc in Computing and previously worked in IT and Marketing prior to entering the legal profession. Gary has substantial experience in dealing with complex cases and regularly appears in cases as a solicitor against counsel known as a barrister in England.

read more › Sylvia gained her LLB and Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Glasgow. She is a consultant with the firm. She trained in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and gained experience in various firms before becoming an associate solicitor with Finlayson Wise for over 12 years. She specialises in Conveyancing and has over 20 years experience in this field. Her caseload also includes Wills, Executries and Powers of Attorney. In addition she tutors in Conveyancing and Private Client at the University of Glasgow and has done so for a number of years.

read more › A solicitor and Notary Public, Johnny attained his LLB and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Strathclyde before completing his traineeship with the firm. Johnny enjoys a varied caseload spanning Civil Litigation, Grounds of Referral, Permanence and Adoption matters. He and has represented clients at Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland including the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands, evidenced by Johnny having represented clients at 28 separate Sheriff Courts during his time with the firm, as well as the Sheriff Appeal Court in Edinburgh.

read more › Abby is a Solicitor within our firm after graduating from the University of Strathclyde in 2015 with an LLB. She then completed the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, also at Strathclyde University and particularly enjoyed the mediation elective within the Diploma. Abby has a keen interest in family law and in particular, divorce and contact cases, however, has gained exposure to a wide range of family law matters and other civil matters such as personal injury, medical negligence and interdict during her time at the firm.

read more › Claudia is a solicitor within our firm after attaining her LLB (Hons) Degree from the University of Strathclyde in 2016. She then completed the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice in 2017 whilst working as a paralegal with the firm. The experience of working in a paralegal capacity enabled Claudia to accelerate the traineeship requirements.

read more › In deciding whether to instruct a solicitor, the cost of the service is, of course, very important but it is also important that you have every confidence that your solicitor has the relevant experience to assist you. In Scotland, the Scottish Court Service reports cases which are of some note or complexity. Solicitors at Thompson Family Law have a number of reported cases which are of legal significance and complexity. It is important to know that when you instruct a solicitor in a complex legal matter, they have the track record and ability to deal with the cases.

read more › We are a family run law firm based in Glasgow, with an office in Coatbridge, servicing the whole of Scotland from the Highlands and Islands to the Scottish Borders. Our vision is simple. We want to offer clients a high quality and affordable legal service. When family issues arise, we understand it can be a highly stressful period for everyone. Our solicitors are highly experienced in the family law field, and with our knowledge in the field we take pride in providing legal solutions quickly, efficiently meaning we can provide an affordable service that never compromises on quality.

read more › It is a reality today that a large number of marriages end in divorce. At this difficult time, there are many practical issues to be resolved. We understand your family's well-being is important to you, and it is also vital that appropriate arrangements are put in place to care for any children of the marriage, and that financial and property affairs are carefully managed to reduce conflict and problems further down the line. Our highly skilled and experienced divorce solicitors can assist you with the full range of family law solutions surrounding divorce and separation including advice regarding your children, financial provision, aliment, and separation agreements, helping you and your family move forward at what can be a highly stressful time for everyone.

read more › The nature of a modern relationship is that people's lives become entwined, not only on an emotional level, but on a financial one. This means that when people separate, there could be a great number of financial arrangements to be made and issues to resolve. Disputes can naturally arise as a result. When it comes to disputes about the care of children following separation, our expert Family Law solicitors can help you. We can also assist you to make arrangements for financial matters following separation.

read more › An increasing number of couples are choosing to live together for significant periods of time without getting married. As the number of cohabiting couples rise, it was felt by the Scottish Government that the Law needed to offer some protection to both individuals who chose to live together. The Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 made changes to the law to reflect the increasing number of cohabiting couples who choose not to get married. Section 28 of the 2006 Act introduced to Scotland the right of the Cohabitee on separation to make a financial claim against the other partner.

read more › As a parent, you have certain rights and responsibilities, including safeguarding and promoting their health, welfare and development. Rights include having a say how they are brought up, as well as acting as your child's representative and the right to have contact with your child. Fathers can often be uncertain about their legal rights in relation to their children, which can often mean they lose out when it comes to making decisions about their child's welfare, where the child resides (known as residence but often referred to as custody) even on having regular contact with them.

read more › The law in relation to a mother's rights in relation to her child is currently very clear. The woman who carries the child in pregnancy and gives birth to the child is always the legal mother of the child. The law does recognise however that there can be circumstances where more than one woman may wish to be recognised as the mother of a child. For example, cases of assisted reproduction (including IVF) and surrogacy. In this context, there are ways for a woman other than the child's birth mother to acquire legal status as the mother of the child.

read more › When family relationships break down, it is not just the parents of children who need legal advice. Often the grandparents of a child or other family members may be unsure of their legal rights, which is why it is important to seek legal advice when an issue arises, so you know where you stand. Speak to one of our expert family law solicitors if you have a query about your rights as a grandparent. We have many years' experience in dealing with family law issues and have dealt successfully with many contact cases in respect of children and grandchildren.

read more › Modern families come in all shapes and sizes. Many parents no longer live in the same house as their children through separation or divorce but are able to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children by having regular contact with them. When families separate it is important that everyone works together to ensure that proper arrangements are put in place for the care of children. This can be done through a direct and informal arrangement, through a more formal legal document called a Minute of Agreement, or in some cases, through court orders.

read more › Aliment is the regular payment from one spouse to another and to children of a marriage. If you have any concerns or queries regarding paying or receiving aliment, contact us today. Our expert family solicitors have a great deal of experience in negotiating aliment and other separation agreements, and would be happy to advise you on how best to come to a financial agreement with your spouse. A child has a right to be financially supported by their parents. When parents separate, often the child will reside with one parent and the other parent is obliged to pay maintenance for the child.

read more › From time to time, it maybe necessary for the Social Work to become involved in the care of a child. This can be for many reasons, ranging from non-attendance at school to concerns about the standard of parental care given to the child, to extreme situations where there are allegations of abuse. If you or someone you know finds themselves in a situation where the Social Work have become involved in the care of a child, it is important that you get expert legal advice from the beginning. If the situation is sufficiently serious, Social Work may refer the case to the Scottish Children's Reporter.

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