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The Claims Partnership The Claims Partnership are a firm of 'safe hands' solicitors in Preston, specialising in claims for individuals, including Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Cosmetic Surgery. Get in touch with The Claims Partnership, based in Preston's Winckley Square, today and find out how we can help you. We treat every claim as a Partnership between our clients and ourselves.

It's a commitment that requires us to use all our skills and years of experience to fight your corner and to be open, honest and reliable in everything that we do. Our clients range from toddlers to Oscar-winning artists and everybody else in between. Other Solicitors and medical professionals choose us to bring their claims. We work meticulously for all our clients and make sure that they get the highest amount of compensation possible.

We make sure that when we say that we offer a 100% No Win / No Fee Service, we mean it. We guarantee all our clients a minimum percentage of the award of the compensation they win in every case, so you'll know exactly where you stand.

read more › The Claims Partnership are a specialist No Win/No Fee Consumer rights solicitors firm based in Preston, Lancashire. We work on behalf of any individual who feels they have suffered an injustice at the hands of an organisation or individual. We have specialisations in claims for Personal Injuries, Accidents at Work, Medical Negligence and Cosmetic Surgery. The company was founded by Paul Wilkinson in 2015, with a vastly experienced legal team, in order to establish a progressive and client orientated solicitors practice, which prides itself not just on excellent legal administration, but on the integrity, clarity and simplicity of its communications and relationship with its clients.

read more › Paul founded the Personal Injury department at Warings Solicitors, shortly after he qualified as a Solicitor in 1998. Over time, the Department expanded to include the administration of Clinical Negligence and Cosmetic Surgery claims. In 2011, Paul became a Director at Fylde Law Solicitors, overseeing the running of a large Civil Litigation department. Over the years, Paul has obtained millions of pounds in compensation for Accident and Clinical Negligence victims, as well as representing many individuals in civil rights disputes.

read more › The Claims Partnership are dedicated to providing accessible and risk free legal services in a way that meets the real world needs of its clients. On our Homepage, we set out a number of Partnership Promises, namely that we will be Trustworthy, Transparent, that we will Maximise your Compensation and that We are Experts at what we do. In all areas of our operations and communications, we strive to meet the standards of a trusted partner. We want you to know that your interests are in safe hands, with people who you can trust and who you get on with.

read more › Whether you've been injured at work, involved in a Road Traffic Accident or any other type of accident, the Claims Partnership No Win No Fee solicitors in the North West are here to help you. Part of our assistance is to ensure that you receive compensation for an incident that wasn't your fault, but the other part is to give you peace of mind throughout the whole process. That's where No Win No Fee comes in. You may have heard the phrase used a lot, but it is designed to establish trust between yourself and the solicitors representing you, by eliminating the possibility of risk.

read more › We like it that our clients feel they can trust us enough to call us about other problems in their life, knowing that we're happy to help and without fear of being batted off or sent a bill. It's what we're about and lets us know that we are getting things right. We're always available to help our client's if they need help with any legal matter. If we can't help them ourselves, we will recommend a solicitor who can and who we know our clients can trust. We are very happy to do this for our clients, both old and new.

read more › A personal injury claim arises when an individual is injured in an accident of any kind that wasn't their fault. This could be a fall in a supermarket caused by an unmarked wet floor, a car accident or a fall on somebody's property. Whatever happened to you, as specialist personal injury solicitors in Preston, The Claims Partnership is here to help you make a claim. Our experts will do everything they can to makes things as easy, quick and straightforward as possible. Each year, we successfully bring hundreds of claims forward on behalf of our clients, with a truly unrivalled success rate.

read more › At some point in our lives, it is likely that we will be involved in at least one Road Traffic Accident or RTA. This could be on a bus, in a car, on a bicycle or motorbike, or even as a pedestrian at the roadside. Many minor road traffic incidents go unreported and do not result in serious vehicle damage or personal injury. Even so, in 2015 the Department of Transport reports that there were 186,209 people injured in road traffic accidents. There can be no doubt that our roads and highways are the most dangerous places that we regularly inhabit.

read more › No matter what or where your place of work is and what your job is, your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that your workplace is safe, and they must protect you from every risk that you might face whilst at work. This is not an ordinary obligation. The law recognises that workers give up their time, skills and energy for the benefit of their employer's business or service and in most cases, to help their employers to make a profit. Consequently, the law requires every employee's job and working environment to be as safe as it can possibly be.

read more › Being involved in an accident or developing an illness whilst on a holiday abroad is perhaps one of the worst times to get injured or sick. Most of us work hard all year and save up to go away. Frequently, we are in need of a good rest. An injury to a family member can often spoil the holiday for the entire family. Time spent in a foreign hospital or clinic, or recovering in a hotel room, is not the best way to spend your well-earned break. An individual's right to claim holiday accident compensation varies from country to country, and upon whether the holiday was booked as part of a package holiday from a holiday company or travel agent.

read more › Air Travel is remarkably safe, but minor accidents still regularly occur, both whilst on board the aircraft and whilst embarking and disembarking. Whilst on board an aeroplane and whilst embarking and disembarking, your health and safety is protected by the Montral Convention 1999. This means that Airlines have to comply with very strict regulations governing your health and safety. It is important that you act quickly to bring an aviation claim. There is a two-year time limit on bringing a court claim.

read more › If you have been the victim of an unprovoked physical assault, or have been subject to mental or sexual abuse, then you may be entitled to claim Criminal Injuries compensation. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident involved a criminal offence, such as drink driving, that you may also be entitled to claim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Not everybody will qualify for an award of compensation. That scheme is tightly enforced and anything the authority deems to be a trivial injury will not qualify for an award.

read more › Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we face in our lives. When someone close to us is lost because of an accident or someone else's carelessness, then this makes our grief and frustration even worse. However, where the loved one is a provider for a family, the impact of the loss of life can place a greater financial strain on the grieving family. Fatal accidents can arise in a number of ways, including a car accident, an accident at work or in a hospital or clinical situation.

read more › Most holidaymakers will be aware that they can claim if they develop food poisoning or another sickness whilst on holiday. Newspapers, radio stations and satellite TV channels are full of adverts imploring you make a holiday illness claim if you have developed a sickness bug whilst on holiday. The reason for this is that solicitors' firms can sometimes get paid quite handsomely for this particular type of claim. At The Claims Partnership, we are not interested in jumping on board the Holiday Claims gravy train.

read more › If you are injured in your own, or somebody else's rented home as a result of the dangerous state of the premises, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. All landlords, including local Councils and Housing Associations, must make sure that the homes they lease are safe for people to live in and visit. Landlords also must insure the property in case any possessions are damaged or anybody is injured. A landlord fails to repair lights or a banister within common areas of a shared building, such as on stair case or in an entrance hall.

read more › Restaurants and cafes are busy places, and accidents can happen there for a number of different reasons. In such a high traffic and fast-paced environment, it is perhaps inevitable that food or drink will be split, which presents a dangerous hazard to both staff and customers. Sometimes it is the restaurant premises themselves which are unsafe. There may be a crack in the floor, a broken light or dangerous staircase without a banister. No matter whether you were dining in an independent eaterie or a global chain, if you were injured during your visit or fell ill after eating, then you could be entitled to make a restaurant accident claim for compensation.

read more › Supermarkets and other shops invite customers into their premises in order to sell them goods and services. English Law requires that their shop premises must be safe for the people who are invited inside to part with their money. At The Claims Partnership, we think that if a shop is unsafe for reasons that could have been prevented by the shop or supermarket - if they could have been more careful - then they should pay the injured shopper by way of supermarket accident compensation. It is a point we make strongly to the supermarkets and shops and a point which is frequently accepted by the Courts.

read more › If you have slipped, tripped or fallen over in some way in a public place, then you may be able to claim compensation against the owner of the building or land, provided that the area is dangerous in some way. If the slip or trip happens on a pavement, road or public area such as a park, then it will usually be the local Council who are responsible for maintaining the area. Trip and slip accidents also happen in shops, restaurants and petrol station forecourts. In these circumstances, it is possible to pursue a fall claim against the owners of the business.

read more › Employees from a variety of industries can suffer from strains and sprains, with wrist and ankle injuries being the most common ailments. As a soft tissue injury, they can be sustained relatively easily through many different accidents, and vary in severity from mild to constantly debilitating, which can only be corrected through surgery. It also gives way for the victim to receive compensation by exploring a relevant process like ankle injury claims, wrist injury compensation claims, repetitive strain claims and more.

read more › Many personal injury claims are very physical in nature. This is often due to it being seemingly easier to prove a physical injury and attribute it to a specific accident and determine who is responsible. The same can't be said when it comes to psychological injury claims - or so people think. It is completely possible to claim for psychological trauma. You must be able to attribute your psychological decline to a traumatic event which was caused by the negligent behaviour of someone else. Only then will you be able to claim compensation.

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