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Watsons Solicitors We have a dedicated team of lawyers and support staff who will work with you in trying to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Through our wealth of experience we appreciate that where legal issues arise it can be a stressful experience, which is why we at Watsons deal with matters on a personal level. For example, find out more about what makes us a leading firm of employment solicitors in Warrington, or why we are the go-to family law solicitors in the region.

Our services range from conveyancing to wills and probate to personal injury. Require a specialist divorce solicitor in Cheshire? Don't hesitate to get in contact. Watsons is a leading firm of solicitors in Warrington town centre, providing a refreshing approach, and ensuring that we have the experience to provide the right advice for you. Our team of experienced solicitors each hold various accreditations and memberships of professional bodies relevant to their expertise.

We are based in the heart of Warrington and have been a key part of the fabric of the town for more than 60 years.

read more › Watsons are a leading firm of solicitors in Warrington, right in the heart of the town centre. Having been in existence for more than 60 years we have understood the need to adapt to the demands of our clients, provide a refreshing approach and ensuring that we have the experience to provide the right advice. We always strive to provide outstanding client service and our Law Society Lexcel accreditation is a recognition of this. During our lives there will be a variety of legal queries that people need assistance with and at Watsons we will try and deal with them all.

read more › Latham specialises in Employment Law, acting both for employers and employees across contentious and non-contentious matters. Latham regular provides representation at Tribunals, County Court and High Court as well as working with employers to provide a holistic approach to employment law considerations. Latham is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association. Catrin specialises in Local Authority Children Care Work acting for Guardians, parents, grandparents and children. She also handles all other aspects of Family Law, including Matrimonial property disputes.

read more › At Watsons, we have years of experience of assisting the elderly in looking after their affairs and ensuring their wishes are upheld. As our population lives longer and ages, increasing numbers are requiring legal assistance to ensure their wishes are upheld. Whether this is caused by illness, disability, or an accident, there are a number of practical steps our experts can provide advice on. We can help get your affairs in order and make your wishes for the future known. This may involve anything from writing a will to choosing someone to take power of attorney (legal authority to act for you) over your financial affairs, if this is necessary.

read more › If you receive notification that Social Services are starting Child Care Proceedings then you should contact us immediately. At Watsons, we have an experienced team who deal day in day out with families who are involved with the Local Authority and Social Services. It is vital to seek legal advice even if you think you are managing the situation well with Social Services or the Local Authority. Things change quickly and they do have the power to apply to the Court for powers to make decisions to overrule you as a parent or carer for a child.

read more › One of the cornerstones of a good business is the effective management of its assets including the acquisition, financing, sale or leasing of commercial property. At Watsons we have been helping a combination of both local and national businesses for over 25 years with their commercial property needs. Our property team have many links with the business community and provide swift, professional advice to both landlords and tenants alike. As a local firm of solicitors in Warrington, Cheshire, our lower overheads mean that we can offer more competitive rates than our city counterparts with the added benefit of being on your doorstep.

read more › Buying or selling a house is the largest transaction of most people's lifetime and reliable legal guidance is essential. At Watsons we have been helping those buying, selling or remortgaging their property for over 25 years. Our conveyancing team provides dependable, timely and practical advice. Whatever the reason for the instruction, whether it is a sale, purchase, investment, equity release or a transfer from one name to another, we know that this is probably the largest purchase that anybody will ever make and in that regard they need the dependable, efficient advice that Watsons provide.

read more › The Court of Protection was put in place to guard individuals against illness. A Lasting Power of Attorney will enable trusted individuals to manage property and financial affairs during their lifetime, should they lose the metal capacity to do so. Watsons Solicitors are experienced Court of protection lawyers and can help guide you through the process of appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney. As an experienced firm of lawyers, in Warrington, Watsons Solicitors can help individuals in Court of Protection proceedings, allowing loved ones to make decisions about health and welfare matters, including end of life treatment.

read more › Our litigation and dispute resolution specialists can assist and advise at any stage of a conflict. Our experts provide robust, clear and practical advice in the context of individual needs and objectives. Although our team has extensive court experience, we understand the importance of exploring alternatives to litigation where possible. We will discuss with you whether formal mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution are appropriate. Mediation and other alternatives to court action can often be the most productive and cost effective way of proactively resolving disputes.

read more › Here at Watsons, our expert team of divorce specialists have many years of experience in handling a wide range of separation and divorce cases. Rest assured, you'll be supported by our divorce lawyers during the full process. We understand that going through a divorce can be a distressing and often upsetting time for you. That's why our team handles each case with the utmost sensitivity, while still resolving the issues effectively. There is a range of factors that may impact the financial settlement of a divorce.

read more › In recent times an individual's employment status has become more important than ever, often raising questions from employers and employees alike. Watsons Solicitors has over 25 years' experience in advising both employers and employees in respect of Employment matters. Our expertise, knowledge, and success means we are a leading employment law firm in Warrington. In explaining what can be a very complicated area of law, we ensure that any advice is jargon free and set out in simple terms. Being a local firm of solicitors in Warrington, our lower overheads mean that we can offer more competitive rates than our city counterparts with the added benefit of being on your doorstep.

read more › Settlement agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements) are legally binding contracts between an employer and an employee (or worker). They are one of a limited number of ways in which employment disputes can be settled. In addition, extensive regulation of the employment relationship means that many employers prefer to cut short normal process and procedure (and the risks of litigation) by offering favourable terms to an employee under a settlement agreement. Typically, an employee accepts a sum of money (and possibly other benefits) in return for agreeing to not bring certain claims against the employer.

read more › Our partners also hold Family Law and Children Panel Law Society accreditation, so you can rest assured that your case is in safe hands. Where families are concerned, emotions often run high. That's why our dedicated team of family law solicitors are specially trained to handle your case as sensitively as possible, while still resolving your problems efficiently. In family law cases, going to court is usually a last resort. Here at Watsons Solicitors, we promote mediation wherever possible to save you the financial and emotional costs of going to court.

read more › If you feel that you or a loved one has not received adequate care from a medical professional, you could have case for medical negligence. If you feel that either yourself or a loved one has received an inadequate level of care from a medical professional, you could have a case for medical negligence. The UK's healthcare services are among the best in the world. But unfortunately not everyone receives the high standard of care they deserve. Medical negligence is a very serious matter; a misdiagnosis or mistreatment could lead to a few extra days in hospital or, in the most serious cases, death.

read more › Sometimes accidents happen and nobody is to blame. However, if it is somebody's else's fault you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. Here at Watsons, we understand that every personal injury claim is different. That's why our dedicated team of solicitors always treat each case on its own individual merit. The personal injury claims industry is huge, and unfortunately there are many claims firms that only judge cases on prescribed factors. This may be the easiest route to take, but there is a high risk that they will not be able to get the personal injury compensation you deserve.

read more › As expert wills and probate solicitors in Warrington, Cheshire, our team understands how daunting writing a Will can be. However, it needn't be complicated or expensive. Having a Will provides individuals with peace of mind. So you know, if anything was to happen, your loved ones are protected. Watsons Solicitors have been helping both individuals and families prepare for the future for over 60 years. We have been the trusted wills and probate lawyers for hundreds of clients and we can help you too.

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