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Thorley Stephenson SSC is an Edinburgh based law firm providing a wide range of legal services in civil and criminal court cases throughout Scotland. We have the legal knowledge to best advise clients and the expertise to act appropriately; first-class human and IT resources to provide the necessary support; and the management skills to develop our law firm's potential.

Thorley Stephenson SSC's offices are located close to Edinburgh Sheriff Court and The Court of Session and are easily accessible for all forms of transport. Thorley Stephenson SSC aims to provide its clients with clear and decisive advice in the many challenging circumstances in which they may find themselves.

read more › Thorley Stephenson's family law department is at the forefront of private client and legal aid representation in all aspects of family law. You will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding divorce law in Scotland here. Please contact our divorce solicitors for further information. When someone suffers a serious injury, it is devastating for them and those who care about them most. In the early days after an accident, the future is uncertain and this causes anxiety. There is, nevertheless, a chance to claim compensation for those injuries, particularly where caused by the fault or negligence of someone else.

read more › On completion of an LLB Honours degree and a Dip LP, Mark Thorley spent six years with Edinburgh firm Balfour & Manson, first as a trainee then a qualified assistant, specialising in reparation, family and criminal law. In 1992, he co-founded Blacklock Thorley Solicitors in Edinburgh, specialising in debt recovery, family, criminal and reparation law. He progressed, in 2005 along with Jim Stephenson, to found Thorley Stephenson. Since then he has been in charge of the family law and reparation department of the firm that started with one assistant and now has grown into a team of nine lawyers and one trainee solicitor.

read more › Jim Stephenson has been a solicitor since 1990 and his main area of practise is criminal law. In 2005, with Mark Thorley, he founded Thorley Stephenson. The firm currently has nine lawyers providing representation in the Scottish civil and criminal courts. A solicitor advocate since 2002, and a member of the Society of Solicitor Advocates, Jim is also a founder member of Fortis Chambers, Scotland's first chamber comprised exclusively of Solicitor Advocates. He has contributed to a Law Society paper on the Carloway Report, expressing a view that if corroboration is to be abolished then it would not be safe for the Scottish Courts to rely on dock identification.

read more › After graduating with a degree in History at Edinburgh University, he completed the accelerated LLB at Glasgow University attaining a Distinction. Euan has developed a reputation as a thorough and skilful practitioner and has quickly established himself as one of the brightest prospects on the criminal defence scene. Experienced in all levels of Sheriff Summary and Sheriff and Jury cases he has also proven himself invaluable to those facing disqualification in the Justice of the Peace Court for road traffic matters.

read more › Since joining Thorley Stephenson as a Senior Associate in 2016, criminal solicitor David has become a Director of the firm. After graduating with a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies from Napier University, he obtained a Law Degree with Merit from University of Glasgow in 1999. Over the next 15 years, David worked as a criminal court solicitor for two law firms in the capital prior to joining Thorley Stephenson. He has a great deal of experience and expertise gained while representing clients in the Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Courts and Parole Tribunals, as well as instructing Counsel at the High Court and the Criminal Court of Appeal.

read more › Lesley Turner received both her Law Degree and Diploma at Edinburgh University, having completed her studies in 2010. After graduating she worked with Thorley Stephenson as a court runner/administration assistant in order to build up her legal knowledge and experience. Lesley has gained a great deal of experience in many aspects of civil law, particularly contact and residential issues with children. She also represents clients in a range of cases in the civil courts and Court of Session.

read more › As a result Nicole has significant experience in representing clients in complex and anxious cases. Nicole is known for her ability to represent her clients sensitively and with compassion without losing focus on the legal issues and is a fierce courtroom practitioner. Nicole has a great deal of experience in many aspects of Children's law, particularly Children's Panel, Child Protection Orders, Children's Referral court and Adoption.

read more › Euan completed his traineeship with the firm and is a solicitor in our civil litigation department. He deals with cases in the Court of Session and Sheriff Courts. Euan's caseload involves personal injury claims, contractual disputes, public law cases and debt recovery. Euan graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2013 and completed his Master's Degree with distinction at the University of Cape Town in 2014.

read more › Thorley Stephenson's family law department is at the forefront of private client and legal aid representation in all aspects of family law. Thorley Stephenson SSC aims to provide the best possible advice for clients who find themselves in challenging circumstances. Our family law team continues to expand to meet the demands of the ever-growing client base with highly experienced secretarial staff dedicated to this area of work. The group has been nominated for the family law team of the year in the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Law Awards of Scotland.

read more › Navigating family and divorce law during a turbulent period in your life can be particularly difficult and distressing. There are a number of issues to sort out with the other party including property, finances, possessions and children and how each action proceeds depends on the individual circumstances. Marriages end for many different reasons. Relationships can deteriorate over a long period of time, or be irreparably damaged by a single incident; some couples are married for a short time before realising it is not what they intended; others remain married despite serious problems such as domestic abuse.

read more › Adoption is designed to ensure that a child is placed with a loving family. It is a fairly robust system that can be difficult to navigate. If you are considering adopting a child into your family, Thorley Stephenson has a specialist team of family solicitors which can help you through the adoption process. Adoption is a very important legal process that involves the transfer of all parental rights and responsibilities from a child's birth parents to their adoptive parents. Parental rights and responsibilities are incredibly important and give adoptive parents complete control over a number of things, and their transfer has significant consequences.

read more › As few people in society warrant so much legal protection, it's no surprise that a lot attention is paid to how the law treats children. An area that is commonly misunderstood, however, is how the law relates to some of the practical aspects of raising a child. In other words, the law as it applies to the economics of raising and being responsible for a child. At Thorley Stephenson, we are regularly approached by clients, often those experiencing difficulties with a partner, who are anxious to know what impact the law will have on them and any children that they have should that relationship break down.

read more › Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding divorce law in Scotland. If you have a question that is not answered below, then please email us and our award-winning family law team will do our best to answer. Our director, Nyree Conway, with over 15 years of experience in this area, deals primarily with the financial aspects of divorce. Contact us for advice today. An annulment is only available if the marriage was not valid to begin with (usually for a procedural reason). In all other cases, a divorce is necessary to conclude a marriage.

read more › If you have decided to get a divorce, it is normal to feel anxious about the impact this can have on your current and long-term financial situation. What you are entitled to in a divorce will depend on your particular circumstances. Various factors will be involved, including whether assets are owned jointly or individually, if you have financially dependent children and if you and your former spouse can reach an agreement on the division of property. At Thorley Stephenson, our divorce solicitors are here to protect your financial position.

read more › The thought of going to Court, for whatever reason, can sometimes be overwhelming. It can be enough to make someone put off the inevitable, ignore the elephant in the room and stay in a marriage long after it has lost its sparkle. While a divorce legally ends a marriage, and therefore some documentation will need to be filed with the Court, in the majority of cases, it is not necessary to appear in Court to obtain a divorce. Here we look at the divorce process and the options available if you are considering getting a divorce.

read more › When someone suffers a serious injury it is devastating for them and those who care about them most, and uncertainty about the future can add to the anxiety. There is, nevertheless, a chance to claim compensation for those injuries, particularly where caused by the fault or negligence of someone else. Act now: If you have been injured in an accident at work, on the road or in a public place such as a supermarket or public highway, it's important you act fast. Injury claims in Scotland are subject to a three-year time limit (known as the triennium).

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