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Based in Reading, Griffiths Robertson Solicitors specialism has always been Children Law and in 2008 we became a Specialist Children only practice. Over the 25 years of our existence we have represented many hundreds of children, parents, grandparents and other carers providing advice and representation on a full range of issues relating to children.

This breadth of experience and expertise also includes being involved in over 50, high profile, reported cases. We have particular expertise in Adoption Law and act as legal advisors to an adoption agency. We are contracted with the legal aid agency and offer a full range of services to any person involved in any Children matter from residence and contact through the the most complex Child abuse issues.

read more › At Griffiths Robertson our experienced team is available to help anyone who finds themselves in need of advice or representation with legal issues relating to children. Our reputation is based on expert knowledge, experience, professionalism and above all compassion when dealing with the often sensitive issues of this area of law.

read more › Our area of particular expertise is in all cases involving Children's Services. We have acted for children, parents grandchildren and others for many years in cases where Children's Services (Often called Social Services) have become involved with families. We can advise you regarding initial involvement, Child Protection procedures, Pre proceedings action and Care Proceedings. We understand all the procedures and all the implications of this for you and are in a position to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

read more › Adoption Law is complex and has significant legal implications therefore choosing the right representation is essential. At Griffiths Robertson we are highly experienced in all matters arising from adoption and will ensure that you are fully aware of all procedures and have a full undestanding of the legal issues that you will encounter. Domestic Adoption - an adoption of a child within England and Wales where the child is either a family member or in the care of the local authority. International Adoption - an adoption where the child is being brought from a country outside England and Wales and whose adopters are resident in England and Wales.

read more › Following divorce or seperation agreeing the arrangements for contact and residence can be an extremely painful and very difficult decision. At Griffiths Robertson we will help you find the best solution for your children. Wherever possible it is always in a childs best interest if an agreement can reached and we can provide mediation or counselling and will negotiating agreements on your behalf. However in the unfortunate event that this is not succesful we can advise and represent you in court proceedings.

read more › Child abduction cases are distressing and often highly complex. They can cross international borders and involve a range of Jurisdictions and Agencies. As an extremely specialist area of law it is critical that you seek advice from legal specialists who have years of experience in dealing with Child aduction cases. At Griffiths Robertson we have been providing advice, assistance and representation the spectrum of Child abuction issues for over 25 years. Our specilaist team will act in a sympathetic and sensitive manner, supporting and advising you of the processes and procedures involved.

read more › At Griffiths Robertson we have over 25 years expierence providing advice and representation in all matter relating to International Adoption law. Advice on the duties and actions of local authorities or other adoption agencies in relation to international adoptions, including the assessment process. Families needing advice on the complex procedures and regulations required for Hague Convention or other international adoptions. Adoption from non Hague Convention countries requiring the child to re-adopted under British Law.

read more › It is natural that anyone thinking about being involved in a legal case will be worried about what it will cost and whether they can afford it. At Griffiths Robertson we discuss this issue with you right at the beginning to make sure that you have full information and a realistic view of how your case will be funded. We are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency and will offer best advice on your funding options. Children cases relating to contact/residence/prohibited steps/specific issues where there is evidence of abuse.

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