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Avery Walters Ellis Solicitors Our expert team of Leeds Residential Conveyancing lawyers have over 50 years experience of buying and selling residential property all over the UK. Our team of Company/Commercial experts have a wealth of knowledge in buying and selling SME's and in drafting partnership/shareholder/franchise agreements. Our Commercial Property Team have over 40 years experience advising large corporates and SME's about Commercial Property ranging from Large Warehouses and Commercial land to a small takeaway shop.

Our Team of Family Solicitors have more than 20 years experience in dealing with divorce. They particularly have experience in dealing with cases where the matrimonial assets are significant. Our expert team of Civil Litigators have years of experience of dealing with Commercial and Contract disputes ranging from multimillion paid claims to small claims matters.

Our Expert Private Client Team will advise you about Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Complex Trusts and the administration of an estate following the loss of a loved one.

read more › Avery Walters Solicitors is a family run firm and is the brainchild of the firm's Managing Director, Andrew Parascandolo. The firm was set up with the objective of providing big firm advice to individuals and businesses at 'high street' prices, delivering an approachable, professional and collaborative service to all. That is why every member of the Avery Walters team is a specialist in their chosen field and has either worked for National Law firms or has been in their sector for many years and are indeed experts in their field.

read more › Andrew is the Managing Director of the Firm and Head of the firm's Business Services. He set up the firm in 2013 after working for two of the largest Law firms in the Country. The ethos of the firm is to provide cost effective, pragmatic and practical legal solutions to SME's and National Corporates. Andrew has over 16 years' specialist business experience in areas such as Employment Law, Company Commercial, Commercial Property and Dispute Resolution. Before entering the legal profession, Andrew studied for a degree in International Business and Languages and worked in industry abroad for several years.

read more › Employment regulation has changed dramatically in recent years, becoming increasingly complex and onerous to employers and this is where we like to think we can come to your assistance. Our employment law solicitors in Leeds & Harrogate can advise on individual matters or provide a comprehensive package to cover all your legal employment needs. Our employment lawyers provide practical, pragmatic and cost-effective Employment Law advice to employees who are having trouble with their employer. Our employment lawyers deals in employment advice in Leeds.

read more › If your employer has acted in such a way towards you which allows you to leave your job our Constructive Dismissal Solicitors can take you through each step of the claims process. Constructive Dismissal is where your employer has acted in such a way towards you which allows you to leave your job and treat yourself as dismissed. Whilst your employer has not actually fired you, they may have brought your employment to an end by their behaviour. An example of a constructive dismissal case would be where your employer persistently bullies or intimidates you, forcing you to leave your job.

read more › Whether you're young or old, if you have been treated less favourably because of your age group when at work, looking for work, or during a recruitment process you could be entitled to compensation. If you believe you have been discriminated against at work because of your age group contact Avery Walters age discrimination lawyers today for a free initial consultation on making an age discrimination claim. Contact our age discrimination lawyers by calling our Leeds law firm on 0113 200 7480 or Harrogate law firm on 01423 564551.

read more › Disability discrimination laws protect you from physical or mental disability discrimination in the workplace during employment, seeking a new job or engaging in an interview process. This does not apply just to disability discrimination by employers but also by staff, clients, customers & suppliers. If you are treated less favourably because of your ability, you could be entitled to compensation. If you believe you are entitled to compensation, speak to one of our disability discrimination lawyers in Leeds or Harrogate today to discuss your situation.

read more › Discrimination against you due to you being pregnant can happen anywhere in the workplace, looking for work, or during a recruitment process, meaning you could be entitled to compensation under a maternity and pregnancy discrimination claim. If you believe you have been a victim of discrimination in the workplace contact Avery Walters maternity and pregnancy discrimination lawyers today for a free initial consultation on making a discrimination claim. Contact our discrimination lawyers by calling our Leeds law firm on 0113 200 7480 or Harrogate law firm on 01423 564551.

read more › We offer Employees a complete Employment Law service ensuring that that are fully aware of their employment rights. Our Employment experts have a very significant and successful track record in representing employees in employment disputes at all levels. We pride ourselves on understanding the employee's perspective and giving practical and pragmatic advice to ensure that our client ends up with the best possible outcome. Whether you need help with Employment Law or legal advice with anything else do not hesitate to contact us today.

read more › Do you understand the laws around disciplinary for gross misconduct or the reasons for gross misconduct?. Gross misconduct is an act carried out that is seen as being so serious that it justifies instant dismissal from a job without notice (or pay in lieu of notice). They are actions that will destroy the relationship, of trust and confidence, between an employer and employee accused of the actions; making the working relationship impossible to continue. Contact our employment law lawyers by calling our Leeds law firm on 0113 200 7480 or Harrogate law firm on 01423 564551.

read more › The pay and benefits you receive from your place of employment should adhere to the legislation set out in UK law. You should be paid at least the national minimum wage and there should be no discrepancies between pay in gender within the same role. If you believe you have not received the minimum wage or have experienced discrimination over equal pay in the workplace contact Avery Walters employment law solicitors today for a free initial consultation on making a discrimination claim. Contact our employment law lawyers by calling our Leeds law firm on 0113 200 7480 or Harrogate law firm on 01423 564551.

read more › Legal costs associated with an Employment Tribunal Claim are almost always paid for by each party. Costs are very rarely awarded in Tribunals unlike in the County Court or High Court. A Claimant should assume that he or she will have to meet their own legal costs. For any and all advice relating to funding, claims get in contact with Avery Walters today. With leading experts in fields relating from Family Law to Commerical property, we assure you the best legal advice from our Chapel Allerton office.

read more › When you employer has dismissed you without good reason or without its own procedures and policies. Eg. dismissing you for theft without any evidence or following procedure. When your employer dismissed you without paying you notice or less than your contractual entitlement. Please note your employer does not have to pay notice if you are dismissed for Gross Misconduct. Eg. dismissing you and only paying you one week notice when your contract states 4 weeks. When your employer has fundamentally breached the terms of your Employment Contract or treated you in a way that destroys the employment relationship.

read more › Our Pledge: We always discuss the basis of our charges with you at the beginning of the case and we will ensure that you are constantly updated on costs as the matter progresses. It is sometimes necessary for us to do some initial work to assess how much work is required in any particular matter. Where possible we will give you an estimate of the likely overall costs involved. We will also ensure that you are aware of the different types of funding available for paying for our services. Some of our clients prefer to be billed monthly as a matter progresses, others prefer to agree a fixed fee at the beginning.

read more › A restrictive covenant is a clause in your employment contract which prohibits you, as an employee, from competing commercially with your employer for a certain period of time after your employment comes to an end. In addition, restrictive covenants may be used by employers to prevent ex-employees from soliciting or dealing with customers of the business by using knowledge of those customers gained during his/her prior employment. As a starting point, a restrictive covenant is unenforceable as it is deemed a restraint of trade and therefore against public policy.

read more › Our Settlement Agreement solicitors specialising in employment law will be able to help you with drawing up a settlement agreement with your former employer. A Settlement Agreement (is the new name for Compromise Agreements). It is a legally binding contract made between an employee and employer, either during or after employment, which formally agrees the leaving terms between the parties and prohibits the employee from bringing legal action against the employer in respect of his/her employment and/or its termination, usually in exchange for a termination payment.

read more › In most Unfair Dismissal claims, the Employment Tribunal must receive your claim within 3 months less one day, from the date your employment ended. This is a rule robustly administered by the Tribunal so it is vital you get your claim in on time. Employment tribunal solicitors, such as Avery Walters, can help you submit your claim in the required time frame. For discrimination claims or complaints relating to non-payment of salary or holiday pay, the 3 month period begins from the date of the act complained of (which may be continuing, in which case the time for commencing proceedings will also continue to run).

read more › Every employee who has the qualifying period of service has the right not to be unfairly dismissed. Unless an employer can prove one (or more) of the above fair reasons for dismissal, then your dismissal will be deemed to have been unfair. Even if an employer does prove that the dismissal comes under one of the above categories, it is still up to the Employment Tribunal to decide whether the dismissal was fair or unfair. The tribunal will need to decide whether the decision to dismiss was reasonable.

read more › Whether you have had an accident at work, in a public place or on the road anywhere in England and Wales, Avery Walters can assist you with your personal injury claim. Get in touch today for an informal discussion about your claim. We are a specialist NO WIN NO FEE Law firm who deal with claims across England & Wales. Whether you have suffered injury at work, on the road, on the street, or have been assaulted we may be able to help with a compensation claim. With our specialist personal injury solicitors we will support you every step of the way.

read more › Avery Walters Ellis Solicitors will guarantee that any claim that we take on will be handled by an experienced Solicitor who will provide you with face to face honest and accurate legal advice. Whether you have been injured at a place of work, in a public place, on the road or by a faulty product we will be happy to listen to you with a view to taking on your claim. As with all our Personal Injury cases we will offer to pursue the claim under a NO WIN NO FEE scheme giving you the peace of mind that you will not be a penny out of pocket even if for some reason the claim is unsuccessful.

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