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Pindoria Solicitors We have outstanding reputation for providing creative, yet simple to understand solutions for all personal matters from Wills, Probate, Lasting Power of Attorney and Trust services. We have the knowledge to provide numerous solutions tailored to your individual circumstances and the type of assets you are dealing with. We are accredited with the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) a true mark of professional quality and excellence.

Pindoria Solicitors is a niche international established law firm based in London since 2004. We are the epitome of professionalism and the provision of high quality legal services. We excel in the provision of top quality legal advice and representation covering many sectors and representing wealthy individual clients and businesses, both in the UK and around the world.

Our solicitors will make sure all your various legal requirements are met at Pindoria Solicitors, feel free to talk to us. The specialist family law team are highly respected and trusted throughout all areas of matrimonial disputes.

read more › Pindoria Solicitors is a niche international established law firm based in London since 2004. We are the epitome of profession. Our head office is based in Stanmore, North West London. Pindoria Solicitors offer a high level of service and expertise that is continually improving. We pride ourselves on the responsiveness to the needs of our clients taking them step by step through the legal process of their claim in a way in which can be easily understood by them. In taking on a matter it is an ongoing relationship with the client so we can address any issues if and when they arise effectively.

read more › Pindoria Solicitors represents 16 years of excellent quality legal services so whether you are buying your dream house or buy to let property with a competitive and transparent fees our property conveyancing solicitors can be the first choice for all your conveyancing needs. Our conveyancing solicitors in London are reputable, highly competent and efficient residential and commercial property. We are accredited with the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) a true mark of professional quality and excellence.

read more › Remortgaging is where the owner of a property changes from one lender to another. There could be many reason for this however, usually to get a better rate mortgage after a current fixed period is expiring. Remortgaging can also assist with releasing equity from your property to carryout works or to put money into a new house purchase. Sometimes you might require help from remortgage solicitors in this case. We offer a fixed fee service for all remortgages. You will be provided with regular updates by our remortgage solicitors through phone and/or in writing as your case progresses and any question you may have can will be dealt with by a dedicated point of contact who will also assist you throughout the process.

read more › Pindoria Solicitors property lawyers can assist with the transfer of equity if a property needs to be transferred into another name in accordance with a divorce settlement or if you just need to for another reason such as reducing the size of your estate. The transfer of equity requires prior written approval which if the property has a mortgage can be obtained by the current lender. On approval of the application along with instructions from the lender we will draft and send to you for signing the transfer deed, which formally effects the transfer of the property into the new names at the Land Registry.

read more › Property lawyers at Pindoria Solicitors are very experienced in a breadth of property matters, including drafting and executing declarations of trust. A property declarations of trust are of increasing importance in modern society where prices of property are continually increasing and so it can be difficult for two or more individuals buying property together to make equal contributions. With the tool of declaration of trust there is still the ability for the property to be held equally despite unequal contributions in the purchase price.

read more › Pindoria Solicitors has experienced property lawyers specialising in leasehold extensions helping our clients to extend the leases of their flats and/or purchase the freeholds of their buildings. As lease extension solicitors in London, we provide a fixed fee free from jargon and efficient service for lease extensions helping you to successfully either process an agreed extension or negotiate with the freeholder whilst at the same time following the necessary statutory procedure. Our lease extension surveyors London provides clients with the most reliable lease extension valuation.

read more › Commercial property transactions to include sales, purchases, taking leases, negotiating heads of terms, granting leases, rent reviews, service charges, property management, dealing with landlords, security of tenure issues, assignments, sub lettings, obtaining finance, dealing with the property related aspects of buying or selling shares in or the assets of a company and many more areas of expertise besides. Whether buying or leasing, selling or mortgaging, it is always a huge commitment dealing with industrial, office and retail space.

read more › Research suggests that more than two-thirds of people in the UK don't have a Will, yet a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever produce as it protects and distributes your assets in accordance with your wishes. Many people believe they are either too young to write a Will or don't want to face the uncomfortable truth about their mortality, but the truth is that dying without a Will can make what is already a tough time a lot harder for your family. By writing a Will with the help of will writing solicitors, you leave your loved ones clear instructions as to your wishes.

read more › When a loved one has passed away, the thought of sorting out their financial affairs and estate can often be overwhelming. We appreciate these difficulties and in light of this we are there to assist. As one of the best probate solicitors London, we work hard to ensure that dealing with such matters is as easy as it can be. Alongside this, our highly qualified estates and probate solicitor team will see that this is done to a high level of legal expertise. It is also understood by us that advice needs to be suitable to your specific needs.

read more › If you are concerned about losing the ability to manage your finances or about who will make decisions about your welfare in later life, you could think about making a Lasting Power of Attorney and who better than the best power of attorney solicitors London to handle it for you. This is a legal document that allows you to plan what should happen to you and who would be able to make decisions on your behalf, if you become unable to make decisions for yourself in the future. Putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place offers added security for you and your family and lets you decide what should happen if at some point in the future you cannot deal with your own affairs.

read more › Our trust solicitors provide easy to understand and personal service to help you plan for the future and safeguard your financial security. A trust is a formal arrangement in which trusted individuals or trust corporations hold and manage assets on behalf of certain other individuals. Trusts are used to transfer ownership of assets but not make it an outright unconditional gift. The assets are put into trust for a beneficiary's life, or until they reach a certain age. A private wealth trust while complex can be formed for many different reasons.

read more › We have a dedicated property dispute resolution team who understand the needs and expectations of individuals and businesses from the perspective of the owner, landlord or tenant. Our experience covers residential, commercial property disputes as well as mixed use properties. As well-known property litigation lawyers London, we encourage negotiation of disputes including mediation or alternatives where possible. If litigation is necessary, we assess the position based on good business sense and practicality.

read more › The death of any family member is always distressing. This is then exacerbated further when a Will is challenged or there is no Will and claims are made by others to share in the estate. If you find yourself in such a situation why not give us a call and arrange a free 30 minute appointment with one of our specialist solicitors. Pindoria Solicitors has qualified and experienced probate dispute solicitors dealing with various forms of contentious probate. Our expert probate dispute lawyers can deal with any kind of dispute relating to Wills, obtaining probate, and administering estates.

read more › Obtaining or enforcing a court Judgement in your favour through the Courts does not necessarily result in the debt being paid. Sometimes obtaining Judgment is the easy bit. No doubt it is excellent news when a debt pursuant to a judgment is paid in a timely manner. More often the judgment is not paid and then should contact our Dispute Resolution or tenant eviction solicitors who can offer continued advice as to the options available in case of enforcing a court judgement. This involves taking security over the debtor's property or property owned by the debtor's company which can be followed by an application for an Order for Sale.

read more › Pindoria Solicitors acts on behalf of debtors and defendants who have judgment against them and wish specialist and experienced solicitors to deal with any disputed debts. Our service includes replying to all the correspondence you receive and providing advice on what you should do next. Our debt recovery solicitors believe that clients should be comfortable with our service and professional approach. Please contact us if you require more information on our Dispute Resolution services, our debt recovery solicitors make sure you receive the best deal.

read more › We understand that going through a divorce needs to be dealt with patiently and sensitively. Our divorce solicitor London will explain to you the process and procedure in a simple to understand way. More importantly, our expert divorce lawyers will ensure to protect your financial interests and position at all times. We will aim to help you reach an amicable and long lasting resolution to your marital dispute. If you are concerned about going through the courts, or highly damaging conflict, we may be able to help you reach an amicable resolution, We encourage settlement of disputes whenever possible as takes considerable amount of stress away and crucially allows you to move on to rebuilding your life.

read more › Pindoria Solicitors assist numerous clients with matters relating to cohabitation and the law. Some are about to move in with a new partner, and wish to draw up a cohabitation agreement to clarify the ownership of shared property and other assets. Others seek practical advice and legal assistance after a relationship has broken down or a partner has died. In regard to such matters there is little law providing guidance on the needs of a couple cohabitating. For example, the relationship may break down or they might have children together.

read more › When planning a wedding, you might not necessarily think about what would happen if the marriage did not work. While it may seem peculiar to highlight it at a time of great joy, in some cases it may be sensible to make a Prenuptial Agreement, particularly if you wish to protect your business assets or make sure that assets are kept for children you may already have. Prenuptial agreement are perceived by some to be pessimistic and unromantic. Others argue that an agreement can save time, expense and acrimony.

read more › Prenuptial Agreement is a legal agreement made before marriage by a couple, setting out how they would like their assets split if they divorce. We recommended that prenuptial agreements should be drafted after careful consideration of the facts and circumstances and that you fully understand the implication for the agreement and meanings of the clauses contained in them so you are fully understood what you are signing. We strongly advise against contracts drawn up without legal guidance, as poorly drafted or badly prepared prenuptial documentation can result in substantial repercussions in a divorce case.

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