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McClure Solicitors McClure Solicitors have been providing well informed advice since the firm was founded in 1853. Today we specialise in asset protection, estate planning and inheritance planning, helping clients across the UK to protect their assets and pass them on efficiently. We began many years ago as a small firm in the West of Scotland but have grown to be a national company with offices throughout the UK.

New clients are flocking to us on a regular basis to take advantage of our fairly unique services. Indeed over 600 new clients join us each month. Who else provides a free Will service all year round for a donation to charity? Or a free Will Review service? Or a Special Price Power of Attorney Service? Or expert advice on protecting family assets for future generations?

Our vast experience means that we are ideally placed to provide the service which you require. We continually strive to ensure that our service matches each client's expectations. We have been serving our community since 1853 so we take a long-term view.

read more › Our specialist departments are all Director-led and our aim is to work for you with clarity and determination. We provide specialist products and services rarely available elsewhere. In fact many other businesses (including Independent Financial Advisers, will writers and even other solicitors) refer clients to us recognising us as a market leading practice. We have grown significantly over the last decade which demonstrates the success we have achieved. We assisted over 5000 clients last year and the volume increases year on year.

read more › We provide our Will writing service to staff, volunteers, service users and clients of many charities; sometimes via a panel but usually on an exclusive basis. Our Free Will service raises very substantial funds for charities via donations, gift aid and legacies/gifts in Will. In 2019 we raised 63.9 million for over 300 charities!

read more › We have had several solicitors when we were in business and we can honestly say that McClure were the best. They were honest and very professional, more important they were very considerate and sensitive to our needs and wishes giving us good advice. They deserve a rating of 4 stars simply because no human being is perfect so as to receive a rating of 5 stars. Excellent service from McClure Solicitors in Edinburgh. Had a Will and Power of Attorney prepared at a very reasonable cost by a friendly solicitor who specialised in estate planning.

read more › McClure are solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Law Society of Scotland. We were founded in 1853. We developed the Family Protection Trust, also known as the Asset Protection Trust, in 2002. We are regarded as market leaders in the provision of Family Protection Trusts. Many think that our Family Protection Trusts are only for the avoidance of care costs. They are not. They protect your assets against many risks which we all face as we get older. Our Point of Need team take charge when a client dies or goes into care.

read more › When making a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, or setting up a Family Protection Trust, your first thought may to be appoint family or close friends as Executors, Attorneys or Trustees. However they may not always be the most appropriate people to administer the estate, deal with your financial affairs in the event of you being unable or incapable of doing so and act as a Trustee and more importantly, they may not want to act. You should consider if they will act impartially and carry out your wishes without having regard to family dynamics.

read more › When you die most families normally use a solicitor to wind up and distribute your estate. This is called Probate in England and wales, and Executry in Scotland. Many clients feel it is too expensive and takes too long. A probate plan means you fix this cost in advance and your family has nothing to pay when you die.

read more › When a person dies, either having made a Will or not, that person's estate must be wound up. That is where all their assets are gathered in, any debts paid off and then what's left is paid out to those who are entitled to inherit. This is the Probate procedure, or Executry procedure as it is known as in Scotland. Most people, if they have had any experience of having to deal with the administration of an estate, feel that the process takes too long, can be expensive and confusing. We are Solicitors.

read more › We have expertise in all aspects of conveyancing and operate the principle of the four 'C's:. We check the title deeds for no nasty surprises to ensure that you receive and give a good title. And, most importantly, that you get your keys on time! We realise that it is not enough to do a good job. You need to be kept in the picture. What is routine to us can be stressful to you. Accordingly we appreciate that regular communication is vital to our relationship with you. We carry out conveyancing throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

read more › Over the years we have helped over 10,000 clients purchase their council houses. If you have the Right to Buy or think that you might have the Right to Buy, please contact us. We can then assess whether you do indeed have the Right to Buy and what your purchase price will be. We can then help you find funding.

read more › When you take out a mortgage, you also "sign over" your house to your lender. Accordingly when you repay your mortgage, you should get your house signed back over to you. This is the Discharge of the Security. Many lenders encourage you to leave your house signed over to them but this is usually in the hope that if you wish a mortgage in the future, you will use them instead of shopping around.

read more › McClure Estate Agency is part of McClure Solicitors who have been helping clients buy and sell their homes for over 150 years. We provide a full Estate Agency service no matter where you are in the UK. Very few solicitors can offer this. Why is this an advantage to you? Well it means that if you are buying and selling in any part of the country we can handle it all. Customer service is at the forefront of our business and we take a pride in our professional, efficient and friendly manner. Our Estate Agency staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in property sales and are on hand to guide both the seller and the purchaser through the process from start to finish.

read more › McClure Solicitors currently employ over 80 members of staff across multiple offices throughout England and Scotland. As a business that is constantly expanding we are always on the lookout for new staff to fulfil various roles. McClure Solicitors are looking for an ambitious Consultant. This will be a Private Client Solicitor or Paralegal with significant experience who can learn our products and services, who can explain those services to clients and who is not afraid to ask for the business.

read more › We have 14 offices across the UK with a stunning Head Office in Glasgow's vibrant city centre. You'll work with state of the art technology in your day to day role within a team that helps and supports each other, making for a great working environment. We like to help the outside world too, last year we smashed our target of raising 50 million for charity through our fantastic all year round Free Will Scheme.

read more › I started with McClures just over 5 years ago as a receptionist in our Edinburgh office. This was a completely different job than I had done before but it was a fun and friendly environment to learn new and develop my skills in. I was asked to become manager of our Appointment Setting Team in our Glasgow office and have been doing that for the last 3.5 years. The step from my reception role to working in Glasgow along with managing and developing a team was a whole new ball game but I have constantly had support from colleagues and management which had been fantastic.

read more › Your funds were held in a separate 'Client Account' of McClure Solicitors, with these funds being unaffected by the company's administration, and as such these funds are perfectly secure. Regulatory requirements ensure that client funds are kept in entirely separate bank accounts to the firm operating accounts and so there is no risk to you as a client in any way. As part of the administration process, these were transferred to the 'Client Account' of Jones Whyte Solicitors for safekeeping. Many clients of McClure Solicitors had their will held by McClure Solicitors in safe storage.

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