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London Legal International Integrating Turkish legal services between London and Turkey, our Turkish law firm consists of a team of Turkish speaking solicitors in both countries and provides a wide array of international legal services. As such, our solicitors have a detailed knowledge of Turkish laws and customs, and our London firm works closely with our team in Turkey to ensure that clients receive the most efficient legal services.

read more › Burcu graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Law in 1999. She was admitted to Izmir Bar in 2000. Having worked at an international law firm for 3 years in Izmir, in 2003 she decided to come to the UK to complete her LLM in International Comparative Commercial Law. In 2005 she started working as a Turkish law consultant / Turkish lawyer to city firms. Now managing director of LLI, she is responsible for the firm's over 2000 clients in the property, mining, commercial and corporate sectors.

read more › London Legal International has a broad range of knowledge and experience with Turkish Commercial law. This is specific to all components of Commercial law and its intricacies, whether its tax or company agreements, we can take care of it all for you. We specialise in Turkish Business law and are well versed in all issues relating to matters like corporate governance in Turkey. We have represented many investors from the UK for their businesses in Turkey, and we make it our goal to ensure that your business succeeds and is protected at all times.

read more › Our firm is equipped to handle all legislative matters relating to legal Turkish company formation; if you are looking to start a company or a joint venture Turkey, our London based attorneys will gladly assist you every step of the way. Successful company formation or joint venture formation in Turkey is dependent on the completion of the correct legal documents and administrative procedures. You can trust the team of friendly, professional Turkish lawyers at LLI to guide you through the process of Turkish company formation with ease and efficiency.

read more › If you are an established investor or interested in investing in Turkey and would like to know more about the Turkish tax laws, please contact us so we can send you our Guide on Turkish Tax law. The solicitors at London Legal International also specialise in Turkish Tax law - covering all areas from Turkish business tax to Turkish property tax and inheritance tax. For industry-leading assistance and advice on all matters relating to Tax law in Turkey, contact our skilled solicitors today and arrange a free consultation.

read more › At LLI, we handle Turkish Property law in the commercial and residential sectors. Our lawyers specialise in Turkish mortgages for homes and office buildings, as well as winding up estates and drafting Turkish wills. Our Turkish property lawyers will guide you through the legal process in a friendly, efficient manner. For the professional drafting of Turkish wills and Turkish mortgages for commercial or residential properties, contact the London based Turkish property law specialists at LLI today.

read more › Our attorneys deal not only with matters of Commercial law but also with Turkish Family law; we are qualified to provide excellent dispute resolution services including Turkish Divorce law and custody laws. Our divorce lawyers have assisted many Turkish families in resolving delicate matters such as family custody disputes, and we are sure to treat all matters with fairness, compassion and professionalism. We have protected the rights of hundreds of British citizens in Turkey. Our teams are experts in pilot cases.

read more › We will be able to help you with the application progress as well as preparing necessary documents for a Residency Work Permit. If you are not a Turkish Citizen and would like to apply for residency and/or a work permit there is a legal procedure to follow. Work permits: In order to obtain a work permit you will need a written job offer or a proposed employment contract. The application should be made from the country of origin. Required documents from the employers are specified in the web page of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security:

read more › We provide a wide range of Turkish notarial services through the notaries we contract to in the United Kingdom. Please note that we are not a notarial firm. However, because we are experts in Turkish law, and also given the fact that notaries in Britain are not all familiar with Turkish laws and drafting Turkish legal documents, there is a certain need for our notarial services. We draft various legal documents for use in Turkey and then arrange for them to be notarised and legalised by our notarial partners.

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