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Quebec Law Solicitors Our data protection solicitors are experts at advising businesses on GDPR compliance and how to deal with the ICO, the UK data protection regulator. Our property litigation lawyers have considerable experience working for investors and developers, as well as individual leaseholders, on residential property disputes. If your business is carrying too much debt, or you are fed up with customers promising payment but not delivering, our expert Debt Recovery team can support you.

New law place greater responsibility on the way businesses handle data and deals with consent, records, breach reporting, and privacy notices. Our Solicitors have a detailed knowledge of immigration laws and a long-standing relationship with the Home Office. We act on behalf of a broad range of clients including corporate occupiers, developers, investors, landlords, tenants.

We get results by using proven strategies tailored for clients and by entering into an early dialogue with debtors. Our multifaceted structure gives our costs lawyers an unrivalled breadth of experience in diverse areas of law such as dispute resolution.

read more › Quebec Law Solicitors is a young and dynamic law firm. In and amongst a matured market of legal juggernauts, Quebec Law Solicitors has is a breath of fresh air which has helped secure it's place in Leeds. Quebec Law is as a niche legal practice providing specialist legal advice on issues of personal injury, divorce & family, housing disrepair and various other complex business and commercial areas. Quebec Law Solicitors are committed to fighting your corner whether that be for maximum compensation in a Personal Injury Claim or a Divorce settlement in a family law matter.

read more › Our team of expert commercial solicitors are experienced in a wide range of commercial dispute matters and can work with you to achieve a suitable resolution. Our GDPR and Data Protection solicitors brings together specialist experience advising businesses on all types of data protection issues. Our immigration solicitors will give your business practical advice to help make your immigration experience less time consuming and stressful. We are the law firm of choice for many landlords requiring expert advice and solutions to residential & commercial property disputes.

read more › Our commercial litigation and disputes team work with you to understand and manage risks to your business and to resolve disputes effectively. We'll help to protect your reputation and promote your success. We work with you closely to understand your business and personal objectives and to help you minimise risk to your business. Managing your relationships and agreements with third parties - including third party suppliers, agents, purchasers, customers and advisers. Managing the relationships between directors, shareholders and employees - including covenant issues, breach of confidence and breach of duty.

read more › A business needs to get the best advice on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 to ensure compliance. Our data protection solicitors are experts in GDPR compliance and dealing with the Information Commissioner's Office, the UK's data protection regulator. To become GDPR compliant, you may not know what you need to do. Our data protection solicitors will work closely with you to understand your business and provide advice tailored to your current situation and future goals.

read more › Business experts can make mistakes that might have a significant impact on your company. If you've received negligent advice or service from a professional, our professional negligence solicitors can can act on your behalf. Our professional negligence solicitors act efficiently to settle your claim as soon as possible and often without the need for litigation. We take into account different methods of mediation and dispute resolution. We take time to draw up a clear litigation strategies to help you get the best result possible for your business.

read more › A Business Visitor visa enables you to visit the United Kingdom for up to 6 months for business or work-related purposes. Our experienced immigration solicitors can assist your business in obtaining the visa required to pursue commercial possibilities in the United Kingdom. Business travellers do not require official sponsorship from a UK-based sponsor, unlike Tier 2 visas, but any application errors can result in lengthy delays. Our skilled solicitors can ensure that business travellers receive their visa in time for their business travel, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

read more › Our expert team of property litigation solicitors give realistic business advice. All forms of property litigation and real estate issues are handled by qualified solicitors who will take time to understand your business needs. Whether your matter requires litigation, arbitration, expert determination, or alternative dispute resolution, our solicitors provide tactical guidance on the best strategy for resolving issues swiftly and proportionately. Our solicitors will maintain a strong commercial view throughout the process, understanding that interruption to your business must be minimised, your reputation must be safeguarded, and you must be aware of the risks involved.

read more › In these unpredictable economic times, it's important that your outstanding debts be collected quickly and efficiently to help your cash flow. Maintaining cash flow is a crucial aspect of running a successful company. Our lawyers recognise that collecting a debt due to you as fast as possible is critical to the smooth administration and running of your company. Unlike debt collection agencies, which provide a one-time service, we provide a long-term commercial connection to your company. We take a personal approach and take pleasure in getting to know your business so that we can deliver a service that is tailored to your needs in order to achieve the best possible recovery.

read more › Legal costs and expenses will be incurred in all legal processes, including minor claims, fast track claims, and multi-track claims. These costs and expenditures may include Solicitor's fees for time spent working on the case, expert fees, and, almost always, a Court charge payable by the parties to the case. Our costs attorneys are ideally situated to provide the same high quality of service to our clients as one of the strongest legal costs teams in West Yorkshire. We provide this knowledge at a reasonable cost and with a variety of funding alternatives.

read more › Mediation is one of the most popular forms of alternative conflict settlement (ADR). An impartial and objective adviser works with all parties in mediation to help them find a mutually acceptable agreement or solution without going to court. Although mediation is voluntary, it is vital to understand that declining a request to mediate may damage your position if the matter is put before a judge later. Control - Because no binding decision is made during mediation, no outcome is guaranteed. Instead, the mediator collaborates with the parties to try to find a solution, but there is no assurance that the problem will be resolved.

read more › In order to fulfil religious obligations, Muslims need to ensure they have executed a Sharia-compliant will, not simply a secular will. Our experienced solicitors could help you make a CICA claim, or appeal a decision made by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Our expert solicitors provide immigration law advice to individuals looking to enter or remain in the UK for work, study or family reasons. Our experienced solicitors can help in all types of personal injury cases, with specific expertise in claims related to brain and head injuries.

read more › Quebec Law Solicitors provide Sharia compliant wills, which are carefully drafted to ensure that your estate and wealth are divided in accordance with Islamic law while still complying with UK law in the case of your death. It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without writing a Will about it. Quebec Law Solicitors draft Sharia compliant wills with the assistance of local Islamic Scholars to Sharia compliance to the highest Islamic standards. Our solicitors ensure that your will is compliant with English and Welsh laws and that your intentions may be carried out easily after your death.

read more › Neglect, abuse, and violent crime can have serious and long-term consequences for people affected and their families, and it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. If you or a loved one has suffered bodily or psychological harm as a result of abuse, neglect, an assault, or a terrorist attack, our lawyers may be able to assist you seek compensation. We have the largest personal injury team in the UK, with attorneys who only handle abuse cases and criminal injury compensation. We realise how terrible these situations may be, especially when the injuries are perpetrated by someone you know and trust, such as a family member, or by those who are supposed to protect and care for us, such as teachers, police officers, or medical personnel.

read more › We recognise that relocating to the United Kingdom may be a difficult and stressful process. Our immigration lawyers will get to know you and your future objectives so that we can assist you achieve your goals in our nation. Choosing the right visa and proving your eligibility can be difficult, particularly if you want to work in the UK or bring your family with you. If you come to the UK with the wrong visa or stay here once your visa has expired, you risk being deported. Whatever your purpose for moving to the UK, we have the experience and technical knowledge to make your immigration as quick and simple as possible.

read more › At Quebec Law Solicitors we understand how difficult it can be in finding balance with families. At key moments of change, such as getting married and divorced or ensuring your children's future and well being is protected, things can get complicated. Our expert solicitors can offer straightforward, informed advice. Whatever your situation, we know you need a clear view of what our costs will be. The stress of life-changing events can be overwhelming, so our trained specialists aim to understand your situation and offer sound professional guidance at a clear and cost effective price.

read more › Quebec Law Solicitors is a law firm that is truly dedicated to client care and recovering compensation for personal injury victims in Leeds and surrounding West Yorkshire areas. We specialise in several key areas incuding Road Traffic Collisions involving Driver's, Passengers, Motorcycles, Unisured Parties as well as injuries suffered by Children. Quebec Law Solicitors have helped hundreds of Client's in bringing Claims against current and previous employers. Quebec Law Solicitors often accept instructions from client's following slips and trips on a public footpath or on another person's property.

read more › Despite the fact that the vast majority of landlords treat their tenants properly and in accordance with the law, there are those who are dishonest and mistreat their renters. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of them as your landlord, it is critical that you understand your rights. You're not sure if your deposit is safe, or you're having difficulty receiving your deposit returned from your landlord. There are defects on the property, and you're not clear who is accountable for fixing them.

read more › Expert driving offence solicitors at Quebec Law Solicitors understand all aspects of road traffic law. If you've been charged with a traffic offence, be sure you have a professional on your side who knows how to defend you and your licence. Drinking and driving is a serious offence that may result in the loss of your licence and, in certain circumstances, a prison sentence. If you have been charged with drinking and driving, call our experienced drink driving attorneys who understand the nuances of road traffic legislation and how to defend you.

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