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W G S Solicitors Of course all our clients are very important to us and we aim to provide them with the best possible service. In every case, we will give you a general appraisal of your legal problem (if there is a problem), will outline the best strategy for dealing with it and will advise you what costs (including our own fees and out-of-pocket expenses) you are likely to incur.

We will always try to confirm our advice in writing. As your case progresses, we will regularly review it. Our main concern is always that you should know what is going on, that you are aware of the costs incurred and that the case is under control. In many cases, it will be possible to give you a fixed price quotation. In those cases, we will explain what is or is not included in the price.

Where a fixed quotation cannot be given, we will advise you what our charging rates are, what kind of expenditure you should budget for and what factors may alter that budget. WGS Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No 344440.

read more › WGS stands out from the competition because each of our partners has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a wide range of specialist areas - something that many other law firms, especially the larger partnerships, no longer offer. Our clients include very large companies and high profile private clients but we are also ideally placed to provide advice to small and medium-sized businesses, sole proprietors or private individuals. We act for offshore and international clients and there are few areas of practice where we have not had international experience.

read more › WGS Solicitors as a firm has extensive experience in property law, including residential conveyancing and mortgages, commercial property, rent reviews and valuation disputes. We also have particular knowledge in all aspects of landlord and tenant work. We act as solicitors for a number of International banks on lending and other associated matters. Partner Stephen Wegg-Prosser is an expert in property law and has established an international client base - especially in the Far East. Jerome Shapiro has special expertise in representing offshore clients investing in the UK.

read more › 1. Find your property and agree the price with the Estate Agent or directly with the seller. 2. Provide the Estate Agent with the name address and contact details of your Solicitors and the person who will deal with it there. 4. Decide if you want a full survey and discuss this with your mortgage lender. Most lenders will provide, at your expense, either a valuation survey, which really is for their benefit, or a full survey, at a higher cost, which is your survey. We generally advise clients to have a full survey.

read more › Before the property can be marketed tell your Agent to Order an Energy Proficiency Certificate (EPC) You should advise the Estate Agent of the name and address and contact details of your Solicitor and the person at your Solicitors who will be dealing with matters on your behalf. You should contact your Solicitor and instruct him or her and give him the name and address of your estate agent and the name, address and account number of your mortgage lender if you have a Mortgage. You will then need to provide information for your Solicitor to prepare replies to various Questions which will provide the buyers with information about the property, details of any guarantees, and important information.

read more › We can advice on timing and process and are experienced in the preparation of all essential documents to achieve a successful sale. We have extensive experience in commercial and residential conveyancing and mortgages, commercial property, rent review, deeds of variation, lease extensions, dealing with schedules of dilapidations and valuation disputes amongst many other services. We also have particular competence in all aspects of landlord and tenant work. We act as solicitors for a number of international banks on lending and other associated matters.

read more › Our property partners have considerable experience in Buying and Selling and in drafting new Leases. Of course in London many residential units comprise Flats in Blocks or conversions all of which require a lease whilst most Houses are Freehold rather than Leasehold. Every Lease is different and an experienced lawyer is needed to spot what is included, what is omitted and how the obligations imposed in the lease affect Buyers and Sellers. We also advise Residents Groups and existing Residents Associations in respect of Right to Buy and Right to Manage.

read more › Most people borrow money from a bank or building society to help them buy their property. This is usually quite a substantial sum and the mortgage will be registered against the title of the property. If there are persons over the age of 18 years including your children living at the property who are not owners, they will need to sign a form of consent to the mortgage. You will also need to sign the mortgage deed, preferably in your Solicitor's presence so that the terms of the mortgage can be explained to you and you understand the obligations that you are accepting by taking the mortgage.

read more › These are nowadays nearly always a computerised record of the ownership of the property retained at the Land Registry and for a freehold property it is usually only the Land Registry document that is required. Until recently there was what was known as a Land Certificate or a Charge Certificate. For leasehold properties, however, the possession of the original Lease or at least a Land Registry copy of the original is vital and you should investigate its whereabouts and if you have the Lease you should keep it safely.

read more › WGS Solicitors have dealt with developments of all values involving the many stages before the building process can start. We have contacts with architects, planners, surveyors, quantity surveyors and bankers which will assist clients and we can advise on all aspects of the development whether residential, commercial or industrial.

read more › Whether our clients are purchasing a portfolio of properties or an individual property WGS has considerable experience in handling a number of transactions simultaneously on behalf of clients to achieve a restructuring scheme. Such schemes might include the acquisition of a large commercial property occupied by a number of tenants, negotiating and drafting the relevant documents to effect the surrender of occupational leases, negotiations with a third party to re-grant new leases and the simultaneous sale of the restructured completed scheme at a profit.

read more › WGS lawyers have experience in advising clients wishing to invest in or dispose of existing buildings for redevelopment whether with or without existing planning permission. We are able to assist potential developers to obtain planning consents themselves or work with their developer partners. The process might involve entering into Section 106 Agreements and might involve the client paying for or building local amenities such as a foot bridge or access road or providing services in lieu such as educational or transport or health facilities.

read more › The days when auction buyers did not bother to read the legal package, special conditions and terms of the contract have long gone. WGS has the expertise to create a complete auction pack that will safeguard our client's interests and yet be fair and reasonable so as to attract Buyers and to achieve the best possible price. For clients who wish to have the benefit of a sale by way of an underwriting before the auction and who are comfortable with an underwriting arrangement thus sharing the sale profit whilst guaranteeing the sale we can provide the underwriting agreement.

read more › Property exhibitions have become very common in recent years in the Far East and Middle East and in the USA. WGS can prepare and draft relevant documentation and bundles for use at an exhibition, so as to protect our client's interests in marketing and thus achieve sales. Our clients include developers who find it more profitable to sell over a shorter period of time by marketing properties and or an entire development overseas in an exhibition. We will prepare the relevant "bible of documents" which will include the drafting of leases, agreements and warranties that are expected by foreign buyers attending exhibitions.

read more › In advising on Development Schemes and associated planning matters clients may require advice on The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) introduced by the Planning Act 2008 as a tool for Local Authorities in England and Wales to help deliver infrastructure to support developments. Section 106 Agreements are a mechanism which allow planners and developers to agree terms to facilitate developments. They are focussed on size specific mitigation of the impact of development. Section 106 Agreements are often referred to as "developer contributions".

read more › Surprisingly many clients enter into joint ventures without considering all aspects and risks of the deal and without consulting a lawyer or confirming the deal terms in writing. WGS have been able to assist many clients to resolve disputes arising from a failure to anticipate such risks and from failure to enter into a written Joint Venture Agreement in advance and can advise on the solution to such situations. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating, agreeing terms and drafting joint venture agreements for acquiring and developing land.

read more › Overage agreements often combined with pre-emption agreements manage situations where sellers and Buyer agree to share the benefit of increased value of the land sold often relating to the grant of planning permissions. Thus they are used where a seller of land wishes to provide for its buyer to pay additional payments some time after completion of the land transaction. This is a big topic and we are preparing a much fuller article about it and will publish over the coming weeks.

read more › Our property partners have considerable experience in advising Residents groups and existing Residents Association in Right to Buy and Right to Manage. We have established a reputation in acting for Groups of Lessees and for Residents' Associations and in negotiating and acquiring freehold interests in their properties and their management and administration after acquisition. Stephen Wegg-Prosser BA has over 40 years' experience of representing both landlords and tenants concerning the granting and renewal of business leases.

read more › Under certain circumstances, Leaseholders may wish to extend their current lease agreement. The price of the freehold is calculated according to the value of the ground rent income, the value of the Freeholders reversion at the end of the lease and 50% of the increase in value when the Freehold and Leasehold interests are combined. Leaseholders pay the Freeholders legal costs, valuation costs and Stamp Duty. The Leaseholders form a 'right to enfranchise company' and their solicitor serves notice making a monetary offer for the freehold.

read more › WGS Solicitors can assist off-shore clients not only by providing legal advice and resources in all our areas of expertise but also by acting as a representative/U.K. agent meeting with the clients and on the clients' behalf with third parties without the need for the clients to travel to the U.K. With our experience in representing off-shore clients we can provide legal advice to create the best structure for a deal and can obtain the essential tax advice by financial planning thus obtaining savings on tax on the acquisition of properties.

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