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Keith J Tuck Solicitors Keith Tuck has particular experience defending serious and complex cases, including the longest - and perhaps the most complex - indictment trial ever at Sheriff Court level related to fraud/people trafficking. Keith J Tuck successfully defended the principal accused. He also defended the principal accused in the longest trial ever in British legal history - a complex fraud case at the High Court.

Keith J Tuck has an unrivalled commitment to defending individuals who face crisis. The firm focuses on defending clients in the criminal courts throughout Scotland from High Court, to Sheriff and JP.

Keith J Tuck can assist you with any of the following legal issues: Alleged Domestic Assault/Abuse/Stalking, Assault, Bail Conditions Guide, Breach of the Peace, Citation to Attend Court, Criminal Legal Aid Guide, Drugs Offences, Fraud (including Mortgage Fraud), Embezzlement, Health & Safety Prosecutions, Internet Crimes, Murder Defence, Police Station Consultation, Road Traffic Offences, Sexual Offences, Wildlife & Environmental Crime.

read more › We are criminal defence solicitors with a hard earned reputation of winning for our clients. Keith J Tuck has over 30 years experience in criminal defence law in Scotland. If you have been arrested or charged with any criminal legal matter, contact us using the online enquiry form or by calling 0141 413 8091.

read more › Domestic Assault in Scotland is defined as 'any form of physical, sexual or mental and emotional abuse which might amount to criminal conduct and which takes place within the context of a relationship.' The relationship can be between partners (married, cohabiting, civil partnership or otherwise) or ex-partners and can take place in the home or elsewhere. If you have been charged with a domestic assault charge you should get in touch with our expert solicitors as soon as possible. The consequences of being arrested, charged or convicted on a domestic abuse charge are that in certain professions (such as teachers, doctors and lawyers) it is a requirement to disclose this information.

read more › If you have had stalking allegations made against you, it is crucial that you speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. Stalking can range from what can first-off seem as unthreatening repeated behaviour such as sending gifts and hanging around the victim's home or place of work or neighbourhood, to explicit threats and actual attacks on the complainer or their property. The behaviour can also be towards other family members. This is known as 'stalking by proxy'. Stalking can result in Interdicts and Non-Harassment Orders being served, but can also lead to fines or a prison sentence.

read more › If you have received a citation to attend court on an assault charge, get in touch with a solicitor straight away. Assault is when you make an approach on someone which is intended to cause harm or puts the victim in a state of alarm. You do not, therefore, have to make physical contact with the complainer. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, this means there is an additional factor along to make the charge a stronger form of assault, such as assault with a weapon, or assault resulting in a severe injury.

read more › If you have been charged with Breach of the Peace, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Breach of the Peace is an offence that can be applied to a number of scenarios as it is any incident where a person's conduct causes fear or alarm or a disturbance to the community. The inclusion of 'disturbance of the community' means the offence is not limited to threatening behaviour; it also includes lewd conduct and other disturbing behaviour such as following people. A police officer can arrest anyone who commits a breach of the peace without the need for a warrant.

read more › If you have received a citation to attend court, get in touch with a solicitor straight away. A citation is a document from the Procurator Fiscal which provides you with a date for a hearing to answer a charge at court. You will be asked what you want to plead at the first hearing and it is highly advisable you have legal advice before you attend. Get in touch with us straight away. We are highly experienced in both Sheriff Court and High Court cases and have a consulting room adjacent to the Glasgow Sherriff Court in Carlton Place.

read more › Being charged with a crime can be a stressful and confusing time, particularly if the experience is new to you. There's lots of information out there about what happens in court. Most of it is misleading or just plain wrong. A lot of what is assumed to be common knowledge about criminal trials relates to English criminal courts (which are very different to Scottish court) or the result of sensationalised TV drama. Remember, you are innocent until you are proven guilty, and the onus is on the prosecution to prove that you are guilty - not on you to prove your innocence.

read more › Football is often known as the beautiful game and while what happens on the pitch can be just that, often what is alleged to happen off the pitch can be the opposite. Every year, police in Scotland make hundreds of arrests at football grounds and in the surrounding areas on match days relating to violence and disorder among fans. If you have been charged with a football related offence, please contact Keith J Tuck and our criminal defence solicitors will give you immediate, expert advice. Where it is alleged you have been involved in violence, you could be charged with the common law offence of assault.

read more › If you have been charged with fraud, don't delay in speaking to a solicitor. Fraud can take many forms and generally involves deceptively taking property without the owner's consent with the intention for personal gain. Fraud cases can be highly complex, and our solicitors have extensive knowledge in the field and are experienced in dealing with complex cases with large amounts of evidence. If you find yourself the subject of an investigation by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), contact our expert fraud solicitors today.

read more › Mortgage fraud is a serious crime that is not uncommon in the UK, and can have very serious consequences for perpetrators. If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, you need a team of defence solicitors in Glasgow who fully understand the consequences, and the relevant law in order to build a strong defence. Our specialist mortgage fraud team will assist you in gathering evidence to support your case, and fully advise in your best interests. To discuss your mortgage fraud case with solicitors you can trust, contact our specialist team today.

read more › With an increasingly ageing population and government budgets quickly tightening, pension programs can struggle to meet their financial commitments. Allegations of fraud have increased alongside this and can occur simply when individuals fail to report information such as address changes, or even when a beneficiary is deceased and a relative continues to collect their benefit. UK pension law is notoriously complex and ambiguity exists around when it is breached. Keith J Tuck is one of the premier fraud defence lawyers in Scotland, and has developed a highly successful practice of defending clients facing allegations of pension fraud.

read more › According to its recent figures, Action Fraud - the national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime - estimates that, each year in the UK, 1.2bn is lost to Investment Fraud. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant and aware of Investment Fraud, and what to do if you are accused of committing this crime. The principle enforcement agencies are increasingly targeting complaints by investors who have been targeted by high yield schemes. UK investment law is notoriously complex and ambiguity exists around when it is breached.

read more › The Department of Work and Pensions figures showed a 16.6% increase in injury claims over the past four years in Scotland, compared to a 4.5% decrease in England over the same period. This amounts to an extra 7,419 a year since 2011-12 - or 20 new claims a day. As a result, more allegations of insurance fraud are being brought against individuals making claims. UK insurance law is notoriously complex and ambiguity exists around when it is breached. Keith J Tuck is one of Scotland's premier defence lawyers, and has developed a highly successful practice of defending clients facing allegations of insurance fraud.

read more › Benefit fraud is a serious offence with potentially life changing consequences for individuals. Benefit fraud covers situations where someone has failed to report a change in their circumstances, for example becoming employed, or has given false information in their benefits application. This type of fraud is treated seriously by enforcement agencies - the fact that suspects face criminal sanctions is evidence of this robust approach. The other consequences of benefit fraud include an investigation into your affairs by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)'s fraud investigators, a formal caution, a fine and reduction or removal of benefits.

read more › Fraud can take many forms. Generally, it involves taking property deceptively without the owner's consent with the intention of personal gain. Criminal fraud, for example, can involve a wide range of activities and sectors including financial fraud, price fixing, false accounting, embezzlement and tax evasion. Fraud cases can be highly complex but at Keith J Tuck we have extensive knowledge in this area of law and are experienced in dealing with complexity and large amounts of evidence. If you have been charged with fraud it is important not to delay in speaking to a specialist solicitor.

read more › The specialist fraud solicitors at Keith J Tuck have many years of experience defending a broad range of clients in respect of allegations of embezzlement. We regularly appear in criminal courts across Scotland, handling cases in the High Court, Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court. Our solicitors have a well-earned reputation for proactive and strategic thinking when it comes to defending clients accused of fraud offences. You can be confident that our team will work tirelessly on your behalf, developing the most robust defence possible to help protect your personal position and reputation.

read more › Health and safety law covers the health, safety and welfare of employees during work hours and is governed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The legislation covering this area of law applies to the whole of Great Britain. Employers should ensure they are being proactive in the prevention of accidents in the workplace. If allegations have been made against you or your business in relation to health and safety in your workplace, or you find yourself under investigation, contact our solicitors at the soonest opportunity.

read more › If you are under investigation or allegations regarding internet crime against you, get in touch with our solicitors straight away. Internet crime is not only growing fast but continually developing alongside technology advancements which can make cases complex and lengthy. Our highly experienced solicitors deal regularly with complex cases involving large amounts of evidence. Keith J Tuck Solicitors are highly experienced in the criminal law field. We offer our services to both privately funded and Legal Aid clients.

read more › Murder is the taking of the life of another person with intent or reckless disregard for your actions. This crime is taken very seriously by the criminal justice system, however, there are defences which can be argued to mitigate your sentence -some of which are complete defences. A murder charge can often be reduced to culpable homicide once the facts of the case have been carefully scrutinised. If you have been charged with murder or culpable homicide your case will be heard in the High Court.

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