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For over 30 years, Scott-Moncrieff & Associates has built a track record of undisputed leadership in genuine expertise and quality of service. As one of the UK's most respected national law firms, we have built a local and multi-disciplined network of over 40 lawyers, each recognised individually as leaders and experts in their own fields. We deliver the highest standard of expert advice and a value-driven service across all areas of Private, Public and Commercial law.

Whether you are an individual with a specific issue or an organisation requiring a quickly deployed multi-disciplined team, our highly experienced lawyers offer specialist advice on all sectors from Public Law, Mental Health and Legal Aid to Private Client, Debt Recovery, Family Law, Landlord and Tenant, Welfare Benefit Advice and the full range of Company and Commercial services, including Litigation.

Our reputation for excellence and value is built upon decades of providing innovative, ethical, sector-leading legal solutions for individuals, companies and organisations.

read more › Scott-Moncrieff, or ScoMo as it is affectionately called, gets its name from our highly active Chair and co-founder, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff. With the spirit of determination, expertise and innovation which has characterised ScoMo from the start, Lucy co-founded the Firm over 30 years ago to combine the flexibility of self-employment with her new role as a mother, following the birth of her eldest son. It is a source of great pride that that spirit has prevailed over 3 decades and our team is bigger and stronger than ever.

read more › Seetal is without a doubt, an absolutely outstanding solicitor! After having experienced the sub-standard services of other Family Law Solicitors in Nottingham. I was slowly losing faith! However, after enlisting the service Miss Missan, my faith was finally restored. Seetal is extremely efficient, respectful, supportive and a naturally gifted law practitioner. I was very satisfied with the level of service I received, the information and advice was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Seetal to anyone.

read more › Seetal has represented numerous clients in cases involving domestic abuse, drug or alcohol misuse and has an understanding of the sensitive nature of such issues and the impact this has on families experiencing such difficulties. During the years of practice, Seetal has represented fathers, mothers and grandparents in cases involving contact and residence and is committed to undertaking both private and Legal Aid work. Seetal also specialises in divorces involving an international element where one spouse lives abroad and there may be difficulty in effecting service of documentation.

read more › Prakash has over fifteen years' experience in legal practice and has advised a wide and diverse range of clients on litigation matters. He prides himself on offering high-quality practical advice with a friendly and approachable manner. He has acted for many individual and commercial clients and is a keen and experienced advocate and who represents clients in the county court and tribunals on a regular basis.

read more › Rarely is a legal issue arising from your family unit either welcome or necessarily expected. If you live in Nottingham or surrounding areas and find yourself involved in any family situation which may require legal input, we advise that you contact us for legal advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity. At Scott-Moncrieff, we recognise the sheer weight of dealing with such issues can be a stressful and worrying time for all concerned. Family law issues - from divorce to adoption - can present as many psychological, emotional, practical and financial challenges as legal problems.

read more › At ScoMo, we understand that taking the decision to seek a divorce is not one that's met lightly and can often take months or even years to do so. In England and Wales, you are eligible for a divorce if you have been married for at least 12 months. Should you find yourself in this situation, our experienced team of Divorce Lawyers are on hand to lead you through the entire legal process and offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation. If you are unsure and simply want to know more about your rights and obligations in the event of Divorce, we advise that you contact our highly experienced and specialised Divorce Law Solicitors at the earliest opportunity.

read more › If you are thinking of adopting a child, are involved with the Social Work department regarding a Child Protection Issue or indeed are concerned about the safety or protection of a child, we can help. We provide full, expert, specialist legal advice and representation for children and parents or guardians of children in any Child Protection issue or domestic and international Adoption. Our highly-respected team includes a Legal Advisor to a voluntary adoption agency, as well as elected members of the BAAF Legal Advisory Committee and of the Law Society Children Law Panel.

read more › Favourable financial settlement upon divorce or separation is more often than not, the key to ending what we, at ScoMo, know is a painful and draining process. Capital, income and pensions must be separated in accordance with our law. Maintenance payments may need to be agreed. Where settlement cannot be reached by agreement, a court order may be required. We advise that you seek expert, legal advice at the earliest opportunity. The law and the process can be complicated. Our highly experienced, specialist team of Financial Settlement Lawyers can make a positive difference to the outcome of your case and to the speed at which it is resolved.

read more › In 2015, the Office for National Statistics reported that there were over 1.3 million women and 600,000 men in England and Wales who reported being victims of some kind of domestic abuse. Our Domestic Abuse Lawyers regularly represent victims of domestic violence and work closely with domestic abuse charities including Women's Aid, Refuge and the Gaia Centre in London. This means we have at our fingertips all the legal steps needed to intervene and take prompt action to protect a woman or man who's at risk, as well as any children who might be involved.

read more › It is a common misconception that people who live together for a certain period of time acquire the same rights as married couples - this is not the case, even where the couple have children together. Unmarried couples generally possess less rights in many areas such as financial, property, inheritance and parental responsibility. If you and your partner are thinking of making a cohabitation agreement or if you wish to know more about your rights on separation, or should one of you die, speak to us.

read more › ScoMo's reputation for providing innovative and market-leading expert advice for individuals in their private affairs has spanned 3 decades. ScoMo's well-recognised expertise and experience mean our specialist team of Private Client Solicitors will deal efficiently with any aspect of your affairs in order to preserve, grow and maintain your or your family member's assets to their greatest advantage. Our highly skilled solicitors are on hand to advise you continually on any query you may have about an aspect of your Private affairs and offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

read more › Despite spending a lifetime accumulating assets, building relationships, having children or getting married, it is surprising how many people do not have a Will to protect those left behind in the event of your death. A Will does not just dispose of your assets on your death. It also gives you the opportunity to choose an Executor, Guardians for your children, leave instructions on matters such as organ donation and details regarding your funeral as well as Inheritance Tax Planning. It effectively ensures your last wishes are carried out.

read more › If you have drawn up a Will, you will already have named at least one individual as the 'Executor' of your Will. This is the person or persons responsible for administering your estate or effectively ensuring your last wishes as set out in your Will are carried out. The Executor will require to perform a number of important legal steps in order to administer your estate. The first part of the process is to apply to the Court for a grant of probate. This is a legal document which may be required to allow the Executor to administer the Estate effectively.

read more › There are times when an individual isn't capable of making decisions in their own best interests - whether in terms of property, financial matters or health and welfare. ScoMo's highly respected Guardianship team was set up specifically to step in and provide specialist expertise and provide the immediate advice and support that clients and families need at such times. Our extensive experience and impressive track record mean you're in the safest of hands from the outset. People can 'lack mental capacity' for a variety of reasons.

read more › In addition to providing expert advice and representation in dealing with personal matters in the event of your death or mental incapacity for whatever reason, our expert Private Client team will also assist in helping you plan for the future should you require or wish to prepare for the possible loss of mental capacity. This is invaluable in distressing cases where you may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or your health is deteriorating due to a medical condition. Alternatively, it may be a matter you prefer to deal with as part of preparing your Will.

read more › Family circumstances change, and often this means a change of name will seem appropriate to reflect the change, whether it be an individual applying for themselves, or those with parental responsibility applying on behalf of their children, we can take care of your requirements swiftly and smoothly. Name changes can be appropriate for a number of other reasons. Whatever your motivation for a name change, we can help. Speak to one of our friendly team who will explain the process to you. Our solicitors are regularly instructed to assist with deeds such as change of name deeds and cover Nottingham and all surrounding areas.

read more › The welfare benefits system is full of complex and technical rules, it can be very scary for a claimant to be told they are going to lose the benefits that they have become reliant on, or are going to be subject to an accusation of benefit fraud which could lead to a prison sentence and having to repay overpaid benefits. Getting the correct advice and assistance early can help you in getting the right result and defending your position. We have over 15 years' experience in social security law and are fully experienced in presenting cases before the Social Security Tribunal.

read more › When life circumstances change it can be easy to find yourself in financial difficulty, the loss of a job or a break up of a relationship can easily cause a dramatic drop in income which can lead to debt problems. Being in debt can be very stressful and draining and it's easy to feel lost and confused with all the various debt solutions available. Most people in debt find it useful to discuss their situation with an experienced professional adviser who can guide them through all the options available and help them take control of their life again.

read more › If you are seeking assistance in the recovery of an outstanding debt, we can help. Our solicitors understand the full impact such debts can have on individuals, whether in the line of business or in a personal dispute, and are well-versed in the swift handling of such cases to minimise any impact to your circumstances. We settle most disputes over debt outside of court, however, if we are unsuccessful in our attempt to negotiate or where the debtor has failed to respond where we have informed them of the consequences of non-payment, then we will move to raise legal proceedings to recover the debt owed.

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