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Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors started business in 2017 to provide expert legal services to the Stepps area and beyond. Founded by Chris Pollock and Paul Fairbridge, with Paul Schiavone joining shortly thereafter, the law firm is dedicated to providing excellent legal advice and services to all its clients. You will be guaranteed to have a highly experienced solicitor manage and progress your case from start to finish.

You will find us all to be dedicated professionals who are very approachable and personable. With over 30 years combined experience, Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors combine technical expertise with a friendly, pragmatic and commercial approach. Chris Pollock is Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner (STEP) accredited. Chris regularly advises clients in relation to all aspects of family law, including wills, trusts, estates, estate planning, and power of attorney and guardianship.

Paul Schiavone is an experienced commercial property lawyer (buying, selling and leasing) having worked with some of the largest and most well respected commercial law firms in Scotland.

read more › Chris Pollock, Paul Fairbridge and Paul Schiavone are approachable and experienced solicitors who founded Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors to provide clients with quality legal advice in a relatable manner. We are happy to meet with clients as it suits them and always put our clients' needs first. Chris graduated with a degree in law from Strathclyde University. He obtained the Diploma in Legal Practice at the Glasgow Graduate School of Law. Since qualifying as a solicitor, Chris has been accredited by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

read more › Historically, legal work has been based upon an hourly rate charged by the solicitor and any fee charged simply a calculation of the time spent on the matter. At PFS we seek to agree fees with our clients before we are instructed in a matter. We will seek to provide a fixed fee quote or fee range where possible. It isn't always possible for us to do so, and in matters where we cannot provide a fixed fee, our hourly charge is 215 per hour, exclusive of VAT and outlays.

read more › Disputes arise in every walk of life and usually at inconvenient times in our lives. This can be as a consumer purchasing goods or services, a business dispute regarding a contract, employment disputes or insurance matters. Our expert dispute resolution solicitors routinely assist our clients with complex litigation. We appear in sheriff courts throughout Scotland on a regular basis. At Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors we realise that litigation can be costly and time consuming. We will always work with you to avoid litigation where possible, including negotiating with the 'other side' prior to litigation, exploring mediation or arbitration where appropriate or finding compromise where possible.

read more › Some lenders, primarily Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, Lloyds and Bank of Scotland sold loans that included what is known as 'embedded hedging' which means that an interest rate hedging product was simply imported into the loan, rather than being 'stand-alone', as the products included in the Interest Rate Hedging Product Review (IRHP Review) were. That review has now been concluded for all but a very small number of products. Fixed rate products were excluded from the review due to being 'simple' products and allegedly unregulated.

read more › Our insolvency solicitors regularly assist individuals and insolvency practitioners in relation to corporate and personal insolvency. We regularly appear in courts throughout Scotland for sequestrations, liquidations and the debtors courts. If you are owed money then pursing an insolvency option may be the best manner to recover the debt. If you owe money, you may be have a creditor pursuing an insolvency. We can assist with both. This is the legal term for bankruptcy in Scotland. A creditor owed 3,000 or more can apply to the court to have the debtor sequestrated (declared bankrupt).

read more › Debt recovery is simply the term used for dispute resolution involving money. Our debt recovery solicitors assist clients in recovering money owed to them. We regularly act for SME clients and larger organisations in recovering debts. This is in single cases or large batches. Existing clients include property factors, private parking companies, trade suppliers, builders and several others. We can tailor the way we work to suit your needs and work with you or your credit control team to find the right solution for you, particularly in relation to multiple cases.

read more › Our personal injury solicitors can assist if you have had an accident. We assist clients who have been in road traffic accidents, suffered an accident at work, had a slip or trip in a public place or any other accident. We can handle most cases on a no win, no fee basis. We do not take any portion of any award you receive and you will keep 100% of your compensation. Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors are members of the Compensate Personal Injury Network. You will have access to expert personal injury solicitors and market leading insurance in order to take on even the biggest of insurance company or employer.

read more › The process of buying or selling property is often a stressful experience. Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors appreciate this and can guide you through the transaction with clear advice throughout. We are a small but experienced firm of solicitors. We do not employ paralegals. We will provide you with accurate costs at the outset, negotiate on your behalf, simplify the legal jargon and keep you updated with progress. We differentiate ourselves from many other law firms by guaranteeing that you will be dealing with an experienced solicitor from start to finish.

read more › Buying a property can be a very daunting prospect, for first time and experienced buyers alike but it need not be overly stressful. We at Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors have the expertise to guide you through the complex conveyancing process. You will be dealing with an experienced conveyancing solicitor throughout who will keep you updated with progress in your transaction. Noting interest is often the first stage in buying a property as it lets the seller know you are genuinely interested.

read more › Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors, based in Stepps, can advise you on all legal aspects of re-mortgaging your home. We can also assist if you have paid off your mortgage and wish to have it discharged at the Land Register. We would be happy to provide you with a full quotation on request. Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors do not employ paralegals and you will be dealing with an experienced property solicitor throughout.

read more › In recent years it has not been easy for people to obtain a return on investments or savings and there has been a marked increase in the number of properties being purchased with a view to letting. This obviously generates a regular income and the property should increase in value through time. Despite these obvious benefits there are additional responsibilities when you become a landlord. Our buy-to-let Solicitors, based in Stepps, can advise you on all legal aspects associated with purchasing a buy-to-let property.

read more › Dealing with commercial property is not the same as dealing with residential property and requires specialist solicitors with the appropriate skill, knowledge and most importantly experience of the issues that may arise. We at Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors have the skill, knowledge and experience to assist you with all your commercial property advice needs. Pollock Fairbridge Solicitors can assist with buying and selling commercial properties in Scotland. Pollock Fairbridge Solicitors can assist Landlords and Tenants with all aspects of leasing and managing a commercial property in Scotland.

read more › We have substantial experience in acting for all different types of investor clients, from individuals to property companies to real estate investment trusts. We also have significant experience in acting for clients acquiring commercial property through their pension fund (self invested pension plans (SIPP) and small self-administered schemes (SSAS)) and the particular nuances of those transactions.

read more › Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors has substantial experience in acting for Insolvency Practitioners when dealing with the disposal of distressed property by an insolvent person or corporate entity as well as significant experience of acting on behalf of heritable creditors exercising their power of sale. Acting for clients who are selling or buying distressed property is not the same as selling or buying residential or commercial property and has its own unique challenges. We are therefore able to provide expert advice to buying and selling clients on the particular nuances of dealing with distressed properties.

read more › Modern life is full of twists and turns. We are family matters solicitors based in Stepps, and we have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the many challenges that life throws at us all. Our focus is on protecting our client's immediate interests and anticipating how this might change in the future. We do this with a flexible approach to suit each individual client's needs. Our team have extensive knowledge in divorce and family law, winding up estates, drafting wills, trusts, asset protection, estate and succession planning.

read more › Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone Solicitors are expert divorce and family lawyers and can help with all family issues in a sensitive and compassionate manner. We realise that divorce or separation is an extremely difficult process and we will help you through every step of that process. Children are usually the most affected by a family breakup and we will work with you to ensure that contact and residence arrangements are taken care of. Divorce requires a court action to be raised, however if matters can be agreed and subject to certain requirements, it can be granted through a simplified procedure.

read more › Pollock Fairbridge Schiavone are Will Solicitors based in Stepps, Glasgow and they offer a comprehensive Will writing service giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out when you are no longer here. If you don't have a Will then your estate will be distributed in accordance with the laws of intestate succession. This may not reflect your wishes and can lead to delays, additional costs and stress to your family. A comprehensive and fully enforceable Will ensures your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes.

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